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If the Rittenhouse Trial Made You Angry, What’s Happening Now Should Infuriate You

I’d ask you to pardon the following rant, but the fact is it’s time to stop pussyfooting around. Some things just need to be said, period.

We aren’t looking at a political divide in America. We aren’t witnessing a “lack of empathy”, or “racial tensions”, or “identity politics”, or any of the other tired, sorry nonsense constantly offered up to explain the idiocy we see all around us these days. I’ll even go so far as to say we aren’t witnessing agitation purposefully sown by the “elites” to “divide and conquer” (though it certainly started out that way).

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What we are seeing, plainly put, is whole-cloth insanity. I’m not using that word figuratively; I mean one hundred percent, bona-fide, men in white coats with butterfly nets, and it’s now clearly affected such a huge percentage of the world population that there is no coming back from it. These people are legit crazy, and the level of nutso is reaching fava beans and nice Chianti proportions.

You saw the same trial I did, not that anyone needed to see the whole trial because any fifteen minute portion of it was more than sufficient to prove that Kyle Rittenhouse was a victim and the scumbags he offed deserved every part of what they got. Did you know that the jury wasn’t informed about any of their criminal past? 

The prosecution chose not to bring it up, which precluded the defense from doing so (exactly as it should be). Yet without even knowing how much the Rittenhouse attackers were similar in pillar-of-the-community status with, say, George Floyd and Jacob Blake, they STILL found in favor of the defendant (ALSO exactly as it should be).

You saw the same video evidence I did, which made it abundantly clear that this case should never have been brought to trial in the first place. You saw a LITERAL pillar of the community – a kid who did more in a single afternoon with a scrub-brush and muriatic acid on the walls of Kenosha businesses than most of us have done for our neighborhoods in the last decade – get absolutely railroaded by a system that, but for one righteous judge and twelve courageous jurors, intended to see the teen swing.

Know what? These people making asses of themselves in Hollywood and DC, and all the petty “protesters” across the country, saw it too. They all know with absolute certainty that Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent and the rabble that attacked him were without question guilty. They know it.

This means they’re either intentionally ignoring it and still trying to persecute this good kid, in and of itself worthy of criminal and civil charges, or they’re subject to a mass delusion from which there is no escape because they’re bat-shit looney toons.

Of course some are well aware of what they’re doing. They know it’s wrong, they know what they’re saying is a lie, and they’re doing it anyway for political purposes. I’d say most in DC fit this profile. But the Hollyweird buffoons and the people marching in city streets around the country are clearly touched in the head. Many of these people actually saw the same evidence you and I saw, and still think Rittenhouse is a “white supremacist mass murderer”. They truly believe that. There is nothing to explain this except mental defect.

Normally mental illness of this type would deserve compassion, even pity.

Sorry, but I’m all out of pity for widespread, ought-to-be-obvious, clear-cut insanity. 

Current society, with their more-genders-than-Heinz-has-varieties, take-a-jab-that-serves-no-purpose-and-is-killing-people, peaceful-protests-involving-arson-and-murder…well, I’m fresh out of understanding and patience for this kind of “special” people.

The worst of it is that these lunatics are genuinely dangerous. These are people who somehow think that because a hunted-down kid defended his life half a country away, they are now entitled to steal basketball shoes from the Target they’re setting fire to. 

And they’re permitted…

– no, they’re encouraged

…to do it by those political wingnuts in DC and other governmental offices who know better but foment it anyway.

Speaking of degenerates, disgraced ex-Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo tweeted:

“Today’s verdict is a stain on the soul of America, & sends a dangerous message about who & what values our justice system was designed to protect.”

Is this really someone we need a lecture about “values” from? Especially when we know he saw the same footage we all did. His tweet is a lie; for once in a very long time, our justice system actually protected precisely who it was designed to, and he bloody well knows it.

So do the rest of the Leftist losers who offered up similar blather. It would be amusing if it wasn’t so disgusting and outright dangerous. Statements like these are issued entirely to stir up the kind of destruction we witnessed in the summer of 2020. 

It’s intentional. It’s immoral. It’s downright criminal, and it’s time we started treating it that way. These people are purposefully appealing to the irrational, deluded, off-their-meds whack-jobs roaming our streets who truly don’t know any better. They want the devastation that follows.

