Utterly Delusional: Pentagon Spokesman Says Climate Change Is Just As Much A Threat As China

Given its massive military builduppenetrations of Taiwanese air space with squadron upon squadron of top of the line fighter jets, continued industrial and military espionage, and island-building in the South China Sea, not to mention that it just built a range on which it can practice targeting US ships, you might think Red China poses the greatest threat to America and her interests abroad

Not so, according to Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby (the same guy that was reticent to admit that dozens of families of American soldiers were stuck in Afghanistan). According to that delusional Pentagon apparatchik, “climate change” is just as much a threat as Red China.

When asked “And which is a bigger threat, the climate or China?” by a reporter named Lucas at a recent Pentagon press briefing, this was Kirby’s response:

I think we get paid to examine all the threats to our national security. And I don’t know that it does anybody good to put some sort of relative analysis assessment on that. 

You’ve heard the secretary talk about the climate as a — a real and existential national security threat, and it is, not just to the United States, but to countries all over the world. And we considered China as the number one pacing challenge for the department. 

Both are equally-important. Both are — are challenges that the secretary wants the senior leadership at the Pentagon to be focused on, as well as many others, too.

Lucas, pressing for substantive details from a man always hesitant to give them, then asked “Does China take the climate issue as much as the administration…?” Kirby responded by saying:

I think it was disappointing that we didn’t see China show up at the COP — a missed opportunity because — because they are a huge emitter as well, and a contributor to the kind of climate change that we’re seeing. So the short answer to your question is, they didn’t show the sort of leadership on climate that they could have and should have.

Then, Lucas, demanding Kirby take a stand on whether the angry sun monster or Red China is the more pressing threat, asked “So if you were to rank the two, climate or China, which would be first?” Kirby, in response, gave one of his typical non-answers: 

Lucas, I think I answered your question.

While he wouldn’t state it explicitly for a second time, hidden in Kirby’s first response is the idea that Red China and the angry sun monster, or perhaps Mother Earth herself, are equal threats. Though he hedges by saying that America considered (he mysteriously uses the past tense) “China as the number one pacing challenge for the department,” he adds that “Both [China and the climate] are equally-important.“

The first is that he used the past tense when referring to China as America’s number one “pacing challenge,” by which we can assume he meant “threat.” That might have been a misstatement, but it could also very well be a telling remark. Taken at face value, his comments imply that the last administration, Team Trump, saw China as the number one threat, but the new one, Team Brandon, doesn’t. Why not? Well, that leads into the second concerning remark.

Apparently, “the secretary,” Lloyd Austin, sees “climate change” as just as much a threat to America and her interests as China. That’s likely not true but, even if it were, Mother Earth and climate policy isn’t part of the Pentagon’s purview. It’s supposed to focus on winning wars, not the CO2 content of the atmosphere or the deleterious effects of cow farts.

Under past administrations, winning wars is what it focused on, if to little effect, as Afghanistan shows. Under this administration, it’s apparently letting that take a back seat to climate change pearl-clutching, or at least views the two equally.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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  1. Lucy to Charlie Brown: “Liberal scientist can prove that climate change is real”.
    Charlie Brown to Lucy: “They can’t even tell the difference between boys and girls”.


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