The Biggest Casualty Of Covid Is Kindness

I am not the well-wishing type. When someone I know needs a feel-good comment, they rarely get it from me. I’d say it’s a wives thing, but I have a lot of friends who are better people than me and do actively communicate excitement, concern, or whatever range of human emotions most people feel. 

By now, nearly everyone I know has had Covid. They all survived. I too just earned my Wuhan boy scout badge, and even though I just got done saying I neither send nor want notes of empathy, the entire ordeal was revealing into the character of those whose brains and/or souls have been warped by leftism. The only messages I got were from in-laws demanding to know why I hadn’t been vaccinated yet or double checking with me (and my doctor) that ivermectin was really suitable for human consumption.

Look, I don’t send messages – but if I did they wouldn’t be accusatory at a time when someone just needs hot chicken noodle soup blasted through the ether. 

For the record, I have been unwaveringly blunt about my lack of empathy for Gavin Newsom’s vaccine reaction. He is an egomaniacal fool of the highest order and supports policies that actively harm his citizens, particularly children. No decent human being could ever mandate this vaccine, so it is simply a delicious irony that he now has to deal with the repercussions of injecting his body with the very mRNA poison he wishes to force into others. If anything, I wish more leftist pols would suffer from debilitating health crises wrought by their singular obsession with novel genetic therapeutics.

To be clear, I have no problem saying any of this and also observing how those of us who, for myriad reasons, decided not to get the Covid injections and face unrelenting hostility from the vaccine cultists, almost always when we get infected because that’s when it is most opportune for them. (I explain how these are not similar circumstances later in the post.)

My recent experience with Covid, which was certainly not pleasant, elicited bizarre reactions from friends and family. For the most part, I have no doubt that my known status as being unvaccinated drove the commentary. Had I been poked, the texts and calls would have come in saying “I hope you feel better soon” or “I am so sorry.” Instead, I was told I should have been vaccinated and no one asked how I was doing. 

How’s that for leftist unity and compassion?

It is very similar to the media coverage of two NFL players in the Midwest. Aaron Rodgers continues to be raked through the coals for contracting Covid and denying Fauci the privilege of poking his body with Pfizer Juice, yet at the same time the Minnesota Vikings have a vaccinated player currently hospitalized. Rodgers is fine (he took ivermectin, another taboo ritual) and this other player is actually critical; no one knows about this latter case, though.

A dearth of compassion from leftists is not new, nor is it a bug in their operating manual. This is exactly how leftism is supposed to work. In order for Stalin to eliminate five million Ukranians and Mao to execute 60 million countrymen via starvation, adherents to the cause must not think of their dying compatriots in humanitarian terms. Hitler and Goebbels pronounced Jews as rats; lo and behold, their extermination was not only tolerated but demanded.

The corporate media, medical institutions, and the ruling political class have modeled this behavior of dehumanizing anyone daring to reject the vaccines. Deaths from the unvaccinated are cheered. Hospitals deny treatment to those unable or unwilling to show proof of vaccination. A sitting American president chides us and says “freedom, schmreedom” as it pertains to mandates. And we wonder why our friends, families and neighbors aren’t concerned about us when we get sick?

I said I would come back to an earlier point. The obvious question becomes how I can simultaneously decry the lack of compassion from vaccinated cultists while likewise feeling numb about – and in fact hope for more – adverse vaccine reactions in Newsom and others. I will keep it simple.

The premise that my reaction to his suffering should be commensurate to the reaction I demand from vaccinated friends and families assumes Newsom and I are equal. We are not. Gavin Newsom is an immoral monster with vast powers whereas I am a humble husband and father. I have demanded nothing from my fellow citizens other than to be left alone; Newsom has fashioned himself as a demigod of mortals and dictated their response to the pandemic, depriving them of free will and liberty.

Gavin Newsom, in no uncertain terms, is evil. He represents the evil of leftist ideology and has himself acted upon the evil tendencies of it. Any suffering he undergoes alleviates the suffering of others. In other words, should he actually succumb to the vaccine, California would be a better place for his absence. 

I, on the other hand, am a sinner but am hardly active in my pursuit of squashing the hopes, dreams, lives, and livelihoods of others. That’s a big difference. So for anyone wondering how I can square away the apparent cognitive dissonance, there it is. 

We need more dangerous and harmful vaccine reactions in exactly the people with the most power and influence. I am prepared to mark the day Anthony Fauci has an adverse event with a national holiday. We could combine all of the best elements from existing national holidays – Turkey, presents, fireworks, a paid day off, and whatever black people do, and white people are supposed to do, on Juneteenth.

Maybe people wouldn’t be so mean if they had more reasons to celebrate.

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10 thoughts on “The Biggest Casualty Of Covid Is Kindness

  1. Funny how the author does not do messages or any of the human emotion-type stuff…but then publishes it all on the interwebs.

  2. In my observations, the single biggest commonality I have seen in people who took the jab vs the people who didn’t has been a complete lack of empathy. The people who are losing their jobs, their careers and the ability to support their families because they didn’t want the jab are derided as deserving whatever happens to them. These vaxxed people will throw themselves in front of a bus to stop any type of racism or sexism, but as far as the people who didn’t want the jab, almost cold indifference. I was at a funeral and a person I have known for 20+ years came up to give me a hug and was asking me about my job. I said it was great, I just hoped I could stay there because the mandate would shove me out the door. Instead of any display of concern or support, all she could muster up was stuttering “Well..well…well…I..I..I got vaccinated!”“““““

    Multiple people I know who are in the same boat have run into the same thing. The people who have run around in circles for decades screaming My Body My Choice are the same people now cheering on the deliberate dissolution of bodily freedom and medical sovereignty.

    1. The Biggest Casualty Of Covid was election integrity, and honesty. The second Biggest Casualty Of Covid Is the spine. I’m holding strong and will never surrender to the fake news which is what this garbage is.

    1. I was at a store where they had the electric carts for the handicapped. Someone had left a cart in the parking lot. So out of my kindness I drove it into the store. The guard at the door thanked me and then demanded that I leave because I was not wearing a mask. On my way out, I told some people who were entering the store that they had Nazis working there.


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