If it wasn’t so immoral, one might be able to forgive the insanity of the foot-soldiers who will now assuredly set fire to our nation yet again. Make no mistake – this is the world that CNN hath wrought. The blame for this mass delusion lays squarely with the propaganda pushers who serve an agenda, not the public. This is the psychotropic, psychopathic fodder that is fed to these simpletons on the daily; it’s no wonder they’re so mindless that they can’t see the reality of things even when they’re smacked right in the face with it.

But it is immoral, and just as importantly it’s downright tiresome. At some point sane people have to round the insane ones up and say “ENOUGH”. Honestly, we’ve long since passed that point, but we’re obviously going to have yet another opportunity to finally do the right thing. Granted, there aren’t enough rubber rooms in the world to contain this deluded mass of miscreants, but there aren’t enough buildings for them to burn and innocent people for them to assault, either. You know as well as I do that their induced blood-lust will not be satisfied until it’s all ashes and bones.

The people behind the curtain – people like Cuomo, Kamala, and a thousand more just like them – know this, too. Many of the Hollywood stooges might also, though I have great disdain for the collective brain power in that industry. In any case, the point is that many of those who push these unhinged, irresponsible dog-whistles know full well what they’re up to. They want this country destroyed if they cannot rule it, and we’ve made it clear that we won’t allow them to rule it as they see fit.

Let me speak plainly once again; these are not my countrymen. I share nothing with them. They may wrap themselves in the same flag I fly on my porch, but we are no more of the same national blood and consciousness than I am with the terrorists of ISIS. They are not American; if they were, they could never utter such nonsense, and could never spur clearly delusional people to destruction the way they are. I share nothing with any of the people who’ve decried the JUSTICE we’ve thankfully seen for the innocent Kyle Rittenhouse.

Moreover, I simply don’t care about them on any level. Not any longer. For most of my life I’ve been a great proponent of basic humanity and the practiced understanding and compassion which attends it, but these reckless, dangerous, disingenuous nihilists are simply not entitled to such charity. What they’re entitled to is an orange jumpsuit, a speedy trial, and proper punishment. There is criminality attached to the Rittenhouse prosecution, but it doesn’t involve the teenager who was holding the rifle.

As for the obviously insane minions who march to the beat these sociopaths drum out, I feel a slight twinge of empathy for them – but that is rapidly waning. One can only allow dangerously defective mental cases to run free for so long, especially when they’re clearly bent on destruction and no appeal to reason will stop them. I’m willing, as a compassionate human being, to offer them the pity their condition entitles them to, but little else. Where the degenerate leaders of “their side” would say I need “re-education”, I’d say likewise that they need proper medical care and treatment, but given the deteriorating condition of our medical establishment and the sheer numbers involved, I don’t believe even that is an option at this point.

They may simply need to face the prescribed punishment for people who do what they do, mental issues be damned.

What other option is left?

By Jackson P. Chamberlain

Jackson P. Chamberlain is a right-leaning, liberty-loving husband and father whose American heritage dates back nearly four hundred years. He writes from his home at the base of the Appalachian Mountains. He can be found on GETTR @jpchamberlain, or on MeWe as Jackson Chamberlain. He does not do Facebook or Twitter.

Featured photo is a screengrab from CNN.

22 thoughts on “If the Rittenhouse Trial Made You Angry, What’s Happening Now Should Infuriate You”

  1. dont you know the jewish line is thru the mother????? unless they all had jewish mothers, none of those last names mean anything. this is why jewish mothers beg their sons to marry a nice jewish girl. if he doesnt, her grands are not jewish. now go prove that they have/had jewish mothers. my last name could be jewish, but i am not. never was.

  2. Your original comment: “ALL OF HIS ‘ATTACKERS’, ARE ALL JEWISH”. Again you left out Jump Kick Man. Just sayin’. Anti-white? Hasbara Sayanim?: I had to look it up as I had never heard that before. Accusing a very Aryan gentile of being Jewish is very racist. You’re out there in the bigotry department, dude. American father, German mother – expatriate US Citizen. I’ve been accused of being a Nazi, of being a White Supremacist, of being racist because I listen to Bluegrass, of being a n***** without using the word, of being a s*** even though I’m not hispanic – all that because I speak multiple languages (including Southern), but you now add to that by using a Jewish epithet against me. It reminds me of a Doonesbury cartoon from a long time ago about busing where a little white boy calls a little black kid a “honky”.

