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Six Takeaways From November’s Remarkable Election Results

In this installment of our weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative draw six conclusions from Election Day 2021.

#6: No matter what, leftists will blame racism. 

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Parker: When Californians sought to recall Gavin Newsom in September, the most prominent citizen up to the task of replacing him was Larry Elder. Elder is black. When conservative Virginians sought to prevent black-faced Ralph Northrum’s heir apparent Terry McAuliffe from enacting a mini-Biden hellscape in Old Dominion, they marked their ballots form Winsome Sears and Jason Miyares to join the hopeful Youngkin administration. Sears is black (and a woman!) while Miyares is Hispanic. Last I saw, North Carolina has a bear of a Lieutenant Governor in Mark Robinson and Kentucky has a razor-sharp Attorney General in Daniel Cameron. Both men are black. 

Should I keep going? 

Despite voters seeking candidates that will address community safety, public school indoctrination, freedom from government overreach, and a host of other core issues, the corporate media and political spinsters can’t help but call everyone and their mother a white supremacist despite voting for non whites when things don’t go their way. Nothing exposes leftist racism more than their incessant focus on race. No, Larry Elder is not the blackface of white supremacy. It’s utterly grotesque and absurd. None of these people are. More than anything else, it reveals how lowly the left thinks of independent thinkers of color.

Republican candidates ought to win in a red wave in 2022 and certainly have to be the favorites for the White House in 2024. Along with death and taxes, there is a third certainty in life: Democrats will project their racism onto their opponents.

#5: The Democratic Party is an absolute mess.

PF: Last Tuesday night, once the Democratic devastation became clear, CNN commentator and former Obama Administration official Van Jones stated, “These numbers are bad. This is not some… these are our voters. These are voters that came to us in 2018, came to us in 2020, and have abandoned us in droves in two states that should be in our column. That’s a big deal. That is a five-alarm fire.“ If anything, Jones’ assessment was an understatement.

The GOP has its problems, no doubt. But compared to Democrats, the Republican Party is a well-oiled machine. Terry McAuliffe pointed the finger at Joe Biden’s disastrous approval ratings as a cause of his defeat, and he had a good point. Biden’s buffoonery didn’t help him. But McAuliffe ran a horrendous campaign and committed one unforced error after another. Phil Murphy appears to have escaped by the skin of his teeth, and Biden certainly contributed to his close call in New Jersey as well. But the Democrats’ problems run much deeper than just Joe Biden. The Democratic Party doesn’t know who they are.

For a year and a half they preached “Defund the Police,” but when that notion became problematic they tried to disown it as quickly as possible. Their progressive wing thinks they have overwhelming mandates, meanwhile Democrat moderates know full well that their Congressional majorities are hanging by a thread. Democrats deny Critical Race Theory is being taught in our schools, then brag about it being taught in our schools, sometimes doing it during the same discussion.

The only two things Democrats appear to be certain about are as follows: 1) They know they want to be the party of identity politics and divide us as much as possible, and 2) They want to spend exorbitant amounts of our tax dollars in exploiting those divisions. Neither approach is a good idea, and last Tuesday’s results proved it. 

#4: The GOP needs to change or it needs to be discarded.

Parker: In typical Republican fashion, voters delivered a resounding message to both parties about what they want from the government and how they feel about core issues, and then less than a week later 19 GOP Senators and 13 GOP Representatives signed off on Brandon’s latest liberty-killing bill. We deserve better.

It’s easy to get mad at the opposition party, for sure, but unless conservatives and libertarians rally around actual conservatives and libertarian candidates, what does it matter? Leftist Democrats are the clear threat; after all, with no Dems then this bill doesn’t even make it for a vote, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have turncoats within our own ranks. Amazingly, it had been voted down multiple times, and then after the Virginia wakeup call people propelled it past the finish line. You can’t make this up; these RINOs hate you and they hate me. They hate this country as much as Democrats.

Donald Trump exposed a lot of rot and corruption, and there was plenty of room within the Republican Party to go around. We need to lean on the exposures to primary worthless and spineless sellouts and elected people willing to represent our values. There are no more surprises in Washington. 

#3: The accuracy of pre-election polls is not improving.

PF: The polling in the Virginia gubernatorial race showed Youngkin gaining ground on McAuliffe in the weeks leading up to the election. Ultimately those polls were mostly accurate as Youngkin won by a 2.5% margin, while the Real Clear Politics (RCP) average last Monday (the day before the election) showed Youngkin up by 1.7%. Both numbers were within the margin of error, but it’s worth noting that the RCP average was almost a full percentage point lower than the actual result… in favor of the Democrat. But while Virginia’s polls were relatively close, the polls in New Jersey were way off.

