Biden’s Debacles: Where Do We Look For Optimism?

Wherever you look, the policies of Joe Biden and his administration are creating challenges for the American people. It is difficult to fathom how badly Joe Biden has handled every facet of his job. The country is still looking to recover from the embarrassment of the Afghanistan exit. The lives lost and the stories of Americans and allies left behind still haunt us daily. Most of us are disgusted with the breakdown of our Southern Border as we watch 200,000 illegals cross the Rio Grande each month. We are paying nearly 50% more at the pumps, and Propane, one of the primary home heating fuels in New Hampshire, is up over 40% from 2020.


The shelves in New Hampshire stores are stocked, but not everyone can afford what is on them as Inflation is at a 30 year high. Crime is on the rise, and the Justice Department is turning its head to prosecuting offenders. We are still losing over 1,000 COVID-19 victims every day, which is ahead of the 2020 pace. Our President falls asleep at a Climate Summit, and our Vice-President embarrasses herself every time she comes out of hiding. It is not surprising that Biden and Harris have 38% and 28% approval ratings respectively. They are the lowest for any Executive team since World War II, and there is no indication they have bottomed. With all that is going wrong, is there anything we can possibly look to with hope? There certainly is. We can look to the people.


The people of New Hampshire are traditionally strong. After all, we are the “Live Free or Die” state, but the American people are proving to have incredible resilience. The Democrats hoped that they could catch Americans dormant and get their agenda pushed through without resistance. Americans had other ideas.


Joe Biden ran as a moderate candidate who could unite the country and return normalcy to our nation. He lied. Joe Biden has drunk the Progressive Brew and has proposed the most costly and transformative legislation the country has ever seen. It is not finding an easy path through Congress. It has no support from Republicans except for a few Congressmen who voted for the Infrastructure Bill. All of the Democrats are not supporting the Build Back Better bill. Moderates say it is too expensive and not expensive enough for The Progressives. Right now, it is stalled.


We have talked ad nauseam about how bad this Presidency is becoming. But this post is about the people. Biden and liberal/progressive administrations have woken the sleeping giant. People showed on November 2 they were ready to speak with their vote. They show at school board meetings that they are prepared to protect their children and get involved in how and what they are taught. The Dems are not going to walk over the American people, and come 2022, the people will take back control of the country.


The Democrats, the Squad, the Progressives, BLM, and Biden/Harris overplayed their cards, and the people have called their bluff. It is going to be fun watching this revolution unfold.


By Ray Cardello


Ray Cardello is a conservative blogger at A Conservative View from New Hampshire who believes America is strong enough to keep us on track but making folks aware of the truth is essential to a successful and prosperous future for us all. 


Photo by Manny Becerra on Unsplash



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One thought on “Biden’s Debacles: Where Do We Look For Optimism?

  1. DemonicRats will say anything to get elected and once elected will return to their tyrannical selves. They are political Transformers. They look normal but watch out! 😁👹


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