    You need to take your meds bro.

  3. Jackson P. Chamberlain

    The horribly-named “Patriot Act”, which is all the reason I will ever need to despise George W. Bush (who I strongly supported in his first election) for the rest of my natural life, was and is absolutely the first domino in the decimation of our freedom some twenty years ago. Obamacare continued the devastation, and now every single thing Biden is doing (especially Budged Bust Better, together with the weaponization of the Alphabet agencies) is capitalizing on these earlier steps. But it isn’t just “communist takeover”; it’s far more sinister than that. It is the end-game of all government everywhere — consolidate and reserve all power for themselves, and then function for self-preservation rather than the protection of it’s citizens.

    This is the classic sign of the end of a great civilization. Our government has gotten too big and bloated, very much on purpose, and now it exists to serve itself. The founders knew this was not only possible, but to be expected, which is why they codified our right to fight back and gave us, in writing, the means to do so. To further their point, they all made it clear that we not only have that right, but we must use it when it becomes necessary.

    The question is now as it has always been; is it necessary yet?

    Apparently not enough think it is, or the tree of Liberty would be being watered as we speak. Where the communism part will come in is if we, the American people, NEVER decide that enough is enough. If that happens, we will devolve into communism by default.

  4. Jackson P. Chamberlain

    Thank you for your comment and your insight. You are right; the focus doesn’t necessarily belong on the mass insanity, because that’s an over-exaggeration. What we’re seeing with the ground-level people, and the folks who are dumb as a bag of hammers (like those in Hollywood) is more of a mass delusion, similar to insanity but mostly just the result of having bought the nonsense they’re spoon-fed. These are first-order sheep, and there’s little that can be done about them because it’s the information SOURCE that is responsible.

    This source is the government, the bureaucracy, which pounds out the narrative in order to continue consolidating and enriching it’s power. The message is quoted by the complicit, bought-and-paid-for media, ad nauseum. The propaganda arm of our overblown, over-powerful, over-reaching government is very, very good at it’s job, which is why the minions are so programmable, and their numbers so shocking.

    You’re also right that all may very well be lost. The truth is that for as upset as much of the population is, we’re still not angry enough to stand and say “NO MORE”. If we were, there is a chance the tide could be turned. But we’re not, and we’re truthfully a long way from being there. By the time we reach the crescendo we need to achieve, the destruction will have also reached it’s crescendo and there may be little or nothing left to save.

    I’ll have a piece up in the next few days that spells out our resounding lack of freedom. Much of what we’ve always known as “freedom” is MILES away from what the Founders viewed as individual liberty and intended for our nation, and even the small portion that we DID have was seriously degraded with the Patriot Act 20 years ago and has been taking a steady beating ever since. My essay will try to make sense of the things we’re seeing, including the gaslighting. All of this is the result of a government grown too large that now supports only itself at the expense of it’s citizens. Sadly, it happens with all societies. Ours was not immune.

    The question is, what can be done about it?

    Everyone knows, though nobody likes, the answer.

  5. The same story can be said about 9/11. The Patriot Act that expanded the surveillance state and weaponized the FBI, DOJ and other entities was on the shelf and ready to go long before this planned event. We are in Phase 3 or 4 of the communist takeover.

  6. Your terms are appropriate… “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.”

    Corollary: “Political power comes out of the barrel of a rifle.”
    – Mao Tse Tung

  7. These evil entities are Not Human, once you accept that fact it all makes sense. They have been seeded in government and public positions all over the world. They have been called up for “such a time as this.” Thank God, we know how this ends.

  8. Kyle Rittenhouse = Jewish
    Rosenbaum = Jewish
    Huber = Jewish
    Grosskruetz = Jewish
    Jiminski = Jewish
    The head of the first US Mint was a Rittenhouse, btw.

