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A Big Flip? What’s Really Driving The Newfound Interest In Kamala Harris’ Incompetence?

Proposing a hypothetical: What if “Joe Biden” has worsening symptoms of an adverse reaction to his late September Covid booster shot? Does that account for the sudden flurry of interest in how his handlers might manage the problem of Kamala Harris? And what is the problem with Kamala Harris? That she is Vice-president and next-in-line for Commander-in-chief in the (adverse) event that “JB” has to step aside. And why is that a problem? Because she is widely loathed and distrusted among those who know her in Washington.

That’s what bubbled up last week as “Joe Biden” went into Walter Reed Hospital for a checkup, including an alleged colonoscopy. What if that was not the test he had? 

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What if they ran him through a CT scan or an MRI to detect neurological damage or vascular irregularities in his brain? (In 1988, “JB” did have a couple of brain aneurysms and endured a four-and-a-half-hour microsurgical craniotomy.) Briefly during this exam, Veep Kamala Harris carried the nuclear football, gaining no yardage in the process, but curdling the spinal fluxes of many casual observers in our nation’s capital. Later, the president’s doctors issued a detailed report that portrayed an elderly gentleman “fit to successfully execute the duties of the presidency….”

And so, for the next three days “Joe Biden” proceeded in his august duties. Late Friday, after the checkup ordeal, he successfully pardoned a Thanksgiving turkey (convicted of mis-gendering a capon). On Saturday, he successfully attended evening mass at a church in Wilmington.  And on Sunday he did nothing, with apparent success. Today, he flies to Fort Bragg for a “Friendsgiving dinner” with soldiers. One must imagine that Kamala Harris could keep up with a schedule like that, though perhaps without successfully easing the woes and travails of the American people in this time of Covid, Climate Change, inflation, and white supremacist terrorism.

Of course, if it turned out that “Joe Biden” presented symptoms of an adverse reaction to his Covid booster shot, that might flip the government’s claim that the mRNA vaccines are harmless. It might actually blow away the entire rationale for pushing the American people around over all things Covid. It would drive a stake through the heart of the CDC and end the career of Dr. Anthony Fauci. It would end all the efforts to destroy small business and public school in the USA. It would also prompt severe reactions from the citizens in other advanced nations — especially among what is called the West — and put a stop to their lockdowns, health passports, and proposals for mandatory vaccinations.

So, you see, whatever might be going on with “Joe Biden” health-wise has got to be a national security matter. And so, considering that our government lies liberally about thousands of other matters of lesser importance, one can see that they would be motivated to not tell the truth about “JB’s” checkup.

Also, of course, getting rid of Ms. Harris would be another extremely touchy matter, starting from the basic proposition of declaring a woman-of-color not sufficiently competent to lead the nation. Say, what…?!? Don’t even think about it! But then imagine our Veep elevated to the highest office: all a’giggle when meeting other heads-of-state, trying out amusing foreign accents on visits abroad (our own Inspector Clouseau), attending to the “root causes” of illegal immigration by remote viewing, perhaps declining to pardon next year’s Thanksgiving turkey, but rather persuading AG Merrick Garland to bring additional charges.

Who might the Democratic Party scrounge up to replace poor Kamala Harris, anyway? Surely it would have to be another woman-of-color. In terms of sheer seniority, the nod ought to go to Maxine Waters. Wouldn’t that be a helluva ride? I’d like to see her duke it out with Uncle Xi and head-fake nasty old Vlad Putin. For sheer liberal sadomasochism, though, I’d have to put my money on Rashida Tlaib, a born punisher if ever there was one. She’d have all those white supremacist enemies-of-the-state duck-walking through the federal courts like so many cattle through the slaughterhouse. And then capitalism will go on trial, ensuring that no one will ever work for a living again in this land as the government is anointed Breadwinner-in-chief.

Following this year’s great celebration of thankful prayer, gluttony, football, and napping, we can look forward to the battle over raising the national debt ceiling. There will be much remonstrating and rending of garments, and then Congress will cave and boost it. Enjoy the histrionics between your own Black Friday battles in the chain store aisles over the vanishing inventory of Christmas schwag and the vanishing purchasing power of your dollars. Or else just drive up to a Nordstrom’s with eighty of your close friends and enjoy the new style of shopping: bum-rush the clerks, grab everything you can get your hands on, and dash back to the car. Just keep it under $950 and you’ll be fine. Happy holidays, everyone!

By James Howard Kunstler

James Howard Kunstler is a renowned author, social critic, and public speaker. He has written several books including “The Geography of Nowhere” and “The Long Emergency.” He has written for Rolling Stone Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, and The New York Times Sunday Magazine, and has lectured at some of the most prestigious schools in the country, including Harvard, Yale, and Dartmouth. For more from Mr. Kunstler, please visit his website.

