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America Won’t Be Fixed By The Current Republican Class

I’d like to introduce you to the Republican agenda for America. This isn’t speculation, or wild hyperbole – this is directly from a friend of mine, a would-be congressman (“would-be” as in his victory was sufficiently expected that he had lunches with then-Speaker John Boehner in preparation for his ascendancy to the halls of Congress). 

When you understand this one simple fact, the rest of what goes on within the party will make perfect sense to you.


Are you ready? Here is the seven word agenda of those who would represent the traditional American in Washington.

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Get it through to the next guy.


I’m not making this up. Honestly, even with a writer’s brain I don’t think I could make this up.


The Republican strategy for governing America is kick the can down the road.

Privately, my friend confided to me that the reasoning was simple; our system of day-to-day governance is so screwed up that failure is unavoidable. The country is financially destitute, governing bodies are warped and directionless but by design can seemingly never be altered, and far too many Americans are so dependent on the government dole that nothing can ever be done to correct the first two problems. This leaves even the most earnest reform-minded representative with only one option; keep the system alive until the next one comes along. If the country is still standing by the time you’re voted out of office, you’ve done your job.


How’s that for a frank reality check? “Keep the corpse upright”. That’s the Republican governing strategy.


Do a few things make better sense to you now? Do you understand why so-called “Republicans” so often save, and even prop up, agendas championed by the Democrats? Is the “fight on TV but agree to ‘legislation’ in the back room” approach easier to grasp knowing what they’re out to accomplish?


Do you understand why, in the absence of a true “FIX IT” guy like Donald Trump, the Republican party is seemingly satisfied to languish throughout the momentary times they have all the power?


Get it through to the next guy. It’s not an agenda – it’s a way to avoid the blame, avoid tough decisions and even tougher scrutiny. It’s the ultimate coward’s way out, and it has become a way of life for the party that is supposed to represent American ingenuity, craftsmanship, stick-to-it-iveness, and the hard-working values of a free, self-determining people.


Is it any wonder we’re barely free and the furthest thing from self-determining at this point? Is it any wonder that the current generation has turned the entire country into participation trophy utopia? When the bulwark of American exceptionalism has so thoroughly sold out to feckless idleness, is it any wonder we can no longer functionally compete as a nation and we’re so near to the brink of second-class status?


Let me assure you that the reason for those meetings with the Speaker of the House – and Kevin McCarthy is no less of a sellout weenie than John Boehner – is to make sure that incoming Congressmen are on board with the program. The message over lobster bisque is that you’d better get those can-kicking shoes on, or you’ll be out of here as quickly as you arrived.


This is why people like Marjorie Taylor Greene present such a problem to the establishment. It isn’t her brash demeanor or larger-than-life persona; it’s her appeal to the masses, which comes to her via the idea, at least, that she might actually make something happen. Unlike most of the weasels on the Hill, she’ll at least pay lip service to the theory that to change things, you’ve actually got to change things. Now so far, that hasn’t amounted to much more than a lot of loud talk and pointless spectacle – but she’s still surrounded by old-school can-kicking nincompoops. With a reasonable collection of America-first Representatives around her, what might actually be changed (and therefore accomplished)?


That has yet to be seen, and so far we’re miles away from where it could realistically happen. As long as America keeps electing people like Mitch McConnell and elevating the Kevin McCarthys of the world into positions of power, we’re not ever going to see a difference in policy and practice. We’re in a firestorm of Democrat hate right now, and that’s going to translate into significant numbers for the Republican party in the next several election cycles, but as long as the agenda is nothing more than “get it through to the next guy”, all the numbers in the world won’t mean bupkis.


How many Republicans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? I don’t know – ask me after the next election. Or the one after that. In the meantime, the Republicans we have in Washington will make it look like they’re busy at the fixture, yet we never see anything resembling illumination.


So what’s the answer?


I believe that’s three-fold. First, we have to re-elect the man who actually made real changes to the nation, and for the better. Donald Trump was the first politician in my lifetime to actually step in and shake things up, and literally everything improved as a result. We’re going to need that leadership at the top if we’re going to get anywhere.


