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Americans Are Owed A Debt, The Collection Of Which Will Be Terrifying

If you look at the life of the majority of Americans – and we frequently feel as if we’re not in the majority anymore, but we still are – as a “ledger”, the fact is we’re owed.

The Left would have you believe that we owe them, or some minority interest that they claim to represent, but in truth that minority interest is a part of our greater majority and the “owing” belongs squarely to those who thirst for power. They lie to these minority interests strictly to slake that dry mouth, but those interests are catching on. Soon enough they’ll realize, as most of the rest of us have, that on the balance sheet, they are indeed owed something – among other things, a monumental apology for all the many ways they’ve been lied to and used over the decades. But I digress.

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Here’s the point; on the balance sheet of our ledger, the ruling class (dominated by hard-charging Leftists and soft-spined Righties) owes more than the trillions carried on the Federal Government books. This owing has been ongoing for a very long time, but we’ve essentially ignored it because whatever salve was offered in the moment – entertainment, full bellies, prevailing peace, false freedom – was sufficient for us to let it slide.

Not anymore.

Entertainment is failing us on an epic scale now. In fact, we’re increasingly turning off television, movies, sports, etc. As more of us turn to information-gathering, we’re increasingly seeing just how bad things are, and how bad they’ve been for a very long time. Moreover, we’re realizing that the “news” we’ve consumed in the past has been little more than carefully crafted propaganda designed to continue the deception. In terms of mainstream offerings, we’re now turning that off, too.

Our bellies remain full now because the government has handed out food stamp money like candy at Halloween, but all the money in the world won’t matter as the shelves continue to go bare, or what few products remain are too expensive to buy even with Uncle Brandon’s fake money.

The peace has been disrupted already, and will be in even bigger danger once Antifa/BLM and other extraneous Leftist minions realize they’ve been failed by the Democrats yet again. Topping it off, once the Democrats realize they’ve lost it all, they’ll unleash the hounds. They’ve shown a willingness, even an enthusiasm, to do this already. Add to this the fact that our safeguards have all been and continue to be dismantled, and peace becomes impossible.

And lastly, the overwhelming falseness of our “freedom” is now on full display with the COVID nonsense, particularly the forced vaccination of the entire civilization. This last bit is now coming for our children, a line in the sand most everyone I know has absolutely drawn that is virtually guaranteed to result in bloodshed.

What has served to salve us in the past is now failing. In fact, most of it is now serving to inflame us further, and that is only growing more true by the hour.

It is talked about almost as a joke these days, but the fact that we’re armed to the teeth is a reality that those in power don’t dismiss quite as quickly as everyone else because it is truly the only thing they fear. Those who poo-poo this gorilla in the room…

…or believe that the United States Military can somehow “handle it” are absolutely not thinking. Half a billion small arms and TRILLIONS of rounds of ammunition in the hands of a truly pissed-off populace is enough to terrify anyone with half a brain, particularly when that armed population decides it’s time to collect what is owed.

As you are reading this, ask yourself honestly – do you feel like it’s time, or even past time, we balanced the ledger?

You’re not alone. In fact, when you separate the Leftist zealots, who surely fight for the opposite of our true American values (but represent a much smaller demographic) and the sheep who will follow whatever course is laid out for them, you’ll find that what’s left is a vast and growing number of now-fully-awake Americans who are LITERALLY dusting off their weapons and getting in some quality range time. I’m speaking reality now, not “inciting” or anything of that sort. I’m telling it the way it is, not the way anyone from either side wishes it was or wasn’t.

We, the overwhelming majority of the American populace, have been easily placated to this point, but that is now over. We’ve been duped, distracted, and somewhat divided by the powers that be, but that too is coming to a rapid close. We’ve been cajoled, bullied, and frightened into believing that standing up must never actually happen…

…and yet, our guns are no longer tucked into the corner of a closet. This is reality. It may seem like some kind of bizarro world because we’re simply not used to thinking and feeling this way, but what part of the last year or two hasn’t seemed like bizarro world? So again, I implore you, as you are reading this, to ask yourself honestly – do you feel what’s going on? Do you instinctively sense it? Is there that voice in the back of your head that is screaming to you as you read this sentence that what I’m saying is exactly right, and something very big and very ugly is just around the bend?

Do they who are “in charge” not realize this? Do they not understand that we don’t feel entertained, well-fed, peaceful, and free anymore? Do they not comprehend that a debt is owed, and we, the American people, are rapidly reaching the point where we’re finally going to stand up and collect?

How long before enough is enough? How long do we actually have? How long will the illusion last?

Nobody can answer that. If I had to make a guess, I’d say we have at most one more election cycle, and a short time afterward to see if it makes any difference. I don’t believe we’ll be provided that time, however, because the Antifa/BLM terrorists will force our hand before then, likely with the encouragement of the defeated Democrats and the spurring-on of the American Marxists who want all of this to come to pass in any case. I also believe that there are only a limited number of circumstances where “new elections” can make a difference regardless. If Donald Trump isn’t placed back in the White House, a moral and philosophical imperative at this point since we all know he is the rightfully elected President, it may be that nothing else matters. Even if he is restored to the Oval Office, it may be for naught if he isn’t then surrounded by America-first Republicans who will actually support him. If Republicans aren’t in the vast majority in both houses of Congress, and the majority of those aren’t America-first, Trump supporting, salve-the-people-with-actual-reform stalwarts, I fear the beast can no longer be caged.

