University Of Michigan Paid CRT-Peddling Lunatics $266 In Taxpayer Dollars Per MINUTE For A Zoom Call

Think the CRT-peddling nonsense had reached a turning point with the election results in Virginia? Think again, schools are still pushing that nonsense down the throats of their students. One university, in particular, seems to have gone above and beyond in its quest to indoctrinate students with critical race theory and fund those pushing the toxic ideology.

That university is the University of Michigan, which apparently paid both Ibrahim X. Kendi and Beverly Daniel Tatum $20,000 for Zoom lectures on CRT. Kendi’s lecture took place in November of 2020 and Tatum’s talk took place this November. Their fees, when prorated by the length of the lectures, work out to about $266 a minute.

Yet worse, as the Federalist reports, Tatum’s anti-American lecture, which focused on “anti-racism,” was funded by taxpayer dollars and hosted by an overpaid administrator:

The event was open to the public. It was not mandatory for people affiliated with the University of Michigan, confirmed university spokeswoman Kim Broekhuizen. The lecture was paid for by the university’s general fund and a state grant, Broekhuizen said. The fund is comprised of tuition revenue, state funding, and indirect cost recovery on sponsored research. In other words, U of M is using tax dollars to peddle racism.

Tatum was introduced by Robert M. Sellers, Michigan’s vice provost for equity and inclusion and chief diversity officer. Sellers notably made waves when it was reported in 2019 that he rakes in more than $400,000 from taxpayers annually while overseeing only 12 employees.

Kendi’s similarly expensive event, an event where he discussed a book that praises Malcom X, a preacher of violence, was hosted by University of Michigan’s School of Education, School of Social Work, Rackham Graduate School, and Michigan Ross School of Business, so it was likely also funded by thousands of taxpayer dollars.

And what, in Tatum’s case, did those taxpayer dollars buy? Lots of talk about anti-racism and “systemic racism” in America. Again according to the Federalist:

While discussing instances of racism and discrimination in the lecture, Tatum also claimed that the first step to becoming an “antiracist” is recognizing there is systemic racism in the United States.

We must start “addressing the elephant in the room, which is systemic racism,” Tatum said. ” …If we can’t talk about that elephant, there’s a big stinky elephant in the room. If we can’t talk about it, we are going to find ourselves smelling to high heaven. But with an elephant that continues to take up too much space in our collective imagination.”

“So, I think you’re coming back to where we started about the fear of discussing race, but also the lack of connection to the history that shapes the way that we approach race,” responded Chavous shortly after. “It’s a cycle.”

Furthermore, as the Michigan Star notes, Tatum defended CRT during her hour-long lecture:

In her speech, Tatum did not apologize or make excuses for teaching CRT. In fact, she embraced it, unlike some of her more moderate counterparts on the political left who have denied CRT’s existence completely, or otherwise dismissed it as a right-wing “conspiracy theory.”

“When we even think about the pushback against CRT, it’s really a social ‘shh, don’t talk about it.’ Right? That there is [sic] so many cues in the environment to teach us at an early age [that] this is a toxic subject,” Tatum said. “People don’t want to hear about it.”

“Many people think of racism as individual acts of meanness,” she continued. “We know as social scientists, that racism is more than just individual attitudes or behaviors. It is, in fact, a whole system of policies and practices that reinforce a system of advantage based on racial categories.”

So, tens of thousands of Michigan taxpayer dollars were spent on lectures that promoted CRT, claimed without justification that America is systemically racist, and praised “anti-racists” like Malcolm X.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

Featured photo of Ibram X. Kendi by Hammer Museum at Flickr.

Article Syndicated from Trending Politics

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