But in order to make it permanent, rather than something that can be erased by executive order when the next President comes along, we’re going to have to provide him with both a House and Senate absolutely brimming with America-first, damn-the-Establishment, let’s-get-real-change-done Republicans. The entire incumbent class prior to the Trump years has got to be dumped, with one notable exception; I believe Rand Paul has at least been trying. He’s been thumping his head against the brick wall just as his father did, and getting nowhere doing it, but at least he’s stayed the course. 


Beyond Paul and the class that came in both with Trump and as a result of his ascendancy (here’s where Marjorie Taylor Greene comes in) virtually every other sad-sack would-be Republican has been bludgeoned by the can-kicking system and can no longer be counted on to do anything of meaning. “Drain the Swamp” applies to everyone, regardless of the letter that follows their name.


The third part – and this is crucial – is that we, the American people, must remember that we’re in charge. These fools work for US. They do what WE tell them to do. If we fail to provide that guidance, they’re going to work for whoever fills their campaign coffer or flies them out to Epstein Island. We bitch because our politicians are so corrupt, but we do nothing to prevent the vacuum that makes corruption possible. We, the American people, must collectively decide on a real American agenda that we will present to the people we hire to implement it, and then we must hold their feet to the fire until it’s actually accomplished.


The first part of that agenda must be to abandon the “kick the can” mentality, and the second part must be to adopt a proper “damn the torpedoes” approach. Any politician who is afraid of Don Lemon, Brian Stelter, Jake Tapper, or Joy Reid must be assigned to a new job. I don’t care if they flip burgers for the rest of their lives; they damned sure don’t belong in the halls of Congress. And they’ve got to do more than talk a good game. We need people of action and follow-through. Less spectacle, more git-r-done. This is where I have a problem with MTG; lots of bloviating and chicanery (a Biden “impeachment” that goes nowhere and serves no purpose, for example) but little substance. I’m willing to give her a chance, once we get some people around her who can actually effectuate change – but at that point the circus act must end and the hard work must begin.


The next part of the real, proper agenda, directly from the American people, has to be decided by us and enforced by us. This is going to require a legitimate strategy, healthy debate, and careful implementation. It has to be done within the confines of the Republican party (trying to go third-party has not worked, and will not work, ever) and it has to reflect a big-tent philosophy with a traditional American bent. This will be the least easy part of the whole plan, but it’s the most crucial. We are at a point in American history where the entire middle of the political spectrum has shifted dramatically to the Right (or rather, where the entire leadership of the Left part of the spectrum has abandoned the middle, placing the middle in a de facto Right position).


To maintain the immense majority this advantage conveys, we’ll have to offer enough to support the margins while fiercely, unerringly defending the traditional American way. It is possible now, for instance, to stand side-by-side with striking UMWA workers while maintaining a healthy disrespect for what unions have done and in many ways continue to do to America. This seemingly incongruous task, properly achieved, could herald a decades-long rule (and that’s what will be required to put America back to right).


One thing for damned sure – we don’t want the can-kickers ruling over that period, because we know with certainty that nothing will change.


I’ll talk more in future essays about what I think a legitimate American agenda could, and should entail.


In the meantime, start preparing yourself for the work ahead. We have a couple hundred America-first candidates to find and get elected, and the real American President to restore to the Oval Office.


By Jackson P. Chamberlain


Jackson P. Chamberlain is a right-leaning, liberty-loving husband and father whose American heritage dates back nearly four hundred years. He writes from his home at the base of the Appalachian Mountains. He can be found on GETTR @jpchamberlain, or on MeWe as Jackson Chamberlain. He does not do Facebook or Twitter.


Photo by NACDSmedia at Flickr.

27 thoughts on “America Won’t Be Fixed By The Current Republican Class”

  1. Then we definitely need to get us a JUDICIAL SYSTEM. All those that are supposed to be running the FBI, the DOJ and most of all the EXECUTIVE Branch need to be fired. Insure Elections and keep the Communists out of our country. Don’t let all of those people into our country.

  2. That is exactly my take on the situation. Most of all the Criminals coming across the border. NOT MIGRANTS…..CRIMINALS.

