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The Boss’ Wife

Relations between Mrs Prez and the veep seem to have hit on hard times. A shame the girls can’t play together and just have a good time lording it over everyone else, but Dr. Jill seems to be seeking legal (“procedural”) ways to get Kamala gone.

This state of affairs should surprise no one. Joe has been not-so-slyly announcing his availability to anything female for going on, what is it now, 48 years? His affinity for the young and innocent has been obvious, but perhaps Miz Harris comes across as fresh and youthful to the senile old fart man.

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There’s no accounting for taste.

Too, the First Lady’s unease isn’t entirely off base; Kamala does have a history of sneaking into beds where she doesn’t properly belong. But Doc Jill needs to get past this before it occurs to someone with a grudge and a megaphone that her jealousy is really just disguised racism. She’s white, Kamala’s black, the case is open and shut.

Hillary, you out there?

Kamala’s problem is that where most people store gray matter, she stores air. The girl is an airhead. She still thinks she’s starring in her junior class play. Jill’s problem is that her gray matter is oatmeal rather than brain circuits. She is a silo-head. That may explain why she thinks the veep is fresh alfalfa tempting her horny bastard of a husband.

The alfalfa looks greener on the other side and all that.

Okay, girls, run along now and play. Pull each other’s hair, call each other nasty names, gossip to mutual friends, ruin what’s left of your reputations. There isn’t much to salvage in either case. But you must maintain decorum. No For a good time call with a name and phone number scribbled in lipstick in the Congressional men’s room.

By Jack Rail

Jack Rail is a retired Army officer who writes mostly when something gets his goat.