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A Broken Clock is Right Twice A Day, Which Is More Than We Can Say About The Biden Administration

That broken clock is right twice as often as anything this Biden Administration can claim. There is absolutely nothing that this group has touched that has worked out well for the American people. Economically, militarily, energy, immigration, security, you name it, nothing has had a happy ending. Period.

America celebrated Thanksgiving spending more on the family meal than any Turkey Day ever. With every turkey or pecan pie purchase, we were reminded of the highest inflation in 30 years. I filled my gas tank on the way to the grocery store yesterday. 

Ironically, I got the same 11 gallons I bought on Thanksgiving Eve last year. Last year that fill-up cost me $24.00. This year it took $35.00 for the same purchase. At that pace, driving my car will cost over $500 more in 2021. The gas price increase is not a tax, but it may as well be, when caused by bad government policy.

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Elizabeth Warren went off on petroleum producers this week for exporting natural gas to Europe. Who is she, and the Democrat Senators who signed the letter with her, telling any American company to whom they can sell their products? Interesting that after four years of complaining about Trump’s America First philosophy, you are now concerned about Americans. Such hypocrisy. Don’t complain about the petroleum companies. Complain about Biden and your party cutting off supply sources and pipelines.

Inflation may be the most significant hidden tax, and it will hit low to middle-income sectors the hardest. Middle to upper-income folks will be able to reallocate resources to heat their homes and put food on their table. Many will not be so lucky and will need to choose between food or heat. Remember that this administration said they would represent those who need help the most. They forgot to tell us they were going to create the needs first and then have no solutions.

The truth is surfacing about the pullout in Afghanistan. Many more Americans and allies still await help escaping the Taliban-run country. But we pulled over 80,000 unvetted people out during “The Greatest Airlift” of all time. Too bad none of you stopped to find out who was on that airlift. Where have these 80K folks gone, and what cities and towns are now dealing with their burden created by a failed administration? Nobody seems to know or care to admit.

Day by day, week by week, you can document the failures of Biden, Harris, and their diverse team of incompetents. Secretary of Defense is asked about Americans left in Afghanistan…no answer. The Secretary of Homeland Security is asked about the number of known criminals crossing our border…crickets. The Secretary of Energy is asked how many barrels of crude America uses per day…She’ll have to get back to us on that. The Secretary of Transportation is asked about the bottleneck at the ports…he is on his twelve-week family leave. Nobody has the answers, and Jenn Psaki creates lies every day in her press briefings. Nobody calls her out. And the President continues to turn his back and walk away from his podium in silence as reporters shout questions.

It may seem like chaos, but I believe that it is all planned. Each terrible decision or policy contributes to the transformation of America. Americans have been numb to this point, maybe from lack of oxygen from wearing a useless mask for two years. 

Signs indicate that the Novocain is wearing off, and Americans are not onboard with Liberal Transformation. They are ready to take back control from an overbearing administration, and we are excited about 2022 and finalizing our rebellion with our vote. I think the best ad any Republican candidate can run will be showing Nancy packing up her Ice Cream in San Francisco as she moves to the Free-State of Florida. 

She had to buy a house in Jupiter after The Villages denied her application. The Welcome Wagon will not be waiting for Nancy, and that is perfectly fitting.

By Ray Cardello

Ray Cardello is a conservative blogger at A Conservative View From New Hampshire who believes America is strong enough to keep us on track but making folks aware of the truth is essential to a successful and prosperous future for us all.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

This article was first published on The Liberty Loft

1 thought on “A Broken Clock is Right Twice A Day, Which Is More Than We Can Say About The Biden Administration”

  1. I’m concerned about the lack of care the left seems to have for the 2022 elections. Am I the only one noticing? I believe there’s something even more sinister lurking as these communists have been following the playbook for decades while Americans have been slumbering. Not much for conspiracy theories, but they have a take-over planned and we would be STUPID to sit back an just claim the power of the massive “red wave”! If we do, we are being as idiotic as those on the right who make a lot of noise but are doing little to help save our America! Thanks for the article. Yes, it’s the left’s agenda to numb us to all the disasters!

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