  3. You are absolutely right, if Biden was gone tomorrow and the Republicans took over, not ONE THING would be different 6 months from now. Even though it only took Biden about 9 months to do this to us. They’d probably even keep the vaccine mandate. Who’s kidding who about what?

  4. Republicans aren’t street fighters, and Democrats are gangsters. Any Republican offended by Donald Trump is a threat to be eliminated.

  5. Jackson P. Chamberlain

    You are one hundred percent correct. However, this needs it’s own article (which you pretty much just wrote). 🙂

    We cannot, as right-leaning patriotic Americans, take the same approach we’ve always taken; these problems are much bigger, much more widespread, and SO much more insidious, that they cannot be solved at the ballot box even if we knew the ballot box was safe, and the people we were electing were who they claim to be. Nevertheless, this is always the first and most important step. We must do our best to insure election integrity, and then we must do our best to insure candidate integrity. Without those two things, we’ll never achieve any meaningful change within the country. That combination is necessary for political cover. Once we have that, we can start going after the other (many, troublesome) issues that stand between the nation now versus the nation as it was intended.

    For free speech, let’s start starving the beast. There is no mainstream media source (including Fox News) that is worth watching or paying any attention to. Sites like this are the best place to gather information these days. Likewise, step away entirely from the silicon valley oligarchs (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft) and find more speech-friendly alternatives (MeWe, GETTR, DuckDuckGo, Brave). Practice good online security. Do not cooperate with or in any way support the elements in our screwed-up society that are trying to silence and kill us.

    Then, get active. Do it locally; with good local people, state and national politics will take care of themselves. “All politics is local”, as they say. And that’s true, in the greater scheme of things.

    Keep enumerating things as you have done here, and begin submitting to reputable free-speech and/or conservative sites. This is how we get the word out, and get our side fighting the same enemy from the same position(s).

  6. To the author:

    I appreciate the observations and largely agree with the assessment. We of course need to do all the things you suggest, but unfortunately that will still leave us fighting against the tide, unless we address one all-important issue: CENSORSHIP.

    Without freedom of speech–real (absolute) freedom of speech, not subject to the arbitrary, ever-changing and self-serving “community standards” BS–we cannot solve ANY of the things we want. Currently, one side gets to say whatever asinine thing it wants (however indefensible it may be in a sane world) and distribute it nonstop through every platform under the sun, while the other side is muzzled and shut out of the “conversation.”

    With true freedom of speech, the marketplace of ideas can sort this stuff out, and the best ideas, facts, etc., usually win.

    The second biggest obstacle to the course correction we want is that we already have a Runaway Government:

    1) When the lines between “private” industry and government are blurred and corporations are working ‘hand-in-glove’ as agents for the government to do its bidding, this is fascism.

    2) When the technology companies—which control the flow of information and now serve as the “public square”—work with the government to censor free speech and quash dissenting facts and opinions, this is fascism.

    3) When every editorial decision made by corporate media is designed to promote the government’s agenda and attack dissent, you have state media serving as an organ of government. This is what totalitarianism looks like (see North Korea).

    4) When every mechanism designed to prevent corruption has been perverted:
    * different rules and consequences depending on ideology;
    * district attorneys refusing to prosecute criminals and applying unequal treatment under the law based on political/ideological bias;
    * judges, from local district judges to federal judges to Supreme Court justices, deciding cases (or refusing to even hear legitimate cases) in contravention of established law and legal precedent, subverting the precept of equal protection under the law;
    * government itself flouting laws with impunity, violating the U.S. Constitution and the individual rights enshrined therein;
    We are no longer a nation of laws. We are living in a post-constitution age.

    5) When government fails to protect the natural rights of its citizens, it invalidates itself.

    It is time to recognize what is staring us in the face: Every lever of power has been captured and each and every one of our systems of “checks and balances” has failed us. THIS IS WHAT TOTALITARIANISM LOOKS LIKE.

    Once totalitarianism is entrenched, it is extremely hard to dethrone. We can achieve the results we want, but, make no mistake, it is going to be a long, tough slog. The alternative, however, is not an option.

