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Can We All Agree That The Medical Establishment Has Killed 500,000+ Americans?

I have just begun reading Robert Kennedy’s The Real Anthony Fauci and one of the only words I can use to describe Fauci and the entire medical establishment is evil. One of our own contributing authors, Dr. Joel Hirschhorn, also wrote his own book earlier in the year called Pandemic Blunder which details similar morally and ethically unjustifiable decisions made by governing and influential bodies throughout the Covid scandal. Prior to reading either, I had been a follower of Alex Berenson and my copies of Unreported Truths are at this point tattered from such frequent use. (Pandemia was just released and I have it on preorder).

In light of the evidence portrayed in the above titles, evil, in fact, is not a strong enough word to capture the full magnitude of the murderous machinations. What word in the English language goes beyond evil? Whatever it is, that word must always be attached to the medical establishment. At best, their response was all based on prolific pharmaceutical profits, health and life be damned, and on a sliding scale quickly takes on the appearance of far more sinister motives. The end result has been otherwise preventable death on a massive scale.

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What becomes readily apparent is that well before Covid was released into the wild scientists already had a vise-like grip on their understanding of appropriate measures for handling contagious outbreaks. It was well established that wide-scale public masking was ineffective. In addition to improper use, the cloth and surgical masks most often donned by the public would have largely been ineffective due to the discrepancy between virion particle size and capture ability of the woven fibers. It had also been predetermined that locking down a healthy population was not only futile, but that it would have disastrous consequences affecting both household and national economies as well as contribute to serious side effects related to isolation and anxiety. No matter, said the Covid overlords.

Perhaps the most glaring and troubling aspect of the medical establishment’s – via pharmaceutical and perhaps more nefarious shadow actors’ influence – public response was the demonization of cheap, generic, and easily-produced drugs. Prior to the outbreak, both hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and ivermectin (IVT) had shown promising in vitro results vis-a-vis antiviral properties. They both demonstrated remarkable efficacy in reducing or stopping viral replication. What’s more, these off-patent drugs have decades of a proven safety record; billions of doses of both have been administered with minimal adversity. Ivermectin is claimed as being as safe, and ought to be as widespread, as aspirin.

From the beginning, Tony Fauci, Bill Gates, and other monsters spoke of a 

vaccine as the sole exit strategy. This, despite previous studies showing promise and even early treatments by doctors around the world using, testing, and publishing results in patients that corroborated the lab findings. This information was released by March of 2020 and should have been heralded around the world. Covid did not have to be the lethal virus it had been made out to be. 

What is abundantly clear is that the approval process for Emergency Use Authorizations (which all vaccines are administered under to this date) could not have been issued had a viable alternative already existed. It is for this reason the attacks on HCQ and IVT were so vicious. Acknowledging HCQ and IVT as powerful prophylactics and therapeutics would have negated both the need and legal permissibility of injecting hundreds of millions of doses of untested, unproven, and unknowable concoctions into unsuspecting Americans and people around the world.

Most disingenuously, Tony Fauci et al claimed, among other reasons, that HCQ and IVT were untested and unproven in the fight against Covid and should therefore be viewed with extreme caution. As readers will note, those same descriptors are more easily attached to the vaccines. The logic is astoundingly absurd and yet few questioned the narrative. Even more baffling, most accepted the purported situation that no treatment plans for Covid existed throughout the interim between virus discovery and vaccine distribution. As Roberty Kennedy, Jr. noted in his book, Tony Fauci has not published a single treatment plan for Covid this entire time. Sick and symptomatic individuals were and remain to be told to wait at home until they are sick enough to be hospitalized, which then eventually led to fatal Remdesivir treatments and even more fatal ventilation treatments. At the very least, shouldn’t any and all treatments be explored in the midst of a supposedly deadly pandemic? 

It is criminal to think of the lives intentionally lost as a result of demonizing and criminalizing the use of safe, cheap, and effective regimens against Covid. Indeed, doctors and pharmacists continue to be threatened with punitive measures for prescribing or filling scripts for HCQ and IVT. As studies now show the near-miraculous upside of these treatments, while at the same time showing less and less benefit from vaccination, the resultant conclusion can only be that countless lives have been, and will continue to be, lost due to pharmaceutical profit and social engineering than human health and wellbeing.

