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Republican Senator Ron Johnson’s Pathetic Message About The Waukesha Mass Murder

The GOP continues to misrepresent its voting bloc and frustrate tens of millions of voters – as well as steer other voters away entirely with their establishment behaviors – with its cowardice. The latest example comes in the form of formerly Covid-stalwart Ron Johnson’s pathetic attempt to bring people together. It comes just days after Lauren Boebert unnecessarily apologized to supreme ingrate and vile racist Ilhan Omar.

In a joint letter with his Wisconsin Senatorial counterpart, Tammy Baldwin (D), the two produced an official statement asking everyone to stop politiczing the mass murder in the community of Waukesha. It is doubtful any readers at The Blue State Conservative need a reminder, but all signs and common sense point to the black, Five Percent Nation-supporting, and self-identifying Black Hebrew Israelite Darryl Brooks targeting a white, Christian suburb as a result of corrupt establishment media’s pre-trial, during-trial, and post-trial coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse self-defense case. This, on top of every other hateful delusion packaged in Critical Race Theory. Of note is that Waukesha is just an hour away from Kenosha. 

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The silence from the media to investigate the motives, which CNN calls simply a terrible car accident, and the subsequent tone-deaf and capitulating message from the nominal conservative Wisconsin Senator, indicates the powers that be have no desire to tell us the truth. As it relates to his latest communication, I can’t be the only one shaking my head wondering: So now he cares about coming together?

Where was Ron Johnson When Joe Biden launched his campaign on a blatant lie about Charlottesville?

Where was Ron Johnson when it was clear race was not a motivating factor in the death of George Floyd, a death that sparked months of rioting, looting, mayhem, and death?

Where was Ron Johnson when his own constituent Jacob Blake was justifiably shot by police?

Where was Ron Johnson when his own state was under siege as a result of the falsehoods of the Blake shooting?

Where was Ron Johnson when Kyle Rittenhouse was being labeled pejoratively as a gun-toting white supremacist by a major-party presidential candidate (and now sitting President)?

Where has Ron Johnson been, well, ever?

To his credit, Ron Johnson has been a prominent voice against the Covid insanities. As far back as last November, Senator Johnson gave Dr. Pierre Kory a platform to discuss promising treatments to symptomatic Covid infections. That hearing, hosted in a congressional room and dealing only in facts, was amazingly censored by YouTube. Other videos produced or featuring Senator Johnson have likewise been banned by various tech tyrants.

However, by addressing the Waukesha event, Johnson both downplays the very likely race-motivated attack and condones every other event that is politicized and weaponized by the left. It is the latest stark reminder that most Establishment GOP members have no interest in serving the average American citizen. These sellouts enjoy their status and their perks, regardless of how it affects you and me. 

When has Tammy Baldwin ever called for peace among her own? This only ever works in one direction. Senator Johnson makes the classic mistake of a teacher yelling at schoolyard fighters in which the kid that fought back gets in trouble. Conservatives are the kids defending themselves, and if it takes fighting fire with fire (such as rightfully ascribing the blame on the mass murder in Waukesha to the media and Democrats), then so be it. 

So shove off, Senator Johnson. Your time would be better spent making sure the Covid super state never takes off and ruins liberty in America. A letter to conservatives to play nice…what a spineless simp.

4 thoughts on “Republican Senator Ron Johnson’s Pathetic Message About The Waukesha Mass Murder”

  1. Unfortunately many of the republican gentlemen seem to think it’s business as usual. Lip service and capitulation is self serving cowardliness. The rinos are an endangered species, and any other republican who thinks this is to hard, standing up for the American citizen, is free to retire. But leave the silverware before you go!

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