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Does The Name Baba Dioum Strike A Familiar Note?

Dioum, 84, a Senegalese forestry engineer, authored one of the greatest insights into human nature during a 1968 speech in New Delhi on – of all things – Agricultural Development. “In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we’re taught.”


It’s amazing how much human nature can be revealed in a speech on agriculture conservation.

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His summary observation reveals a compelling question. If we “understand only what we’re taught”, who is our “teacher”?

To instruct us all the way to “the end”, such an instructor would have to be our constant companion, every day, everywhere, anywhere, all the time – 24-7-365. Who could that be? Our parents oversee us 20 years or so; school teachers 6, 12, 18 years tops but, even then, for only a few hours daily and only for a fraction of the year.

Who teaches us what’s good, bad, ugly; what all the cool kids are doing, what’s happening around the corner and around the world? Only one such omnipresent entity exists: The Media. The Main Stream Media. The MSM knows all, sees all, hears all but only tells some. And only what it wants us to know, understand, and, ultimately, what to love.

Politicians know this well. So they feed the lesson plan to the AP and other wire services, the AP puts it in the proper format and sends it out to ABC CBS NBC, CNN, FOX, NPR, and print media so we are all ‘taught’ the same Lesson every day, all the time.

With a helping hand from ‘Public Education’, along with Social Media platforms, the Popular Narrative is created, the dialogue everyone speaks and understands, to reinforce that everyone knows and reveres the same things.

So when the teacher, the boss, our peers tell us the Authorities, the Government have mandated masks, social distancing, the jab, close your business, stay inside – no school, no church, no parties, no weddings, no funerals – we comply because we’ve been taught lies. We know lies. We love lies. Unquestioning compliance, obedience; agreement is the only option. Contradiction is ignorance and ignorance leads to hate. 

Hate requires correction, re-education, ostracism, and, ultimately, punishment.

We love many Lies because Lies are what we understand; Lies are what we have been taught.

“In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we’re taught.”

What about you?

By Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson, nationally ignored talk show host and occasional un-indicted co-contributor. Recently released his fourth book, “50 Stories; 50 Years in Radio”, now busily scribbling an unlikely screenplay for Book #3. With his spare hour, he is focused on splitting the atom and pursuing the ever-elusive Whirled Peas, all from his technically challenged studios on the formerly pristine shores of the Great Unnamed Lake, allegedly in the Southeast.

Photo by shirabashir at Flickr.