  7. Maybe one of the few ways forward is for competent types to invade the party organization in much larger numbers.

  8. America can’t be fixed, Canada can’t be fixed, England, Australia and most of Europe can’t be fixed. The wrong kind of diversity was our folly. It means that we support the right of every perverse minority to play bigoted, extremist identity politics (ironically, the opposite of a tolerant, diverse philosophy) and chip away at the rest of us.

  9. You mean we can’t just fix the Pub Party like people have been telling me for years? Are you saying that these people telling me we just have to fix the Republican Party just might be clueless morons?

  10. There are some missing names on the GOP keeper list: Jim Jorden, Chip Roy and Lauren Boebert in the House and Senator John Kennedy.

  11. Jackson P. Chamberlain

    For some reason this posted as “someone”. I assure you it was indeed me (Jackson Chamberlain). 🙂

  12. I don’t disagree, though there’s only so much one can express in fifteen hundred words. As for a plan, I have only two simple ones to offer; everyday Americans must get up off the couch and away from the television and out into the events that truly decide the future of politics — which is to say, begin doing more than just pulling the lever for the candidate with the (R) beside his name. SIT DOWN AND TALK with candidates at every opportunity, LOCALLY. Make them lay out their positions, make them spell out their beliefs, and make them go on record with those things. If they aren’t decidedly America-first, refuse them your support. It is at the LOCAL level that we will have the most long-term success finding right-thinking NATIONAL candidates.

    And second, stop feeding the beast. The RNC and affiliated national RINO election machines don’t need or deserve your money, but individual national candidates who publicly support what you support DO. They also need your ground game; get on the phones, get out in the community, get active. The Democrats have done this at the grass roots level for DECADES, and very successfully. They’re stupid, but relentless. Fools, but not foolish. There are many things we can learn from them, and many ways we can follow their lead — except we’ll actually do it for all the right reasons.

    Personally, my “plan” is to do what I do. I write pieces like this in hopes of inspiring people to get moving, rather than sit around. Our side has done enough sitting, and it’s cost this nation dearly. I’m not Thomas Paine, but it’s my hope to perhaps motivate in the way he did so that we at least go down swinging.

    In terms of a tactical plan that everyday Americans can get behind, I’m all ears. We need bright, non-establishment outsiders who are still “everyday Americans” to think through and develop just such plans, in step-by-step fashion that is both easy to understand and easy to implement. I’ll be glad to help write it up, for anyone who is willing to help think it up.

  13. Not one word of this piece surprises me in any way. It has been obvious for decades that the GOP has done and will do NOTHING about our afterburn towards Gomorrah by the Marxists who now run the nation. Republicans are cowards, period and have been for decades. Republicans could win their seventy seats in 2022 and it will make ZERO difference to getting back to a constitutional representative republic. They could even win 68 senators and they will merely try to destroy each other, and never veto the things these Marxists want. The ONLY thing the GOP wants is to get elected then re-elected. Doing their job by performing their oath of office is the only thing they avoid like the plague.

  14. Only 33% of Senators get elected each election and incumbents are very hard to dislodge without serious funding and organization. Trump decided to stay inside the GOP making it far less likely he can push MAGA people to displace incumbent RINO Senators. Without the Senate, the whole plan fails. Yes, it CAN be done, but this is going to require much more organized effort than currently is being mustered and far more explicit leadership from Trump on this than he has heretofore demonstrated. He let them ruin much of his first four years with false accusations – enabled by RINO’s of course – and then let the election be stolen. He is not going to dislodge the RINO’s any time soon.

    So a way of doing this is missing in your plan. And without a tactical element, it’s just more hopium-laced wishful thinking.

  15. Does anyone remember the Young Guns – Cantor (the leader), Ryan (the thinker), and McCarthy (the strategist)? We were glad to see Cantor go – Tea Party candidate Dave Bratt beat him. Then we suffered through Ryan as Speaker. And now we suffer through McCarthy as Minority leader and possibly the next Speaker. He needs to go.


  17. I got to the paragraph that mentioned getting rid of everyone in DC…except one (because, I agree…one, maybe a couple). I was curious to see your opinion on the “one” so I kept reading…sure enough…Rand! And you even brought his dad into the conversation. I campaigned DOOR-TO-DOOR for Ron.

    Nice summary.

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