To Keep Winning Votes, the GOP Must Have A Plan to Win The Culture War

The GOP, especially the RINO and weak-spined politicians within it, likes to pretend that it can simply keep going along to get along. Abortion? They say that they personally disagree with it, but that “women should be free to make the decision they think best.” Culture war issues like transgenderism and drag queen story hour? They say they personally disagree with those things and support “traditional values,” but, again, that “people should be free to do what they think best.” The Deep State? Well, to the RINOs, that’s just a conspiracy theory, so nothing will ever be done about the leftist radicals in the intelligence “services,” the pinko apparatchiks in the bureaucracy, or the corrupt lobbyists that rotate back and forth between the Capitol and K Street.

In fact, the only issues the GOP wants to fight about are the Boomerish issues of the late 80s. They rant and rave about regulations, which are bad, to be sure, but nowhere near as civilization-destroying as the cultural decadence the leftists are pushing. 

When they have power, they don’t fight to reign in the Deep State, limit the executive branch’s power, or kick the bureaucrats to the curb. Nope, they just pass corporate tax cuts that give leftist companies more money to spend on Democrat campaigns.

If you want them to stand for something meaningful, forget about it! They ain’t gonna do it; taxes and regulations are the two safe issues to rant about, as there can’t really be accusations of racism, sexism, or any other scary “ism,” so the RINO cowards will stick to braying like donkeys about what are non-issues from the average Joe. No wonder Republicans can’t win an election unless, as in Virginia, Democrats insist upon committing hari-kari by acting insane.

If we want to change things for the better, that has to end. And by “end,” I don’t mean mumble a few words about standing for those “traditional values” the GOP politicos claim to love but rarely fight for or even live up to (looking at you, Newt Gingrich). No, the time for that is past. Voters have caught on and they’re not going to vote for a Conservative, Inc. candidate that mumbles the right things from time to time but obviously is lacking in both vision and courage. They want someone like Trump who throws convention to the wind and fights to preserve (or should I say conserve, since, theoretically, we’re conservatives) that real America of our ancestors.

That means that the GOP must have a plan. A plan to take on the Deep State. A plan to win the culture war. A plan to take the fight to the leftists. A plan to rein in Big Tech. A plan to revive the heartland. A plan to make the border secure again. And, most important of all, a plan that they will fight for and stick to. Without such plans, all is lost. Giving the leftists yet more power would surely spell America’s doom.

Yes, that will be uncomfortable. Yes, it means that we’ll actually have to raise the black flag and fight the culture war as the left fights it, turning that struggle over America’s past, present, and future into one where no quarter is given and none is asked. It means we won’t be invited to the Georgetown cocktail parties, the Beltway policy conferences, and all those other trappings of Late Empire-like decadence splendor found within D.C.

But it also means that, for once, we might start winning again. Defeating the FBI and CIA will mean that future conservatives won’t be slandered and viciously attacked by Deep State goons like Trump was. Returning the cross and flag to classrooms means there won’t be yet another generation of postmodern, bitter, students lacking in faith in God and love of country. Firing the bureaucrats means they won’t be able to hold up our policies from the inside, using their power, power they were never given by voters, to control American policy. In short, victory will bring, well, all the benefits of victory. It will mean that we can set America on the right track again, returning us to the Apollonian path and away from the Dionysian path of decadence.

However, we’ll only have that opportunity if the politicians can come up with a plan and convince voters they’ll stick to it. 2022 and 2024 can’t be reruns of 2016, where desperate Americans handed the GOP a major victory, power in each and every level of government, only to be let down by weak-spined careerists that would rather “compromise” and watch America decay than fight for what is right and return America to the path of righteousness and glory.

Take this as a warning, RINOs. If you let us down again, you’ll never be reelected and America might never recover.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me 

on Parler and Gettr.

Photo by Mo from Pexels

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4 thoughts on “To Keep Winning Votes, the GOP Must Have A Plan to Win The Culture War

  1. Too many lazy, freeloading ‘americans’ with victim syndrome, they want handouts from government.

    How can anyone win the culture war when the culture wants everything free from those that refuse to stop supplying the handouts?

  2. The GOP’s only plan is to simply look less crazy that the Democrats (quite an easy task). Beyond that I don’t expect much

    1. Too many lazy, freeloading ‘americans’ with victim syndrome, they want handouts from government.

      How can anyone win the culture war when the culture wants everything free from those that refuse to stop supplying the handouts?


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