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More Woke Companies to Avoid: List #3

Companies across the country, and indeed from around the world, aggressively work against conservative ideals and openly display their disdain for our values. They often do so while simultaneously taking our money as we willingly play along. It’s time we stopped. We find these companies in virtually every industry, and in all sizes, shapes, and colors. In a great and free country like these United States, these companies enjoy our freedom of speech, and they have every right to say and act how they see fit; within reason. Similarly, we also have the freedom to choose with whom we spend our money, and it’s time we avoided spending it with these in-your-face wokesters.


The first two editions of this series are available here:


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12 Woke Companies To Avoid


More Woke Companies To Avoid: List #2


[Note that prior to explanations and justifications for each company, we’ve listed the official company name, its stock trading symbol, the industry in which the company operates, and the company’s annual gross revenue and market cap (if available), with all figures represented in millions.]


#21: AT&T


AT&T Inc        Sym: T        Wireless National             Rev: $171,760    MC: $220,942


One of the largest companies in the world and another iconic American brand is just one more disappointing company to go to the dark side of wokeness. This past October we became aware that AT&T, like several other companies we’ve already discussed, is attempting to indoctrinate their employees with their wokeness. 

According to leaked documents, the telecommunications giant is now training their employees in Critical Race Theory with a program called ““Listen. Understand. Act.” 

This training calls racism a “uniquely white trait,” and explains, “White America, if you want to know who’s responsible for racism, look in the mirror.” If you use AT&T and send them a payment each month, you’re supporting this nonsense.


One thing we can be sure of: if such garbage is being taught to employees in the open, then the behind-the-scenes racist wokeness is far worse. There are plenty of options nowadays for switching from AT&T, and many of them will end up saving you money. One such option is Pure Talk USA, which proudly advertises with many conservative media shows and outlets.



#22: Lululemon


Lululemon Athletica         Sym: LULU    Athletic Apparel      Rev: $4,010         MC: N/A


This Canadian-American company became a household name due to their tight fitting black leggings and yoga pants, which women love to wear… and men love to watch women wearing them. But Lululemon is also noteworthy for being one of the most ridiculous examples of allowing inmates to run the asylum. In July 2020 as Black Lives Matter was destroying billions of dollars’ worth of property with their “fiery but mostly peaceful protests,” an unnamed director stepped out of line and the employees revolted. At that point, the director issued an apology and was subsequently fired. What was his offense? He had proposed deploying a page on their website proclaiming “All Lives Matter” instead of “Black Lives Matter.” Oh, the horror. And mind you, the page in question never went live, he had merely proposed it.


If we add to that fiasco the company’s $75 million investment in their ‘Centre for Social Impact to Further Advance Equity’ – which is just as woke as it sounds, by the way – it becomes clear that leggings/yoga pants need to be purchased elsewhere. There are numerous options for shopping for similar apparel, including L.L. Bean


#23: Target


Target Corp      Sym: TGT        Retail – Discount      Rev: $93,561      MC: $102,431


Target is all-in on their wokeness, and may even be worse than Wal-Mart which is on our list at #14. Target not only supports BLM to the tune $10 million, they have also been running TV commercials promoting black-owned, LatinX-owned, and LGBTQ-owned businesses. As always, if we reversed the races and sexuality of their campaign, and said Target was promoting straight-owned and white-owned businesses, would that be a problem? Additionally, Target is clearly in lockstep with the fascist anti-fascists known as AntiFa, as they have repeatedly engaged in book banning. And you can guess what types of books they’re banning (Hint: they’re not leftist books.)


As is the case with Wal-Mart, staying away from Target may not be easy. If you have one near you, they’re convenient and inexpensive, but we should all avoid them if possible. Shop local and support your communities. Buy directly from unwoke on-line retailers. Or, if you have one near you, consider Costco as an alternative.



