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Greece Set to Fine Unvaccinated While Austria Plans to Imprison Them

When you give COVID-Karens power, they abuse it. Sure, you can argue that many of them were in these offices before COVID. How were we to know? You can’t, but everything is a test, and when they fail, YOU need to replace them. Take Greece.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis needs to go.

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Beginning Jan 16, 2022, anyone in Greece over the age of 60 must be vaccinated, or they will have to pay a €100 per/month fine. Mitsotakis says, “It is not a punishment. I would say it is a health fee.”

If you can’t afford it, this is a punishment. If you can, it’s at best a fine or a tax. But one you can afford.

If you can’t, you are being drained of your limited resources because you have concerns, one of which is most certainly what your government is willing to do. If they can so easily force you to let them inject you with an experimental drug, of what else might they be capable?

How about prison?

[Vienna] Various details have been leaked about the planned mandatory vaccination in the Alpine country. On Tuesday the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Constitution and the opposition will meet for a round table on the issue. …

Health workers are only the first victims of coercion. The draft law threatens nursing staff and doctors with jail if they do not get vaccinated. The draft in the National Council could already be resolved by Friday announcing a general Corona vaccination obligation or the risk of imprisonment.

We’re not in either of those places, but it’s essential to keep track of the tyranny because there are political elements on our shores who would happily embrace such tactics, and this we must resist. And not just working to protect liberties before they are stolen or pushing back against policies as they develop but beforehand.

Every election turns on a myriad of issues, but a candidate’s willingness to step up and protect their constituents from public health despotism has risen to the top of the list. If they do not see you as an individual with rights that they are sworn to protect and defend from all foes, foreign and domestic, then you don’t want them.

When tested, they will fail, and we will pay the price and might not just be a tax, fine, or fee. It might be your freedom.

Article by Steve MacDonald. Originally posted at Granite Grok. Reposted with permission.

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