What We’re Up Against (Until We’re Up Against A Wall)

Consider that you are so rich the world will bend into a pretzel to gain your “friendship”. Consider that you are so loaded that you can buy people like everyone else buys a cup of coffee. Consider that you have so much money you can spread but a tiny portion of it around and absolutely decide (cheat) an entire American Presidential election.


Now consider the very exclusive world-wide Club your vast wealth puts you into, and further consider that combined, this Club controls a huge amount of the available capital (and therefore the land, businesses, and people) across the planet.


Consider how few of the lowly peasants underneath you and your Club brethren are actually necessary to your future, now that you’ve already made more money than any fifty generations could need. Consider that the only thing keeping you and your Club friends from being absolutely untouchable is the threat these peasants represent if they turn on you.


Consider that at least several hundred million of them are heavily armed and still believe in this silly thing called “freedom”…and they’re all in this one country. 

Consider, though, that you have a stranglehold on information, entertainment, and all the devices of public opinion and “news”, particularly within that one country. These lowlifes with guns who pose a threat to your complete domination of all of humanity for the rest of eternity are helpless against you, because you control all information, the politicians, the banks, the courts, the medical establishment, and (now) prosecutor’s offices across the country as well as the FBI and (soon) the nation’s military.


Consider that to eradicate what tiny threat they still pose, you need do little more than create a “public safety issue” that requires all the remaining peasants to submit to your will, allowing a who-knows-what injection into their bodies – an injection that will require further injections for the rest of their lowly lives. Consider how easy it will be to force them to submit, when once they’ve received their “vaccine” they will have no natural ability to fight off viruses that you’ve created, unless they receive the “booster shots” that you control.


Do what we tell you, or you won’t get your shot.


Consider how easy it will be to force them into submission. They won’t fight back; they can’t. But just to be sure, we’ll strip them of their guns and make their “rights” seem selfish and antiquated, and we’ll turn them against one another so that any who resist are instantly categorized as a threat to the safety of everyone else. Your freedom means nothing when public safety is at stake.


Screw your freedom.


Consider that without their vote, which the Club has taken from them, and their guns, which will be taken soon enough, there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop the Club from dominating mankind forever.


Free access to the sexual charms of anyone at all you might fancy. A tummy full of food that you don’t have to grow, or harvest, or cook. Killing for sport, in the “gladiator” style (think “Squid Game” is far-fetched? You’re a fool). Never having to wipe your own ass again. Ah, the benefits of Club membership.


Consider that once America falls, there is no one and nothing that can stand in the way. Jeffrey Epstein? A forgotten bit-player, barely a blip on the radar. We’ll have a million Jeffrey Epsteins. Hitler? A wanna-be. We’ll have a Hitler for every occasion. Or, we’ll have none at all. It all depends on what mood we’re in, because we will have absolute control of everything, forever.


You think this is extreme. You think it’s “nuts”. You think this is some form of paranoid delusion, the product of a mind detached from reality.


That’s why I started this by saying “Consider…”


Is it really so outlandish to believe? Do you believe in Evil? Do you believe that absolute power has the ability to corrupt, and that Evil will find it’s way into absolute power, to corrupt the corruptible?


Do you believe it’s possible it’s already happened, or at least is happening right now?


If you don’t believe, you should stop reading. There’s nothing more here for you. Go back to your “normalcy bias” world and enjoy the days you still have left. No worries—your sons and daughters won’t be on the menu for these people, right? Because in your mind, that menu doesn’t exist.


But for the rest of us, the question is – what can we do about it?


You aren’t going to like my answer.


The answer is “not a damned thing”. At least, we can’t do it alone.


The Club I’ve just described is far too powerful, and their power is only growing. They have their fingers in everything, and now they’ve weaponized the full force of the United States government. The only thing that has ever stood in their way was the fully-armed, freedom-loving American people, and the government that once stood in fear of us. Our government no longer fears us, so the Club doesn’t, either. What once served us now enslaves us, holding us all under threat of prison or violence if we oppose them in any way, and commands us to do as they say without exception

Religious exemption? Nah. Constitution? Worthless. The LAW? Are you kidding? 

Who’s going to enforce it?


The only chance we have – and it’s a slim one – is for one or two people who are eligible for Club membership to actually stand up and be good people. The Club can’t be brought down from the outside. Only insiders can stop them from carrying out their insidious plans.


A handful of eligible Club members standing up for goodness and right…well, that might do it. Certainly, it would inspire the rest of us to open our eyes, understand what we’re up against, and fight back with all we have.


A handful of eligible Club members. Billionaires. Massive media personalities. 

Combinations of the two.


Donald Trump is a billionaire, and a massive media personality. Thus far, only he has stood in opposition to the Club and their agenda – and look what they did to him.


Only Donald Trump has stood against the Club, for America (and mankind). There are certainly others who could, and who seem as if they may be willing to (Elon Musk and Peter Theil come to mind). But until we have a solid coalition of would-be Club members who are willing to buck the agenda and actually be good people…

…well, the fate of our sons and daughters may well be out of our hands. Without these leaders, without their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” pledged, we may all be lost little Lancelots, in search of a King worthy of our swords.


By Jackson P. Chamberlain


Jackson P. Chamberlain is a right-leaning, liberty-loving husband and father whose American heritage dates back nearly four hundred years. He writes from his home at the base of the Appalachian Mountains. He can be found on GETTR @jpchamberlain, or on MeWe as Jackson Chamberlain. He does not do Facebook or Twitter.


Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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One thought on “What We’re Up Against (Until We’re Up Against A Wall)

  1. Satan is in full control right now, of all the people who seek power, influence, gratification etc. in other words, people who are already busy corrupting themselves and can be lead around by their noses. While we can resist them at great cost to ourselves, the only One Who can defeat Satan and his minions is Christ. But WE must make the effort to overcome Satan and his works for the benefit of all mankind. If we do nothing God will not help us. We must do in all faith to gain his help. God helps those who help themselves. HE magnifies all that we do.


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