#24: Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream


Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Holdings   Sym: LSE  Consumer Goods      Rev: $50,724         MC: N/A


Ben and Jerry’s is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the British company Unilever, whose stock symbol and financials are listed above. Anyone paying attention understands the wokeness and leftism of Ben and Jerry’s. After all, they have a flavor named after Bernie Sanders, for crying out loud. The company not only is vocal about BLM, it condemns anyone who is not as vocal as them. Additionally, they are anti-Israel, anti-police, and preach relentlessly about climate justice, whatever the heck that is. In short, they sound like just another member of The Squad.


Ben and Jerry’s ice cream tastes fine, and they use quality ingredients. But there are a multitude of alternatives. Most supermarkets carry their own brands, which can be just as good and much less expensive. Many local ice cream makers are springing up around the country, similar to microbreweries. And if you live in a college town there’s a chance the school makes their own ice cream. If all else fails, try Baskin-Robbins.


#25: Warby Parker


Warby Parker      Sym: WRBY        Retail eyeglasses      Rev: $251         MC: N/A


They’re not a huge company, but Warby Parker has been a company on the rise for several years now as a chic, cutting edge, prescription eyeglass company. They only began operations in 2010, eleven years ago, and are already bringing in a quarter-billion in revenue per year. Based in New York City, it’s not surprising to see their level of wokeness. They donated $1 million to fight ‘systemic racism’ last year. They are pro-LGBTQ and even have frame designs specifically for the LGBTQ community. And when ads for the company popped up on the Daily Wire in September, Warby Parker succumbed to the woke mob, apologized profusely, and then directed their third-party advertising company to ensure their products don’t end up on the conservative website again. Indeed, the culture war has spilled over into the eyeglass industry.


If you get your glasses at your optometrist’s office, your choices are limited, but you’ll likely have more than one option. If you can buy your eyeglasses online, not only is it probably you’ll save money, but you’ll have a variety of alternatives other than Warby Parker. Other companies to consider include Zenni Optical and LensCrafters.


 #26: Cigna


Cigna Corp          SYM: CI          Insurance – Multi Line           Rev: $160,401    MC: $83,069


You know things are getting whacky when we even have health insurance companies like Cigna jumping into the culture war mix. It’s not surprising to find a large company put out statements with buzzwords such as ‘social responsibility,’ but Cigna jumped in headfirst and chose instead to use the woke language of  “combating systemic racism” and “improving equity.” Cigna has also asked their leadership not to include white men in decision making processes. But it’s their employee training that cements their place on our list. Cigna is yet another company attempting to inculcate their employees with Critical Race Theory, warning them about using the term “brown bag lunch” while teaching employees about something they call “religious privilege.” It’s official, Cigna is woke.


Many of us who purchase the various types of insurance offered by Cigna do so through our employers during their annual enrollment processes. If this is the situation you find yourself in, very often those enrollment campaigns have options for other companies such as UnitedHealthcare and Aetna. If so, anyone other than Cigna must be less woke.



#27: 23andMe


23andMe, Inc.      SYM: ME          Personal Genomics          Rev: $475            MC: N/A


Best-known for their genetic testing and providing detailed reports on a customer’s ancestry, 23and Me are woke warriors, and they’re not trying to hide it. In a statement recognizing the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death in May, the company’s CEO explained, “23andMe is an activist brand and I want us to be part of driving change.” Yup, they’re activists alright. And that woke mindset goes beyond the race debate, as 23andMe proudly celebrates Pride Month, explaining that they are “working to separate the concepts of biological sex from gender identity” in their reporting. Isn’t that woke?


It’s understandable why so many people are curious about where they come from, and with today’s technology there is detail available like never before. But we do have options instead of 23andMe, the most notable of which is Ancestry.


#28: Pepsi


Pepsico Inc          SYM: PEP         Beverages – Soft      Rev: $70,372      MC:$198,271


To be clear, there is a difference between PepsiCo and Pepsi, with the soft drink Pepsi only being a subsidiary of the parent company PepsiCo, whose financial numbers are listed above. Considering the level of wokeness of some of PepsiCo’s other brands (which include Quaker Oats and their renaming of Aunt Jemima), we’re going to list their brands separately. [Note that Pepsi also sells Gatorade and Aquafina water, while Coca Cola brands also include Barq’s root beer, Dasani water, Fanta, Fresca, Minute Maid, Schweppes, and Vitamin Water].


