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Pete Buttigieg’s “Racist Bridge” Is A Bridge Too Far

In one of the most intellectually egregious declarations from a spokesman of the lunatic Left, Pete Buttigieg has declared that “Bridges are Racist.”  This opinion from the unhinged purveyors of fake racism comes on the heels of other equally mentally bankrupt notions from the left-side of the political spectrum, such as infrastructure is sexist, math is racist, employing the scientific method is a condition of whiteness, and that Kyle Rittenhouse should not have defended himself when one attacker said, “I’m going to kill you,” while another pointed a pistol in his face.

The race hustlers act as hateful optometrists forcing society to wear glasses that see everything in existence as racial. If you refuse to don these spectacles, the protocol to redeem you might include a Twitter timeout, a FaceBook banishing, or another round of corporate equity training to cleanse your consciousness of any thought that dissatisfies the doublespeak politburo of anti-racism.

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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg lied to the American people to foment the racial divide. He repeated a well-debunked conspiracy theory that bridges along the Southern State Parkway in New York City were constructed lower to keep black inner-city people from going to Jones Beach. Left-wing sites have joined in, perpetuating the flimsy allegation as proof of white supremacy.  The claim originated in the book Power Broker by Robert Caro, who alleged Robert Moses, a famed urban planner in mid 20th century, intentionally built lower bridges so buses that lower-income people were more likely to use couldn’t pass under, thus denying them access to certain beaches.

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Article by Liam Salvatore. Originally published at Right Wire Report.

1 thought on “Pete Buttigieg’s “Racist Bridge” Is A Bridge Too Far”

  1. The Secretary speaks merde. He knows nothing about transportation, bridges, tunnels, turnpikes or country roads and can NOT speak with authority on those subjects. He’s nothing but another PC placeholder, but he doesn’t know his place, either.

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