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Data Dive: Where Is All The Covid?

As the United States braces for a second “dark” winter, it’s both healthy and reassuring to assess the actual data. The corporate media and political ruling class have an absolute agenda in promoting Covid news that instill fear, anxiety, and social division; so long as we remember a few basic facts it is much easier to combat the narrative.


One such set of facts is neither groundbreaking nor revolutionary in its revelations, however its utility only gains strength the longer this massive psy-op goes on.


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I somewhat-randomly selected a few states to analyze their baseline Covid data. I wanted to see the total number of deaths assigned to Covid and the total number of positive test results, and then compare those figures to the overall populations. The results conclusively establish that Covid is not nearly as contagious or deadly as the narrative suggests. It is hard to look at these numbers and not arrive at a similar conclusion. 


Naysayers will point to measures of containment as a preventative success, but pre-Covid studies, empirical real-time evidence, and common sense observations surely corroborate that no measure of containment – social distancing, lockdowns, widespread masking, vaccination campaigns, etc. – has been effective at slowing the spread. So, it’s worth remembering that these numbers exist in an economically-, liberty-, and mental health-devastated world. Was it worth it?


Again, none of this is novel information. And yet, as new variants and more tyrannical mandates emerge, it’s useful to be reminded that Covid is not manifesting in reality the way it manifests in the news.


Minnesota (data from MDH Covid-19 Dashboard)


Total population: 5.7 million

Total positive tests: 926,000

Covid-assigned deaths: 9,600


Florida (data from FDH Covid-19 Dashboard)


Total population: 20 million

Total positive tests: 3.7 million

Covid-assigned deaths: 61,000


Arizona (data from ADH Covid-19 Dashboard)


Total population: 7.5 million

Total positive tests: 1.3 million

Covid-assigned deaths: 22,600


Connecticut (data from CDH Covid-19 Dashboard)


Total population: 3.6 million

Total positive tests: 425,000

Covid-assigned deaths: 9,000


The most striking discrepancy between the pandemic narrative and the presented data is the ratio of total positive tests and deaths to overall population. In Minnesota, for example, a northern state that routinely battles cold and flu seasons for its twelve-month-long winters, has somehow seen just 16% of its population infected and has recorded a minuscule 9,600 deaths out of a population approaching 6 million. In Florida, a state with one of the highest median ages in the country, has reported just 18% of its population being infected and has accumulated just 61,000 deaths from a pool of over 20 million residents.  


Now, even at the most conservative estimates, at least double the number of positive tests more likely indicates the total number of infections (not everyone develops symptoms, not everyone gets tested, and so on). That perhaps speaks more to the infectiousness of the disease but only decreases the threat of mortality – by a lot. If that is indeed the trade off, then part of my argument falters, but simultaneously and absolutely reinforces the idea that life need not slow down for a not-very-lethal virus.


At the same time, based on absurdly-high amplification cycles, even outlets like the New York Times quietly admitted as far back as August 2020 that upwards of 90% of positive tests produced faulty or inaccurate data. What does that mean for any of these results? Does Arizona have 1.3 million positive test results or just 130,000? Inventor Dr. Kary Mullis stated repeatedly that PCR testing was never intended to be used as a diagnostic, leaving us left to piece together what the testing finds and what it even means. There is also the inconvenient fact that PCR testing cannot distinguish between various viral particles. Coupled with the complete absence of a 20-21 flu season, it simply stands to reason that many supposed Covid cases were misrepresentations of other common cold coronaviruses or standard flu-season ailments.


I am left asking: If Covid is as infectious, serious, or deadly as advertised, why does it not show up in the likely already-inflated counts for cases and deaths? America has over-tested and over-counted Covid on death certificates for almost two years, and even then these ginned-up numbers do not comport with the narrative.

3 thoughts on “Data Dive: Where Is All The Covid?”

  1. When 140,00 people die everyday in the world, manipulating the cause of death is easy to create hysteria. The numbers don’t lie, and there was no mass die-off of humans on the planet in 2020 or 2021 – OK? When will people wake up?

  2. Want to suffer ad hominem persecution almost to the Trumpian level? Just be right all the time and unafraid to say, “I told you so.” Many humans, esp. those who self-label as Democrats, cannot brook consistent correctness and, therefore, resort to ad hominem to not have to deal with it. Also, proven correctness over time doesn’t get you many fans amongst your own tribe. The simple scenario of “you’re better than me intellectually” is anathema to most humans.

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