We included Coca Cola in our last list at #16, and note that we did not list Pepsi as a viable alternative, with the reason being that Pepsi is just as woke as Coke, if not more so. Pepsi produced a commercial in 2017 in which Kendall Jenner appeared participating in a racial justice protest. You probably never saw the commercial because Pepsi ultimately pulled it due to their ill-advised decision to feature Jenner handing off a can of Pepsi to another protester during the ad. If you’re going to preach about systemic racism, apparently, you’re not allowed to be capitalistic about it. Additionally, Pepsi was one of the more vocal companies in opposing North Carolina’s 2016 law requiring individuals in a public setting to use the bathroom of their biological gender: a reasonable law if ever there was one.


As is the case with Coca Cola, there are plenty of unwoke alternatives, not to mention much healthier ones. Grab a bottle of water (not Aquafina or Dasani), or perhaps sparkling water. Order an iced tea, the real kind, not the bottled kind. Do it for your health and do it for our culture. But whatever you decide to drink just make sure it’s not Pepsi or Coke products.


By The BSC Team


Featured photo of Cigna employee training is courtesy of The Washington Examiner.

30 thoughts on “More Woke Companies to Avoid: List #3”

  1. I now buy RCCola soft drinks in 16 oz. bottles with screw on caps. I take one with me when I go somewhere, and they stay fresh, because of the cap. ‘Takes me a couple of days to drink the whole bottle. RCs taste like Coke, except slightly less intense and not as sweet as (too sweet) Pepsi. As far as I know, RCs aren’t woke.

  2. The obvious hypocrisy here should be pointed out if it hasn’t been already. Many of these companies (Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Disney) have their Asian headquarters in Singapore where homosexuality is illegal. Apparently, ‘woke’ doesn’t apply when you get low corporate tax rates.

    1. Just what I was thinking. Instead, just as David beheaded Goliath with Goliath’s own sword, we can use these companies’ own sword against them by taking the service we pay for (for example, ATT) and spread the truth with it.

      1. Don’t be so naive. We don’t live in the time of David. We live in a time where hypocrite conservatives prioritize their entertainment and luxuries over their values.

  3. WHY hasn’t this Communist Anti-American BLM BS been declared a terrorist organization? ALL BLM should be executed on sight! We don’t need to put up with this crap. If BLM don’t like it, they can ship out, perhaps go back to slave trading Africa where they will feel more at home. BLM behavior is not acceptable in a civilized white society!

  4. Noticed on the first list it included both Apple and Google. If you use a smart phone then it’s a matter of pick your poison. If you go with a Samsung or LG phone, well guess who owns the Android operating system – Google! I would say Google is the worse of the two big tech companies as it has been actively involved in the manipulation of information and content always at the expense of conservative candidates and policies.

  5. Boycott lists are FAR more effective when you also show whom to use instead (their competitors). Please level up your game on this and help make these lists more effective by listing alternatives and a link to them.

    1. Pam,
      Please read the list again. Each company listed generally has two paragraphs. The first paragraph details why they are on the list, the second paragraph considers alternatives. Thanks in advance.

  6. I’m happy to report that I almost naturally don’t support anyone on the list, ever at all, save for a very rare purchase at Amazon. It’s all cheap Chinese junk anyway. I have to really research a product I want and then I order it from their website. I think the key is to live a healthy lifestyle, starting with true Christianity. Most commercial offerings are a poison that clouds your mind in one way or another. Men, get off soy. Get off cable television. Read your Bible every day. Start to seriously consider a paleo-style diet. Lift weights. Do some intense cardio.

    1. You could look at it that way, but it makes me feel better when they are not getting any of my money. Or if I do shop at Walmart, I’m saving a ton of money that I can now give more to charities, and they are employing lots of people. So there’s that.

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