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Attempts To ‘Game the System’ Are Wrong-headed

When the vaccine mandate knocks at your door, as it surely will, you may be tempted to utilize a religious exemption for which you do not otherwise qualify, or try to pass off fake documentation, or something similar.


You aren’t thinking. This is the coward’s way out, and it’s exactly the wrong way to go about defeating tyranny.

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I know you have a family to feed, a mortgage to pay, a job to protect. I know you don’t want to lose everything for your principles, but you don’t want to abandon those principles, either. I completely understand the temptation to find a way to maintain both.


The enemies of America who are so intent of stripping us of our freedoms know that, too. This is important to consider as you read further.


By now we all realize that the “health crisis” and the mandates that spring from it are much less about health, and much more about control. Moving forward, it is critical that every patriotic American understand the difference between control and compliance. To the lever-pullers, compliance is a bonus – an easier path to their goal – but control is what they’re after. The fodder-munching masses who line up at the trough of CNN and MSNBC will swallow the poison easily and willingly, quickly moving to comply with whichever edict is handed down next. For the rest of us, though, there are three possible paths and two of them are good for the bad guys.


The first is grumbling compliance. This applies to all of those who don’t want the shackles that are being imposed on them, and will whine and moan and complain – right up to the point that they acquiesce to being clapped into those irons. They fight purely with their mouth, and not loudly enough at that. In the end, they give in so as to avoid the penalty for truly fighting. These folks are no better, ultimately, than those CNN fodder-eaters who are already loaded onto the cattle car.


The second is system-gaming. This applies to those who think they’re smarter than the overlords. They’ll find and work any loophole they can in order to avoid having to give in. If they have to claim that the vaccine is against their religion, they will (never mind that they have no such religion or religious prohibition within their faith). If they have to pay for a bogus vaccine card, they will (never mind that these are far from guaranteed to work in today’s computerized cattle car loading system in the first place). No matter what the “game” is, the point of it is to avoid the penalty for truly fighting. Much of the time these games won’t work for the gamer anyway, but they always work for the overlords. Why? Because they achieve the same ultimate goal – forcing compliance from the victim (you) in order to avoid an actual fight.


When you game the system, the system ultimately wins (and doing so leaves your true patriot brethren out twisting in the wind). That’s the bottom line.


It is only by the third method – the one that involves treading the most difficult path with the highest risk for punishment and loss – that you truly fight the system. That is, of course, fighting the system. Refusing to comply. Loudly and proudly making it clear that you will not be bullied or intimidated, that you will not accept their terms of (your) surrender, that you will not give in to coercion or be manipulated into flimsy attempts to “fool” the overlords simply to avoid the discomfort of a fight. To travel this trail you must be willing to lose your job, accept public shaming and scorn, and occasionally suffer other, sometimes-devastating consequences.


Many of us, myself included, view Ashli Babbitt as a hero. I’d like to clarify exactly what that means to me. Ashli, and the J6 political prisoners who remain behind bars with little justification and in absolute disregard of their rights, behaved poorly. They made bad decisions. They executed an ill-advised play that offered far too little upside and far too much chance of something going badly wrong. Most of this was spurred by in-the-moment thinking that wasn’t clear-headed. I fully believe that the vast majority had no intention of doing what they did, or of things getting out of hand; they were driven entirely by a compulsion to try and set an obvious wrong right. This makes the motivation honorable, even if the activity turned out to be less than wise. 


Ashli Babbitt paid the ultimate price for this lack of wisdom and forethought, but unlike most of us, she and the other people inside the Capitol building on January 6th were attempting to stand against the coup that took place on November 3rd. Their effort was little more than placing their collective body in front of a tank in Tienanmen Square, and the outcome has thus far proven no different – but they stood, when others would not. This is heroic.


For my part, I will never recognize the Capitol “breach” as the proper response, and will always view it as poorly thought out and executed, but I will also never consider it to be wrong in that whether or not it was properly conceived, it was done with the intention of delivering our nation from obvious evil. Control of the American government was stolen from the hands of the voters of this country on November 3rd, and nobody besides Ashli Babbitt and the others who pushed their way into the Capitol on that day seemed willing to do anything meaningful about it.


What does the Capitol situation of January 6 have to do with vaccine mandates? Well, I hope the parallels are obvious. While too many were “filing religious exemptions” and “printing bogus vaccine cards”, Ashli Babbitt and the others were refusing to comply. While too many were grumbling on their way to accepting the yoke, Ashli Babbitt and the others were refusing to give in. While the overwhelming majority, including me, were sitting idly by and doing nothing useful, Ashli Babbit and the others were making a stand.


For her stand, Ashli Babbitt was unjustifiably gunned down and the others improperly imprisoned. Many remain in those cages even today, without the benefit of due process and subject to far harsher conditions (and conditions for release) than their “crimes” warrant…while too many of the rest of us seek out religious exemptions and print out bogus vaccine cards.


Gaming the system is wrong-headed, and wickedly unfair to the people who really are paying the price for standing against these tyrannies. It’s a form of cowardice that is particularly distasteful because it leaves us with a sense of accomplishment and righteousness to which we are not entitled. No one knows the name of the man who stood before the Chinese tanks at Tienanmen, and I surely wish I didn’t know Ashli Babbitt’s name (because she’d likely still be alive), but both have gone down in history as pivotal figures in the struggle between human dignity and abject tyranny. Theirs was the honorable, heroic path.


Filing a religious exemption – when what you really mean is to say NO! – is not honorable. Hiding behind a fake vaccine card when what you really mean is to refuse their orders is not heroic.


Heroism sometimes means standing alone in front of a column of tanks, or taking a bullet in the neck.


Right now the world, especially America, needs heroes. We don’t need document forgers.


By Jackson P. Chamberlain


Jackson P. Chamberlain is a right-leaning, liberty-loving husband and father whose American heritage dates back nearly four hundred years. He writes from his home at the base of the Appalachian Mountains. He can be found on GETTR @jpchamberlain, or on MeWe as Jackson Chamberlain. Jackson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative.