Medicine Wants To Kill You

Historians of the future, savoring ‘possum goulash around their campfires, will marvel that modern medicine squandered its authority, its credibility, and its sacred honor in the Covid Panic of the 2020s, when public health officials and doctors in clinical practice colluded to force mass vaccinations while suppressing news of the harms and injuries the vaccines caused — potentially sacrificing millions of citizens like so many experimental fruit flies.

Poster-boy for this epic debacle was Dr. Eric J Rubin, editor of the New England Journal of Medicine who, serving on the CDC’s advisory vaccine committee, actually said, “We’re never gonna learn how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it.” Giving it to children, that is, which the government authorized last week, even while that same CDC issued a safety advisory warning on vaccine-induced myocarditis (inflammation of the heart), especially in boys and young men.

Nota bene: myocarditis is not a condition you necessarily get over because affected heart muscle cannot replace itself; rather the inflammation leads to scaring of heart muscle and a shortened life-span.

Meanwhile, young vaxxed athletes drop dead of heart failure in shocking numbers on high school gridirons, soccer fields, cricket pitches, bike trails, and running tracks around the world, and ordinary civilians develop a bewildering array of post-vax cardiovascular, neurological, and thrombotic disorders of which only a small fraction end up being recorded in the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Recording System (VAERS).  Those numbers now are at least roughly 10,000 deaths and 20,000 permanently disabled. The VAERS website is so kludgy and inadequate that doctors are discouraged from using it — to the degree that only an estimated 10 percent of adverse events are actually reported. Doctors are also threatened with disciplinary punishment for publicizing problems with the vaxxes.

In fact, the news can’t be completely suppressed. It is obvious now — due to the frantic push for “booster” shots — that the various vaccines stop working to prevent infection with Covid-19 after several months. What is only partially understood is the action of the spike proteins that linger in the body post-vax, but the evidence is not good, since they have a particular affinity for attaching to the endothelial linings of blood vessels generally, and in the capillaries of major organs in particular — especially ovaries and testicles, raising the specter of widespread infertility ahead.

On top of that, the vaccines are suspected of breaking down the immune system, leaving the vaxxed vulnerable to opportunistic infection, disabling the genetic mechanism that allows the body to routinely defeat cancer cells, and turning people’s immune systems against them in auto-immune disorders.

How are the doctors and public health officials behaving in the face of all this? 

Pushing ever more strenuously for the forced vaccination of everybody of all ages, no matter what, and vilifying anyone who militates for respecting informed consent to be vaccinated. The net result is that doctors appear to have violated en masse their Hippocratic oath of ethics which calls on them to first do no harm.

Everything about the virus and its countermeasures — from the murky origins of it in Dr. Anthony Fauci’s official funding of bioweapons research, to the patent trail of conflicted ownerships and interests in the subsequent vaccine developments, to the fierce suppression of news and debate — suggests nefarious motives, or else a mass psychotic panic among the very highly-trained people society must depend on in a crisis.

It’s also getting harder to tell how much of a crisis this actually is or ever really was. 

There’s no reliable way of knowing how many people really died as a direct result of Covid, or just tested positive for the virus (with a janky PCR test) when they were struggling with one or more serious illnesses (co-morbidities), especially when there were substantial dollar subsidies at stake from the federal government tied to Covid cases. Nor is it possible to determine right now how many deaths attributed to Covid are actually a result of reactions to the vaccines. Most troubling of all, it looks like the rate of deaths from cardiac disorders, thrombosis, and neurological damage in the general population is noticeably exceeding the normal range — as reported officially in the UK, Ireland, and other countries.

It bears repeating that whatever Covid-19 actually is or where it came from, it’s a disease not a whole lot more deadly in the general population than the flu in a bad season; that in the natural course of things, it would have probably only killed mostly the very old and already sick, and that the rest of the population would have soldiered through it and acquired a sturdy natural immunity superior to anything the vaxxes might confer (even in theory).

