CDC Forced To Admit That Natural Immunity Works

As I am sure you know, the CDC has been telling us that even if you have had COVID you should still get a “vaccine.” In other words, what the CDC has been telling us is that there is no such thing as “natural immunity” (immunity acquired from an actual infection) to COVID.

Well … the CDC received a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request back in September that essentially said “put up or shut up” … that is, show us all the evidence you have that there is no natural immunity to COVID.

Read the CDC’s response … the CDC admitted that is has no —zero-nada-zilch— evidence that there is no natural immunity to COVID. In other words, the CDC admitted, albeit implicitly, that there is no need to be vaccinated against COVID if you have had COVID … because if you have had COVID your natural immunity protects you from being reinfected with COVID.

Article by Ed Mosca. Originally published at Granite Grok.

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