Last Monday’s RCP average showed New Jersey’s Democrat incumbent Governor Phil Murphy with a 7.8% lead over Republican Jack Ciattarelli, indicating an electoral blowout. Yet the results of that election were close enough that Ciattarelli waited over a week to concede, with the official count less-than a 2% margin in favor of Murphy.

Most of the polls are conducted by leftwing operatives – either universities such as Quinnipiac, or media outlets such as the Washington Post or CNN – and we’ve been seeing this tilting of pre-election poll results for years now. We saw it in 2016 when they told us Hillary Clinton held an eight-point lead over Donald Trump only days before the election, and we all know how that ended up. Things got even worse four years later per Vanderbilt University, as last year’s polls were the most inaccurate in four decades, including their prediction that Joe Biden would clobber Trump in what was ultimately an extremely close election. And now we see it again with Jack Ciattarelli in New Jersey.

So, here’s a question to consider: When was the last time pre-election polls were wildly inaccurate in favor of a Republican? I’ll bet you can’t name one, and there’s a reason for this phenomenon. If voters think their candidate is going to lose by a wide margin, they’re less likely to vote. Discourage those voters, and they may stay home on election day, and at the very least that polling will dampen enthusiasm. We can only wonder what would have happened in elections such as New Jersey’s last week if the pre-election polls were accurate. Would voter turnout have been even higher in favor of the Republican? 

#2: There is still hope for conservative ideals within America.

Parker: I admit, it’s tough to be optimistic about the future sometimes. Donald Trump deserved to be the most popular president in American history for his role in exposing the rot, corruption, and anti-American sentiment in our largest institutions, as well as for promoting policies that began a return to prosperity. Instead, over half this nation accepted the lies and hostility manufactured by the powers that be. In effect, over half this nation is essentially programmed by our technocratic overlords, unable to think for themselves anymore and becoming less human by the day.

Between Trump’s ouster, America’s braindead march toward mass vaccination, and a depressing Gavin Newsom recall out west, it seemed like all of America was headed toward the abyss. We might very well be headed toward a cliff anyways, but early November offered a ledge from which to dangle a little while longer. Voters in both Virginia and New Jersey, many of whom willingly turned their backs on common sense and goodness last year, reversed course and stood up for basic American values. It’s a very glass-half-full approach (nearly half still reject American values), but it’s a vast improvement in just a single year. Virginia went from heavily favoring Brandon to completely rejecting his party. New Jersey faced an even stepper hurdle and yet came within a few thousand votes of getting rid of their tyrannical Democrat governor.

And more happened than just two blue state gubernatorial elections. School boards, which nefariously hold elections in off-years to limit turnout, were resoundingly told that CRT and Marxist gender theory have no role in shaping young people. A growing tide of resentment is more vocal and more prominent than ever before. Perhaps most important, though, is that the Republicanism of years past is likewise headed for extinction. It seems like the conservative movement has reached critical mass against Establishment and RINO Republicans that sell out their voters in exchange for posh soirees and backroom deals. Democrats are driving the ship, but there are more than enough so-called Republicans willing to sit shotgun. It seems as if voters might have finally caught on. The obvious litmus test will be the following November, but if there were ever a time to at least have some hope, it’s now.

#1: If Republicans stick to conservative principles, they will win.

PF: Joe Biden won the state of Virginia last year defeating Donald Trump by double-digits. Biden clobbered Trump in Virginia. Yet one year later, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, a former Democratic National Committee chair who had already served a four-year term as governor, lost by 2.5%. That’s a swing of almost 13 percentage points, and that is a monumental shift.

Youngkin clearly took advantage of President Biden’s plummeting approval ratings, and he hammered at McAuliffe’s missteps. But while Youngkin used the “negative campaigning” approach – which seems to be the only approach nowadays – he did so through the prism of conservatism. He pounded on Biden’s leftism and out-of-control spending. He repeatedly nailed McAuliffe for his support of Critical Race Theory in schools. And Youngkin focused his message on conservative ideals.

We don’t need to spend trillions of tax dollars on Democrat nonsense because government is not the solution to all our problems. More often than not, government is the problem. Critical Race Theory is wrong because America is not fundamentally racist, America is exceptional. Parents, not government, should dictate what children are taught. Police aren’t our enemy, they’re critical for our safety, and a tough-on-crime approach makes sense. The list goes on.

Leftism is idiotic, and conservatism works. We’ve seen it time and again. 

Republicans must not only embrace conservatism, they should actively promote it. The most conservative governors in the country, Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Texas’ Greg Abbott, are seeing their approval ratings skyrocket because of their conservatism. The rest of Republicans need to follow their lead. Don’t shy away from being conservative, welcome the label, and govern or legislate as a conservative. If you do, the future will hold many more Election Day results like we just saw.

Featured photo is a screengrab from CNN.