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The LGBFJB Community

The left has gotten to be the exclusive creator of sub-“communities” within the American populace for far too long. Whether those “communities” are based on race, sexuality, class, education, or any other discernable characteristic, the left has largely gotten to define them, name them, and then wield them like a Warhammer in the culture war.

Well, now I’m going to take some of that power back. I declare the LGBFJB community, which will be divided into its two constituent parts, the LGB community and the FJB community. (And this is humor, so please don’t get all angry if you think you should be on one side or the other. It’s just a joke).

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On the one side, we have the LGB, or “let’s go Brandon” community. These people aren’t the originals, but they are the lighthearted jokesters. They might not have been the first ones chanting things about President Brandon, whether because they thought the original chant was too vulgar or because they were just behind the curve, but once they heard that dumb reporter say “let’s go Brandon,” they knew they had found the perfect phrase. It wasn’t vulgar, so there were more opportunities to chant it. While it was a phrase meant to attack President *, it also was an attack against the duplicitous media. In short, it was funny and effective, but a good bit more lighthearted than the original. It’s a running joke, not a cry of anger and despair.

On the other side, you have the FJB community, the “fuck Joe Biden” crowd. These are the uncles everyone hopes won’t say anything too bad at Thanksgiving, the housewives that can’t stop posting conspiracies on Facebook, and the “doomer” college students angry at the world. At this point, most of their friends have switched over to “let’s go Brandon” because it seems more lighthearted and isn’t as vulgar. Not these people! They get that the imitation can never be as good as the original and think that the only way to effectively stand up to the ruling oligarchy is to attack it with shocking vulgarity. Hence the “fuck Joe Biden” chants in public. It’s not about appearing reasonable or making people laugh, it’s about sending a message.

So, which side will you choose? Both have their obvious pros and cons, all of which you must consider.

The FJB crowd is the hardcore side. You know these people won’t turn on you (so long as you stay on their side) because they’re so deep in the mud of the culture war trenches that they know they’re never coming out. But their insistence on fighting the good fight at all times in the most aggressive way can get uncomfortable at times. 

Much as we all hate having to wear a mask, the guy screaming at the cashier over having to put one on isn’t the most fun of people to be around.

Then there’s the LGB crowd. Their weakness is that they’re not as “into it” as the FJB people. They like the joke, don’t like Brandon, and have fun pissing people off by making fun of Brandon, but they’re generally not the real culture warriors. Whether they’re blackpilled and just singing in the rain or whitepilled and content to just let things happen, they’re in it for the fun, but aren’t as serious about winning. So, if you’re a bit more into fun than fighting, this is probably the side for you.

Whatever you do, just remember that you must choose one of the sides (or say both) to be in the conservative movement. We’ll remember those that wouldn’t stand up to Brandon by savagely making fun of him or chanting his name with the appropriate word in front of it.

So, which are you, LGB or FJB? Comment below!

By Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

Featured image courtesy of our friend Gen Z Conservative