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It Is Time For An Income Tax Revolution

While the typical, hardworking, and law-abiding American citizen grinds out a hustle, often in minimally-satisfying employment or for little reward, the corrupt federal government hands out financial care packages to the least deserving in society and borrows from the future – to borrow a phrase – like there is no tomorrow.


Under Joe Biden, more than 300,000 Americans have quietly benefited from student loan forgiveness. That number is expected to rise to over 500,000 shortly and presumably sees no end in sight; As I type, both the Department of Justice and Department of Education look like a masked caper contorting himself through laser tripwires in an effort to locate a legal route to forgiving $50,000 per borrower. This redistribution of taxpayer money is immoral and amounts to nothing more than overt theft. On the whole, it rewards the stupid and unable over the savvy and capable.


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No one in power seems to be bothered by the fact that many Americans have never gone to college, many more did not take on debt to go to college, and still more decided to study something worthwhile while amassing student loan debt. Where is their reward? There is none, and instead of reveling in financial windfall, they too write a check to the least deserving among us. 


It gets worse.



Consider the reported $450,000 payments to illegal immigrants who were detained “inhumanely.” To put that figure in perspective, median net worth in the United States peaks at roughly $275,000 – and that amount is for retirees who have paid their dues for 35+ years working, saving money, and building equity. There is no shortage of reports of 30-somethings still shacking up in their parents basement as a result of the high cost of renting and owning against stagnant wages; meanwhile, tens of thousands of alien trespassers spent a few nights in a cheap hotel and feel aggrieved. Imagine crossing the unguarded border – uninvited, no less – and hitting the lottery in order to save yourself from the grind for most of your adult life.


Put another way, most Americans will never realize that kind of cash balance in their entire lifetime. The coup de grace of this egregious insult is that Joe Taxpayer, who works everyday and pays into the system, is writing a check for Juan Rulebreaker to live the high life.


These latest overtures to communism sting because it’s personal. They pit one human being against another in the fight for limited resources, and the battle is about as fair as Jeffrey Epstein against his Riker’s cellmate. Worse still, from a further vantage point, the total payments of either of these programs are minuscule when compared against every other entitlement program.

For years, taxpayers have spent trillions of dollars on the military industrial complex’s war machines and subsequent deployment of them (and working class folks) in endless foreign wars as well as the pharmaceutical industry’s relentless pursuit of profit over actual concern of individual health and systemic healthcare. Scott Horton’s Enough Already and Robert Kennedy’s The Real Anthony Fauci lay each of these histories painfully bare. This all says nothing about the Ponzi scheme of social security, the rigged insurance payouts, and most recently, the massive expenditures for Covid vaccine development – while we have had off-label, off-patent therapeutics and nutraceuticals ready since Covid first escaped a Wuhan lab.


To top it all off, the Federal Reserve, at the behest of the current president (though it is not unique to just 46 by a long shot), has printed trillions of dollars and for some ungodly reason there are talks of yet another $2 trillion package to be completed by Christmas. By last count, about half of all US dollars ever in circulation have been minted since March 2020. I am kept marginally poorer by annually donating one-third of my salary to the IRS and they can print $10 trillion quicker than Thanos can snap his fingers?

In light of this, I ask seriously: Why do I owe a single penny?


Depressingly, when presented differently, the math on how income tax works really highlights the theft: I work four months each year for the monstrosity in Washington, D.C. It is literally the Inca’s Mit’a system rebranded and amount to me being a debt slave to the federal government. It is wholly unacceptable that this continues.


Americans have been taken for a ride. Promised whatever was needed at the time – safe neighborhoods, good schools, food on shelves, gas in cars, freedom from foreign enemies, safety from nebulous viruses – the thieves in Washington thrived on willful donations from the duped public. Well, no more. That gravy train needs to end.


What would the IRS really do if we all stopped paying? Perhaps it’s time to find out.

12 thoughts on “It Is Time For An Income Tax Revolution”

  1. If only we could get everyone to just not pay that would get their attention even at the state level but I don’t think that would happen .The hell of it is we have no say in how our tax money is spent even that would help.. Colorado where I am they want to raise taxes every year and every year they put it up for a vote and nearly all ways raising taxes gets voted down but the communists that run this state don’t give up they sneak around and raise the tax one way or another.people are starting to vote with their feet and I have been thinking of getting out of this communist place.

  2. This is why biden is hiring 87,000 additional irs agents. If you want to know what the irs will do, just look at the behavior of the fbi.

  3. It’s time for a revolution period. Long past time. Our gov’t has been out of control with taxing, spending, regulating, and making war for decades. It’s time to encase every one of the totalitarians in plastic, then concrete, then drop them in the Pacific gyre.

  4. You already have the power. The IRS doesn’t take income taxes from you without a W2. The companies force you to fill out the W2. Without a W2, they can’t take taxes or try you in tax court. It’s your signature on a W2 that gives them permission. Bottom line: There is no law that requires wage earners to pay an income tax, you give them permission with your W2 signature. The companies have no right to be a middle man between you and your government.

    1. I’m sorry noteworthy you’re are only partially correct. There is a law that requires “federal taxpayers” to fill out a 1044 and pay taxes. Title 26 of the US code requires this. But who is a federal taxpayer? Anyone who applies for and uses a federal taxpayer ID number (TIN) for any reason is a federal taxpayer. And also, according to Title 26 the only taxpayer ID number a US citizen may apply for and use is a Social Security Number. That is correct. You signed up to become a US taxpayer when you (or if you are under 40) your parents requested (Form SSA-5) and began using a Slave Surveillance Number. It is impossible to legally fill out or for the IRS to process a 1040 without a federal TIN (Taxpayer ID number). To stop being a taxpayer one merely must withdraw from Social Security and cease any further use of the SSN. This means no social security, Medicaid, federal loans, grants, subsidies, etc. Because of the ACA(O’Bummer Care) no medical insurance either. Plus no state drivers licenses (Thanks to B Clinton’s “deadbeat dad” legislation).
      But these are all good things for someone who is self employed and does not operate a “motor Vehicle” as a commercial operator. Wage slaves will have a more difficult time finding employment as almost all US corporations require a TIN for employment with them. By law all federal employment requires a TIN. Most State governments follow suite. I believe a majority of US citizens are beginning to realize what a fraud the SSN is and soon may begin dropping out. But make no mistake, any use of a TIN implies that one is a federal taxpayer and is subject to filing out a 1040 every year they exceed the minimum taxable amount of “income”.

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