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BLM Trashes America On Thanksgiving; “You’re Eating Dry Turkey On Stolen Land”

As you know, the Marxist organization known as “Black Lives Matter” hates America with a burning passion. Instead of just enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday with their friends and family, the BLM Twitter account attempted to shame Americans.

“You are eating dry turkey and overcooked stuffing on stolen land,” BLM tweeted on Thursday. “Colonization never ended, it just became normalized.”

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BLM included a link to so viewers could “Find out which ancestral homeland” they were “currently occupying.”

I did the search myself, and since I live in San Diego, BLM is saying that I am currently occupying the land of Kumeyaay. See which land BLM thinks you’re occupying by clicking here.

During another afternoon tweet, the marxist organization sent a low blow tweet.

“This Thanksgiving we send deepest love to families whose loved ones were stolen by state-sanctioned violence and white-supremacy. Look below:

Twitter users unloaded on BLM:

It’s no wonder BLM’s approval ratings are in the gutter.

By: Gen Z Conservative

Article Syndicated from Trending Politics

Photos courtesy of our friend Gen Z Conservative.

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