My own doctor tried to persuade me to get vaxed-up during a routine physical in October. I asked him if he was aware of the thousands of deaths and disabling adverse events reported on the CDC’s VAERS system. He said the numbers were not true and went on to say that he had “one hundred percent confidence in the vaccines.” He’s always appeared to be a smart and capable person. A year or so ago he was enlisted to act as an executive administrator in the health care org he practices in, and now only sees patients two days a week. Perhaps that leaves him no time to follow the news. Or maybe he has no inclination to follow any news except what comes from sources like cable TV channels, which are almost entirely sponsored by the Pharma industry.

The bottom line for me is that he has compromised my faith in his judgment. I wonder how many other people feel that way about their doctors. The medical profession was already in trouble before Covid came on the scene. It had entered into a demonic symbiotic relationship with the insurance industry that amounted to pervasive racketeering. (Just imagine the hospital bills of all those people with adverse vax reactions that the doctors affected to be mystified by, and ran countless, fruitless tests on.)

The good news, for now, is that a federal court has stayed the “Joe Biden” vax mandates. The government is expected to dispute that decision yesterday (Monday, Nov 8). Meanwhile, the rumor of a general strike against vaccine tyranny, set for yesterday through Thursday, is in the air and we’ll have to stand by to see if anything happens. We should also be standing by in the weeks ahead to see how many more people begin to show symptoms of developing serious bodily disorders from the multiple shots they have been suffered to take.

By James Howard Kunstler

James Howard Kunstler is a renowned author, social critic, and public speaker. He has written several books including “The Geography of Nowhere” and “The Long Emergency.” He has written for Rolling Stone Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, and The New York Times Sunday Magazine, and has lectured at some of the most prestigious schools in the country, including Harvard, Yale, and Dartmouth. For more from Mr. Kunstler, please visit his website.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay 

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9 thoughts on “Medicine Wants To Kill You

  1. Reports from the UK tell us that those who take the jab are losing their immune systems at a pace of 8%-10% PER WEEK and there is growing fear that millions of Brits will have lost their immune systems by the end of the year.

    Strikes and peaceful acts of public disobedience are essential, and the sooner the better.

  2. Interesting that they are trying to get the whole world to take the mRNA shot but the reality is somewhat less. China (the creator of the covid virus) does not take the mRNA shot – they take the Sinovax shot which uses dead covid virus. If this is a mass die-off in a couple years, I think the only group left will be those who didn’t take shot or those that took sinovax.

  3. I had the added incentive to drop my doctor. That go along to get along attitude I was seeing wasn’t the least bit reassuring. My doctor didn’t recommend it but gave no indication she wouldn’t. I have the added ‘displeasure’ and realization that these ‘vaccines’ that aren’t have something of a shelf life. Big Pharma has been working on the addition of a portion of the Covid-19 in flu shots in recent years 2019 & 2020. I’ve had both shots and now regret it. I now have an irregular heartbeat and I do believe this was intentional.

  4. My 93-year old mother couldn’t wait to get her booster. Shortly after she did, she started to have trouble chewing on one side, things got worse, the left side of her face drooped, she couldn’t shut her eye, she drooled, her nose ran, pain in that eye…….She has Bell’s palsy, I looked it up, the Lancet has an article about the high incidence of BP after the mRNA shots (Pfizer and Moderna) which she had. Fortunately, my mother is improving with the medicines. Some people don’t improve.

  5. My doctor gave me the vaccine sales pitch last month as well. When I quit responding, she finally said, “it is your choice…..” I threw her a curve by then asking about (and taking) the annual flu shot, and a pneumonia shot. Not so easy to label me a “knuckle-dragging, anti-vaxxer” now is it?

  6. How much you wanna bet, that when the population starts to die in mass from the “Vaccinations”…that the left will begin to blame Trump for the quick development of these fake vaccines….

  7. The plan is to kill as many people as possible with the vax. Covid was just the vehicle to get the uninformed to take the vax which is not a vaccine but a death jab. The elites have been selling overpopulation for decades and they want to thin the herd. This, then, is their mechanism for doing that.💀 KILL the elites now, while we have the numbers!


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