The medical establishment, helmed by Anthony Fauci and funded by Bill Gates, is responsible for the death of over half-a-million Americans. This has primarily occurred from the withholding of knowledge about and treatments like HCQ and IVT, but it doesn’t stop there. The lockdowns have produced, for the first time in American history, over 100,000 opioid-related deaths – no doubt a by-product of loneliness from and coping with lockdown-manufactured isolation. Overall health, as measured by diet and obesity, have risen; at the same time, we now know conclusively that proper diet and exercise are perhaps the most effective preventative measures to take against serious Covid complications.

Up is down in the medical world. In the claim to be concerned about life, the medical establishment has produced nothing but death. Asking why this happened is clear; the only question worth asking now is what will be done about it?

19 thoughts on “Can We All Agree That The Medical Establishment Has Killed 500,000+ Americans?”

  1. Well, we can’t sue Big Pharma for making billion$ on our dead bodies, but we can sue the FDA, CDC, NIH AND the Federal Government (because the Feds co-own the Moderna Vax). The government has transferred billions of our tax dollars to Big Pharma when they all make billions anyway. They don’t just owe us our money; they owe us their blood! Sounds like it’s time for a really big lawsuit millions of litigants! I’m up for it.????

    1. Agreed.- when you have to sue a hospital to treat a dying patient with Ivmectin & have them miraculously recover overnight you know the death ghouls are in charge. This has happened in multiple states. India is suing the WHO for omitting the use of Ivmectin as a treatment option. Doctor’s learned about the treatment after thousands of deaths, which could have been prevented, from doctor’s in other countries. Our own doctors in the US were banned from social media & fired from jobs for daring to speak out again masks, Ivmectin, and other effective treatment plans. This is malicious, meticulous evil on a scale most people can’t accept. The federal agencies & cow towed medical groups have rivers of blood on their hands & they are still pushing media black outs, lockdowns, and mandatory vaccinations.

  2. I don’t think any 500,000 Americans have been killed by covid. The true figure’s prolly more like 20,000. Remember that from about March 2020 thru maybe December 2020 they counted dying WITH covid as dying OF covid. That was when they were trying to scare us into wearing masks. As far as I know they’ve never corrected those figures..

  3. let’s not forget Hunter acknowledged his dad’s dementia long before the election. No wonder all these grifters are loyal to Biden. The entire edifice of this administration is a fraud on us.

  4. 500K? More like 4.5 MILLION when you factor in the 1% reporting rate AND the x5 factor that the CDC’s whistleblower related in her affidavit for AFLD v Becerra. openvaers (.) com’s ‘America only’ figure is 8,898 deaths of the ‘vax’ alone. So do the math. Then add all the other causes.

  5. the 500k is a BS number. That’s how many (supposedly) died WITH covid. many of those are “suspected” cases. Many of the rest are PCR cheats with amplifications of 40 or more which guarantees at least 90% false positives. Something like 70%+ had multiple pre-existing co-morbidities. Roughly 10% more had a single serious morbidity. (number from CDC and other sources). Roughly 80% of the dead are age 80+.

    Having said that, there is no certain number that would have lived longer if Ivermectin, zinc, vitamin D3, etc. were administered. Similarly for the HCQ triad. It is certain that those would have worked based on real world experience.

    I personally think all these pols and Big Pharma should be taken to the World Court and then hanged.

  6. In the 1950’s we were taught in school that capitalism was good but it had to be controlled by those we elect, the government. Without that control it would turn into an oligarchy controlled by a few big companies and persons. When business and government unit to defraud the people for profit either monetarily or politically all is lost. America died in 1965 with the Great Society. Brave New America was born and matured over the years to what we have today where we no longer choose our president.

  7. So twice as many people have died then average using earlier medical statistics since they put out this illegal mRNA jab? So somebody up there has blood on his hands.

    1. It is not JUST “liberalism”. It is the global technocratic elite. These shadowy actor’s, with Bill Gates as the visible front-man, are the real movers and shakers behind this scamdemic.

  8. Excellent article, and very concise. Thank you for writing the same things that many of us have been saying for some time. Even the doctors we have known for years we now know cannot be trusted. And for heaven’s sake, do not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, end up in the hospital. Exercise extreme caution in everything you do. If you end up in the hospital, especially with covid, you will only be leaving in a bag.

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