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Conservatives Deserve Better Than The GOP

I have voted Republican my entire life. What other choice have I had? In the last few elections, Democrats have trotted out John Kerry, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden. You might as well vote for Trotsky.

Sadly, what has my lesser-of-two evils approach gained? Except for Trump, who they openly hated, Establishment Republicans have returned the favor by running deep state neocons dating back to Herbert Walker. Dole? McCain? Romney? What the actual hell?

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And let’s not pretend that the problem of turncoat GOP operatives is limited to the Oval Office. The latest infrastructure bill, more aptly named F***You, America bill, was greenlit by far too many Senators with an (R) behind their name and twice as many Republican congresspersons as Democrats said to bring it on. Making matters worse – if that’s possible – they shoved this giant middle finger up middle America’s rear end a mere week after everyone turned out in Virginia and New Jersey to say no to Democratic tyranny. Again, what the actual hell.

I deserve better than this. We all do.

Unfortunately, my libertarian friends who chant Let’s Go, Brandon so often they’re mistaken for having Tourette’s run out equally detestable candidates like Gary Johnson and Jo Jorgenson. Despite proclaiming their libertarian stance (which I naively took to be mean “I love this country” and “leave me alone”), they are no better than your idiotic neighbor who plants yard sighns saying All Are Welcome Here and who waves a BLM flag right under Old Glory. I am as libertarian as they come, but I’d really have to hate myself to vote for a social libertarian that supports domestic terrorism in the form of racial or gender identity politics.

I tell myself there is no comparison between spineless and self-serving Republicans and their America-hating, Marxist Democrat counterparts. A few of our guys called Trump a riot inciter and voted for his impeachment. Still a few more gave Pelosi and Schumer a spending victory. Is that as bad as a Democrat president shutting down pipelines with winter approaching, handing out money more generously than a five-year old as the Monopoly banker, or ensuring every guess in Battleship is a hit in the Pacific Ocean?

I have heard Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, Ted Cruz, and Tom Cotton in the Senate call it out and then really go after communist nominees and members of the thoroughly-discredited medical establishment. I am sure there are others, but what does it say when I can’t think of them? The House has produced a few heroes, but there are like 200 supposed Republicans in that legislative body. Where are 200 unified voices for freedom? I don’t want a few; I want a few hundred.

We got three supposedly conservative justices added to an irrevocable 6-3 Supreme Court. And yet, who among us is certain the vaccine mandates, which my illiterate toddler could point to as being unconstitutional, will be rejected by the likes of Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett? We lauded McConnell, and sure, it’s better than a world in which Merrick Garland wears those fancy robes, but a 5-4 “no” vote from my guys is just as ruinous as a 5-4 “no” vote coming from their guys. It actually stings a little more because my guys were supposed to go to bat for me.

By default, the GOP is the party of the American people. It’s not like they have stiff competition. The D in DNC means “democratic” the way the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of North Korea means democratic. The C stands for China. I’m pretty sure about that. Joe Biden says negro a lot, and Democrats use black voters, so let’s just say the N stands for negro. It works on a few levels. 

So we get the GOP, which doesn’t have to do anything to earn conservative votes and subsequently doesn’t do a whole lot that represents conservative voters. Imagine that.

13 thoughts on “Conservatives Deserve Better Than The GOP”

  1. #1. You used the term “we”. WE didn’t, THEY did! We the people didn’t have a say. Just curious, who exactly did? What affiliations do they have? Were they held accountable for these atrocities? Did their political parties or PACs hold them accountable?

    #2. Term limits. Yes you are correct sir. Again, THEY will never will place limits upon themselves. But, why aren’t their party affiliations & PACs enforcing limits? The endorsed candidates our party vet must sign a pledge attesting an agreement for self imposed term limits, or we will primary them out. The TRUE Conservative candidates understand, support & agree to limits. Why aren’t the 2-party establishment doing the same? We the voters can remedy this very easily.

    It’s amazing how much stuff we, (voters), allow with no reprocussions. We must change our mindsets, it’s not over when our candidates win. We must continously monitor their progress, just like a CEO would their employees. If they do not adhere to the Constitution, or infringes upon it, then it’s time to either MAKE them resign or immediately find a replacement for the primaries. We cannot depend on the the 2-party establishment to safe guard our freedoms & liberties.

  2. There are two BIG problems. #1: We should never have knuckled under to the Federalists (Masons-Novis-Ordo-Seculorum) loosely “New World Order”. We should have stayed with The Articles Of Confederation.
    #2: Term limits should have been in the Main Body of the Constitution. It wasn’t, it isn’t and will never be enacted by any Congress. They vote themselves instant pensions after only one term in office and raise their own salaries. These issues make sure that taxation with representation is no better than without. The vast majority vote their own interests above their constituents. Back to CSA is the only way to a life without chains.

  3. When Democrats get out some evil, freedom-hating plans, the R’s find a camera, say “No way, D’s!” and then jet off to another fundraiser. They know their job is secure just feigning opposition. If the D’s win that battle, well, R’s just have something to rail about. Then when they have the power to succeed — say, killing Obamacare or building the wall — they wimp out and D’s win again.

    EVERYONE in DC is way too smug and comfortable with their jobs. What we need is some Big Money muscle to push primary challengers. I’ve voted for challengers I knew couldn’t win simply in the hopes the incumbent might feel threatened.

  4. There are only a handful of real conservative citizens.
    The ones I know who claim they are still watch pro sports and netflix, yet complain.

  5. I’ve been saying we need another party since the Pubs ran Dole against Clinton. I’ve been getting shouted down since the Pubs ran Dole against Clinton. We’re just as guilty as the Left when it comes to being brain dead.

  6. Well maybe you should update your picture seeing that Gen Powel has passed away about a month ago. Also you know that splitting the party will split the vote and favor Democrats… so get off it… we’re not going to fall for this junk.

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