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The Looting Will Stop When Store Owners Can Shoot On Sight

In the upside-down morality of the left, it is perfectly acceptable for criminal gangs to target high-end stores free of consequences. At once ascribing poverty, immoral historical legacies, and contemporary systemic racism, we are supposed to believe that what is happening is actually a form of justice.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is no moral or humanitarian justification for the now-daily shoplifting and burglary sprees witnessed time and again in various California cities and across the country. Are the black youths hungry? Are they robbing a grocery store? Are they impoverished, thereby stealing the jewelry to sell? Or, are they simply products of a failed culture that are protected and encouraged by malicious political actors? 

It should be as simple as saying that stealing is wrong. If it is not yours, don’t take it. If you want something, earn it. 

It is a crime in and of itself that the criminal justice system allows this perverse form of social engagement to continue. As was seen in Waukesha, Milwaukee County’s John Chisholm, while not directly responsible for driving a car through a parade, is still responsible enough for not holding Darryl Brooks to account on decades of societal harm. Soros-funded DAs in San Francisco and Los Angeles – Chesa Boudin and George Gascon, respectively – lead the way in ideologically-driven and mind-numbingly corrupt policies that reward the evildoers and punish the law abiders.

Clearly, expecting our elected leaders to solve a problem they very much created with intentionality and have no interest in solving is a moot and fatalist approach. In any event, we should minimally rely on the government in its best moments. 

The solution to rampant, unchecked criminal enterprise is the understanding that no one – regardless of their position in the intersectionality hierarchy – has the right to violate another person’s God-given, natural rights. Among these rights are life, liberty, and property. The logical extension is that all human beings have a right to defend such inherent rights. 

And by any means necessary.

In an age when the police force, full of well-intentioned individuals but led by gaslighting political hacks, is neutered beyond recognition and in an age likewise dominated by groups of people uninterested in abiding by societal must-haves like goodness, decency, and respect, the only recourse is to provide citizens with the capacity to do what no one else can or will.

No doubt, this proposal will be misinterpreted (to put it nicely) or misconstrued (to put it honestly) as a call for an open season on black looters. This could not be farther from the truth. It just so happens that much of the crime waves are being conducted by black teens, but in my rural, all-white community there is just as much a necessity to arm citizens with sufficient recourse here as downtown Los Angeles. Let me be clear: This is not about race. This is about self-defense and self-preservation. 

A business owner who has saved for decades and wakes up to find his life’s work vandalized and destroyed is not killed immediately, but do these criminal animals not steal his life anyways? Should we not believe that suicide, depression, substance abuse, and missing purpose now replace what used to be a thriving enterprise? The only solution is prevention.

Societies can only function when crimes are met with punishment. If a lawless thug knows he can steal with impunity on Monday, why would he not return on Tuesday? Therefore, it stands to reason that the looting will stop only when criminal elements fear the possibility of violent reprisal. Any burglar, robber, or looter would do well to think twice about smashing a storefront window lest they are on the receiving end of a shotgun slug or a burst of semi-automatic fire.

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