One Clash, Two Headlines, Two Narratives, And Two Nations: A Tale of Two Cities From Boston, MA

By Guest Author Bill Lami


Only three years ago a History Channel article quoted part of Abraham Lincoln’s famous House Divided Speech: “When Abraham Lincoln said,  ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand,’ he wasn’t talking about the kind of political divisions common today.” Three years doesn’t seem like long ago or far away, but in light of current events, the trashing of Lincoln’s legacy and the destruction of his statue in Portland, the author might want to reconsider.

The whole concept of a more-or-less consensus national history is under assault both domestically and from abroad. Conservative vs. liberal has long been a staple of American politics, but the rancorous propaganda, conspicuous omissions, and bald-faced lies have reached a new low.

Consider two news reports of a recent protest and resultant police action/mini-riot on the Boston Commons; one from the mainstream Channel 10 NBC Boston and the other the conservative outlet Blaze Media News. According to Channel 10, “A rally against the coronavirus safety measures of masks and vaccines on Boston Common Sunday attracted dozens of protesters and about twice as many counter-protesters.” Whereas Blaze reported, “Antifa targeted a vaccine mandate protest in Boston Common on Sunday.”  

From these reports, would you conclude the story is about anti-safety wackos or loyal supporters of American public safety?

The protagonists on the one side were, according to Blaze,  “The Super Happy Fun America” organization — a Massachusetts-based political organization “focusing on defending the American Constitution, opposing gender madness, and defeating cultural Marxism.” While on the other side, according to Channel 10, “Super Happy Fun America, [is] perhaps best known for organizing the controversial ‘Straight Pride’ parade in 2019, and the Re-founding Fathers Coalition.”    

From these descriptions, would you conclude Super Happy Fun America is a reactionary, homophobic anachronistic mob or defenders of the constitution and traditional values?

Regarding the so-called counter-protesters, Channel 10 reported, “Among the counter-protesters, on the other side was a brass band, and their goal was to drown out the anti-mask and -vaccine protesters with music.” Contrarily, Blaze explained, “the Antifa mob held communist flags with the faces of Chairman Mao, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, and Karl Marx. There was also a ‘Death to fascists’ sign.”   


Based on these statements would you conclude that the counter-protesters were patriotic music lovers or a mob of angry communists?

The objective for Antifa, according to Blaze, “The Antifa groups vowed to make sure the Super Happy Fun ‘know where Boston stands’ and to get them the ‘hell out of town.’” And, according to the protesters, the objective of the protest was to: “resist vaccine passports, face diapers, mass layoffs, and unconstitutional mandates.” Read the original articles for yourself and draw your own conclusions.  We found no reference to Antifa and no pictures of the communist flags and signs in news coverage from, and local affiliates of ABC and CBS. Fortunately, phone video is always rolling and fake news makers are often upended by the truth.


What lesson can we learn from this example in Boston, one which we see mimicked far too often across the country on a regular basis? Learn the facts. Question anything reported by the fake news, mainstream media, and be highly skeptical of any conclusions they spew.


By Bill Lami


Bill Lami is just an old man working to live a right life before God; a man with a broken heart. It’s broken over the direction our nation has taken and the vulgar, dismissive quality of today’s public discourse. Follow him on his website.


Featured photo is a screengrab from NBC News Boston – Channel 10, WBTS.

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One thought on “One Clash, Two Headlines, Two Narratives, And Two Nations: A Tale of Two Cities From Boston, MA

  1. I watched the channel 10 broadcast this article speaks of. This same verbiage was used on every major network local newscast in eastern Massachusetts. It’s S.O.P. for them to always skewed to cast the leftists in a favorable light. If you want the truth of any matter such as this you’d do better looking elsewhere. A giant wool blanket of lies is being cast over the eyes of a lazy, fat, and dumb swath of the populace too interested in what’s on Temptation Island or The Bachelor.


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