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

33 thoughts on “A Big Flip? What’s Really Driving The Newfound Interest In Kamala Harris’ Incompetence?”

  1. Your description is short by a mile.. continue with godless, crude, selfie, lover of the dark, minion of that One, and on and on. The descriptions are endless.. words will eventually fail.

  2. The GOP can filibuster any attempt to approve a new VP until they regain a supermajority in Congress and impeach the old fool in the White House.

  3. Actually, Trump doesn’t need to, nor would he, run for Congress. The Speaker does not need to be a member and the House could simply elect him. Impeach/prosecute Harris/BiteMe and Trump is in till 2024 when he is reelected as the first president since F-ingDR to serve more than 8 years. MAGA!

  4. *** America has gotten to be more like the USSR under their mismanagement. ***

    Quite true, and therein lies the only real solution. The US must join the USSR on the dustbin of history, and ASAP. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, etc. become totally powerless when the federal government ceases to exist. Then liberty, prosperity and the rule of law can return to the conservative regions. As for the Marxist areas, let them rot.

    The collapse and breakup of the US is happening soon whether anyone likes it or not. A national debt approaching $30 trillion isn’t just unsustainable, it’s unsurvivable. TEOTWAWKI did not happen 30 years ago when the USSR fell apart; it will not happen when the US falls apart.

  5. No way he got a covid booster. He is taking therapeutics that are known to work. Just like every other elite who rules us.

  6. Runs for Congress where? Mar-a-Lago is in deep blue Palm Beach County, which is next door to deepest blue Broward County. Trump would be lucky to get 25% of the vote. He would do even worse back in NY. The nearest place where he could establish residency and win would be the Fort Myers-Naples area on the Gulf Coast.

  7. 2022 Trump runs for congress and wins. The people vote the slimy democRATs and RINOs out and the GOP takes control of the House and Senate. Trump is elected House Speaker. Senile little girl fondling Joe Biden is impeached. Ignorant, incompetent toes-up Commie-la Harris is impeached. Speaker Trump becomes President and the country gets back on the right track to being a great nation again.

  8. The two absolute dumbest most brain dead inept incompetent least self aware incapable and totally clueless persons on the entire planet are now president and vice president of this nation, all due to a rigged election.

  9. They have to find a reason to pressure Harris to resign before they remove Biden for health reasons. With her gone, an Obama or a Clinton can be VP. Then when Biden is removed, it doesn’t take much to figure out their plan, we’ll have one of these as president

  10. There is an easy fix to the Kamala problem. When Joe retires, the “behind the scenes Obama crew” will pick her VP replacement. Who ever that is, will be friendly with Michelle.

  11. I really miss Anonymous Sources. He told us everything that was going on in the Trump White House. Now, nary a peep.

  12. “What if “Joe Biden” has worsening symptoms of an adverse reaction to his late September Covid booster shot? ‘
    LOL! Everyone by now knows that the high-ups get saline. Any “reactions” that Joe is having is from his demented condition. As far as Kackling Kammie, they/we are stuck with her. You can’t boot out an African American woman from the number two spot without major backlash, no matter how incompetent she is. Now, introduce Michelle Obama into the mix and all kinds of possibilities open up.

  13. It is amazing how the left corporate propaganda do the “Emperor’s New Clothes” routine so well. Kamala can show up drunk, and Joe can show up with no Brain, and the Demonrat’s MINISTRY OF PROPAGANDA AND PUBLIC ENLIGHTENMENT will tell us how she is so graceful and he is so brilliant.

  14. Biden, Commie-la Harris, et al received shots of sterile saline, not the death jab. They enemy could risk them dying on camera. Commie-la will be forced out, before she can be replaced Biden will be forced out under the 25th Amendment and Mafia princess Nancy Piglosi will become the first female President to ensure her place in the history books, she knows she is done otherwise, they will lose the House by historic numbers, she won’t even get the minority leader role so she has two choices, retirement or steal the White House, she will try to steal the White House.,

  15. Article is an attempt at humor, but this is no laughing matter. Biden is definitely NOT going to make it another year, so Harris definitely will be sworn in. It will then take another year to win over the public with a coup to remove her. America will definitely slide further into chaos during that time. But after she’s removed, then what? Then the Republic is done; we will officially (not merely secretly) be ruled by the Bureaucracy. Then We The People will be awake enough to choose slavery or liberty. Not necessarily a good or bad outcome, but inevitable.

  16. harris is the epitome of proof that 8.18.1920 was the end of our constitutional republic. she makes maxine waters looks smart and that should be an impossible task for even a dummy.

  17. Even the comrades know what a disaster the Biden-Harris regime has been for America. They have to live here too… buy gas and food, etc. America has gotten to be more like the USSR under their mismanagement.

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