    Your racist bigotry (clearly you’re anti-white) isn’t welcome so don’t bring it here.
    Maybe you are a Hasbara Sayanim troll trying to make this seem less racially prejudiced against white people than what it actually is.

  9. Victim of Prejudice

    Really? Maurice Freeland (aka Jump Kick Man) was jewish? Please don’t bring your racist bigotry into something that is already overflowing with prejudice. Maybe you are a troll trying to make this forum seem racially prejudiced.

  10. There is no negotiating with murderous pedos. There is no putting the demon back in the bottle. There is no reasoning with Schumer, Pelosi, Biden or AOC. They’re not dumb, ignorant, stupid, wrongheaded, misinformed. They are evil and they are listening to the Father of Lies. This will end when the righteous use forceful negotiations. I wish it were not so.

  11. Here’s something you won’t read…anywhere…
    Kyle Rittenhouse, as well as ALL OF HIS “ATTACKERS”, ARE ALL JEWISH.

    Knowing this leads me to believe none of this is real.

  12. This is Satanism. I’m not that religious, but it’s the only paradigm that explains everything. These people are possessed. How else can you explain how so many people will work against their own best interests? How do you explain the workd-wide collusion of governments against their own country’s best interests? How do you get mid- and low- level bureaucrats that believe something so evil so fervently and betray everything and everyone around them? How do you explain the inhuman fervor you see in the eyes of these woke idiots? Why do they focus on anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-child, pro-trans insanity, all of which are the worst sins listed in the Bible?

  13. Christine Marie Hester

    The media is making an ass out of themselves as are the others and they will keep it up until Ghislane Maxwell’s trial is over , by the way it starts on Nov 29th

  14. Class struggle is the mark of the Marxist/Leninist political agenda. Turning racial groups against each other is classic Marxist/Leninist political indoctrination.

  15. The writer makes good points, but I wish instead of pushing insanity claims, he’d focus on the underlying tactic being used to cause it.

    We live in a nation where the national media and our current political class have mastered gaslighting the public into an art form. Little wonder that a significant portion of the populace believes the current narrative about Kyle Rittenhouse, while the rest sit back and observe a disturbing break with reality.

    Don’t agree? Consider the facts that have come out from what happened in November 2020. Several individuals in different states provided eye witness testimony demonstrating everything from outright vote tampering to transferring ballots across state lines to throwing watchers out of the building and boarding up windows; Video testimony was offered clearly demonstrating electoral fraud; Experts from the field provided testimony on mathematical algorithms and the subsequent fraud rife in Dominion Voting Machines. Despite the fact that fraud was proven in AZ during the audit, the narrative was that nothing untoward happened. It appears that enough people have bought the narrative. However, now both WI and PA are pursuing legal actions against fraud in their states.

    None of this will matter because the narrative that Nov 2020 was a free and fair election persists, and to this day, that narrative is working. Enough members of the populace are buying the BS. Gaslighting is a tough, tough tactic to escape from. Simply put, it works.

    The same tactics are being employed against Kyle Rittenhouse. You may argue that in Nick Sandman’s case the outcome was different. That because of what happened the media and their gaslighting tactics were punished in court making Sandman a very wealthy young man. My response is that Sandman is deserving of all the cash he’s won, but CNN and the Washington Post are still up and running. Punishment in court didn’t stop them. It’s obvious their pockets are deep.

    So what is the outcome to be judging from this article? I think we as a country have been descending into something black and irretrievable. I believe that ascent is being propelled by a government who uses national media to gaslight the populace in order to push a narrative. The only thing politicians and the media didn’t count on was the other side, the side who have decided NOT to buy the narrative. Finally, these voices are rising and it’s why you are seeing articles such as this.

  16. Well said, but I would have used much stronger and frank terms. These people need to be mowed down by the armed citizens and all this would be over in one day. That’s why we have a 2nd amendment!

  17. Rittenhouse should never have been charged!!! But the Marxist Communists who control our government believe the proletariat should be unarmed and unable to defend themselves! Thus, they not only tried Rittenhouse, the Federal Government wants to overturn the jury’s decision! Totalitarian Authoritarianism is the way of life of the Commies. Let’s Go Brandon! FJB!!!

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