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The Democrat Holy Trilogy

I need help. I am asked what the Democrat end game is, and I am clueless. Is it transformation or destruction? What is the role of 91-year-old George Soros bankrolling these anti-American Progressives? What kind of future does he see, or does it not matter? What is the Squad hoping to accomplish with their half-baked Progressive initiatives? I am not sure they know. There is no orchestrated plan at work. This game plan is off-the-cuff chaos.

There are three major policy initiatives pushed by the Progressive wing of the Democrat party that do not appear to have been thoroughly thought out. They come up with these abstract plans, do not think of the ramifications, and get their disciples to buy in hook, line, and sinker.

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The three I am referring to are to defund the police, confiscate all privately owned guns, and eliminate prison incarceration within ten years. This thinking is a ticket to absolute anarchy and the absence of safety for all Americans. So, again I ask, what is their end game? There is none. They are not smart enough or wise enough to have thought that far down the road.

The cries for defunding the police started after the death of George Floyd. This idea was a reactionary response to a horrific act by one police officer in Minneapolis. That officer paid the price for his poor judgment, but that is not enough for the Left. They plan to tear down the entire system of protecting our cities and towns. For the sake of a few bad police officers, they want to abolish police forces everywhere. This idea caught on in Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, and Chicago. Crime skyrocketed, and because of this bad idea, crime, and specifically homicides, skyrocketed. Politicians have been replaced, and the defunding is being reversed. Too late for those people who lost their lives, were harmed, or their businesses shuttered.

Gun confiscation will prove to be difficult for the Left. They are starting their plan with a national gun registry that violates the law and citizens’ privacy rights. Many say this is the first step towards disarming the populace. We have a Second Amendment on our side, but it does not appear to fall in the way of the Left. One of the things Hitler did before slaughtering the Jews was to disarm them. An unarmed citizenry is far easier to overthrow than if they possess weapons. These Squad members, of course, will never give up their security detail. They will have a tough time adapting to public life when they are defeated in 2022.

The final ingredient in this Progressive Chop Suey is to close all prisons and eliminate incarceration for criminals within ten years. The Breathe Act is an incredible piece of legislation that will free all individuals currently in prison. The Squad claims that most prisoners have a mental illness and need support and counseling, not incarceration. 

They have not thought far enough ahead to say what type of offender deserves to remain in prison. Murderers, sex offenders, pedophiles, rapists; they claim they would need to be evaluated individually, but they don’t know by whom.

Three plans. None thought out thoroughly. Random thoughts or pieces of red meat for their followers. These people have no consideration for the future of this country. This is all about them and keeping their base enthused to keep them in office and the money tap flowing. As I said, I need help understanding this insane plan. I think I’ll be waiting a long time for an answer.

By Ray Cardello

Ray Cardello is a conservative blogger at A Conservative View From New Hampshire who believes America is strong enough to keep us on track but making folks aware of the truth is essential to a successful and prosperous future for us all.

This article was first published on The Liberty Loft

Featured photo is a screengrab from CBS This Morning.

2 thoughts on “The Democrat Holy Trilogy”

  1. I agree that there is no long term plan in place, but their Holy Trinity is the perfect recipe to overwhelm citizens with violence and anarchy. By eliminating their ability to protect themselves/families they make the citizens completely reliant upon the government for safety. By targeting the police, they take out the largest and most significant obstacle preventing them from enacting full militant control over the citizens. Most sheriffs are elected, and serve the people in their communities first. They care more about their family, friends, neighbors, fellow worshippers etc. This is especially true in rural areas. These people are upstanding members of their communities and are often on a first name basis with many of those citizens. An overwhelming number of these cops have no interest in fulfilling the wishlist of far way masters in DC.

    As we’ve learned from the Plandemic many Americans are completely willing to follow orders from someone (anyone) in exchange for a reassurances of their safety. Mask mandates, vaccines and X boosters, lockdowns, condemnations of the unvaccinated.

    Now imagine how desperate people will be for safety when the crime rates skyrocket, the police department’s are unable/unwilling to act, and the disarmed populace is being tormented by heavily armed criminals. People will demand that the government save them and willing to give up all their rights for safety.

    And the Dems come swooping in with solutions to all the problems they created.

    The only right we have left is the Second Amendment and when that goes so will the nation.

  2. I get tired of hearing about hilter and the jews. Stalin, mao and lots of others did a much better job of slaughter. Sooner or later you will either stop letting someone else control what you think or you will cease to exist.

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