In keeping with the gist of this, which is for me not to tell you how it is but rather for me to ask what you think, I’ll pose one last query…

Have you found yourself thinking that the only thing missing from the equation as it stands now is a NATIONAL LEADER to stand and finally say “let’s do this”? Have you found yourself saying, in your own head, “If only someone would stand up…”?

Our “leaders” in Washington apparently do not understand that if someone with sufficient gravitas and the makings of a real organization behind them were to take the stage with a true message of revolution, that revolution will absolutely come to pass. Again, this isn’t a call for it to happen; this is an honest assessment that it’s more than possible – it’s damned likely.

You and I understand this, and this understanding that we have of these perilous times IS the message.

Somehow, those in “control” simply aren’t getting that message. How are they missing it? More importantly, what will be the result of their continued ignorance of these realities? Do they really want to see what happens when the Debt Collectors come to call?

By Jackson P. Chamberlain

Jackson P. Chamberlain is a right-leaning, liberty-loving husband and father whose American heritage dates back nearly four hundred years. He writes from his home at the base of the Appalachian Mountains. He can be found on GETTR @jpchamberlain, or on MeWe as Jackson Chamberlain. Jackson is a regular contributor to The Blue 

State Conservative.

The opinions expressed in this essay are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Blue State Conservative.

Photo by Alice Pasqual on Unsplash

8 thoughts on “Americans Are Owed A Debt, The Collection Of Which Will Be Terrifying”

  1. Jackson P. Chamberlain

    Mr. Chamberlain wants none of what is described here.

    Here are a few other things I don’t want; I don’t want a needle full of unknown, unnecessary, improperly tested, provably dangerous “vaccine” injected into my kids’ arms; I don’t want to be told that I can’t leave my house unless I have papers proving that I and my family have been given said vaccine; I don’t want a mob telling me that I can’t defend myself, my family, OR my property, or the family and property of others in my community when necessary, from violence and mayhem that I am merely victim of; I don’t want an IRS agent looking into my banking affairs with transactions amounting to pocket change; I don’t want a Department of “Justice” investigating me as a domestic terrorist because I disagree with the curriculum my children are forced into; I don’t want the FBI breaking my door down because I’m an independent journalist saying something my government doesn’t like; I don’t want to be shot in the neck despite being unarmed and posing no threat to anyone, and my murderer to walk scot free because his actions supported a narrative the tyrannical government is pushing.

    I have no thirst for war. I have no desire to see my brothers, my friends, my neighbors, my son, or myself die in war. But I by GOD have no desire to cower from war that is just and right, in defense of myself, my family, and my country, when it becomes necessary to fight it.

    God help those who do cower, for whatever reason they do, INCLUDING the fear of atrocities such as you’ve described. War is brutal, and something no sane person wants or hopes for, including me.

    But duty, honor, conviction, and necessity sometimes override what we want, do they not?

  2. History clearly illustrates why no sane democracy (or democratic republic) should allow anyone who advocates for socialist principles to have any role in government, neither in selecting it nor in executing it. Because the socialists’ overarching principle is to acquire power at any cost. If their platform should fail to sway the plurality, socialist principle demands that they pervert the democratic process to wrest power by extra-democratic means.

    Universal suffrage might be a bedrock modern-day democratic principle but socialist philosophy refuses to coexist with any other on equal terms. You cannot expect democracy to survive when socialists are allowed an equal voice.

    And at this moment, the socialists have near bled Tree of Liberty to death. And I for one am eager to see her restored to full health … by any means necessary.

  3. I don’t believe Mr Chambelin WANTS this, but he is wise enough to see that this is eminent, and perhaps there is NO way short of surrender of America, that will prevent it. I have fought, as a young stupid kid, I killed, I died each time my brother died next to me….but unlike you, I see that some wars are inevitable, and because of the nature of many people…necessary. If the first bullet flies, and pray it does not, Mr Chamberlain my surprise even you. If you sit by and say….” I did my part”, then you are part of the problem… did not do your part for the freedom of our great nation, you, like me did what we chose, what we were told, ….NOW we must do what is NECESSARY FOR AMERICA. SO do not sit in judgement of anyone who speaks the truth, because if everyone who had served in the military had your self righteous attitude this country would never have been created, or defended….God Bless America and ALL who are willing to defend her!

  4. I have pictured something like the scenario you describe for some time, however, in my version it is not violent. Think of this: Thousands of armed patriots surrounding a “public health” establishment of some sort. A single representative of the patriots walks in and calmly announces “Please grab whatever personal effects you have and leave this building.” The genocidal miscreants will have a few moments to grab a purse or coat and then out they go. Until arrest or charges are given, those wicked folks would be allowed to return to their homes with the caveat that they not interfere in anyone else’s personal health business again. Imagine this multiplied thousands upon thousands of times across America. No violence except in utmost necessity due to the need for self defense.

    LORD willing I will not be paying further taxes to entities that have sold themselves to kill me and destroy my family.

    Additionally, corporations are not human and have no rights what-so-ever. Their assets rightfully belong to the victims of their crimes.

  5. Sad state of affairs.

    If Mr. Chamberlain ever experienced true war, had his best friend die in his arms or witnessed the horrors of a populace destroyed, I believe he wouldn’t be so gung ho about the possibility of war here in America. War is hell, and once the first bullet flies, I’m sure Chamberlain will high tail it deep into the wounds until the whole thing plays out. Spare me the “we are close” BS. America does not want this. But if it does, I hope Chamberlain finds himself standing in the middle of the first skirmish so he can taste the horror he predicts.

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