Is The GOP Trying To Lose In 2022?

This broken-record act of calling out the GOP is getting really old, but they make it so easy. The Democrats, nominally helmed by Joe Biden in the White House, have made an absolute cluster of the United States. Pick a topic – any topic – and it would take a ten-year-old a mere five seconds to identify the calamitous stupidity. We have an illegal immigration problem; why not just close the border? We have a gasoline shortage and thus a spike in prices; why not just produce more domestic oil? The only thing I exaggerated is the use of the word “domestic.”


Depending on the day, I oscillate back and forth between diagnosing the problem as simply stupidity from a lifetime of insulation and echo chambers or the taste of power corrupting their souls. I don’t discount the combination of both massive ignorance and evil intentions working in collaboration.

In light of this, what should be the GOP playbook? I don’t think it’s asking too much for some basic Constitutionality and common sense. 


Instead of rereading our founding documents and asking the fundamental question of “Is this good for advancing liberty or helpful to American citizens?” the GOP has somehow bungled the basic function of conservative governance in a mind-boggling effort to piss off every already-disenchanted potential voter. Joe Biden went from an alleged record-breaking 81 million votes alongside the first-ever black/Asian/Jamaican/Indian/female/sub-85 IQ vice president. They now have historically abysmal polling, primarily because they muck everything up. The fruit is ripe for picking!



Rather than recalibrate the focus and purpose of government, the GOP is currently messaging a first-strike nuclear attack on Russia. There are no permissible words that I can print in this space to describe this sentiment. Let me repeat: A sitting U.S. Republican Senator suggested that a Russian invasion of Ukraine could be precipitated by an attack with our nuclear arsenal. With Donald Trump out of the White House, the Establishment Republicans are returning to their corrupt, expensive, and murderous warhawking. A nuclear strike? That rhetoric – and that thinking – is appalling.


Since November’s incipient red wave, whereby Virginia voters rejected the cultural Marxism inflicted upon their children and New Jersey likewise saw a red resurgence, it is pathetic to witness incoming governor Glen Youngkin hire aides who use pronouns, even more pathetic to watch Republican representatives in the U.S. House and Senate chambers vote for any of Biden’s agenda items and trillion-dollar sprees, and now Republican leadership apparently thinks messaging a strong pro-war, pro-mutually assured destruction is the path to majority leadership next fall. 


Short of national divorce, the only solution is to primary every incumbent who lied to their voters about their party affiliation and values and vote for staunch limited government candidates. 


In the meantime, I am left asking: Are they trying to lose?

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26 thoughts on “Is The GOP Trying To Lose In 2022?”

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  2. This was another mistake Trump made. He should have abandoned the gop. He could have started a third party and relegated the gop to the dust bin of time.
    I have to wonder why he chose this path. The gop is fraught with traitors, why swim in shark infested waters when he could have made his own ocean.

  3. Much, though not all, of the ‘GOP’ is saturated in the Dem-Rino party and are collaborators of the most twisted deeds and abuses against Americans. Long lists of these miscreants are found online, with few among the GOP to be trusted due to the displaying of their sewage ethics and underhanded tactics, Certainly not worthy of any vote.

  4. I do not believe that the “official” republican party wants to be in control. It is easier, and more lucrative, to be the minority party. Donald Trump probably scared the heck out of them because he wanted to get things done, to change the paradigm of “yeah, we’ll screw the country up just like the democrats just not as fast” to “Make America Great!”, take care of business, do what is best for the people and country, etc. That’s why they didn’t seem to support him.

  5. I think 3/4 of Congress is afraid of Trump because he might expose the amount of corruption in the Congressional parties, the Justice Department as well as the higher levels of the FBI the CIA,the State Department, the Judicial branch and the IRS. They have all been corrupted for many years and I am not sure about the Military, since Biden was installed as President. He is just a puppet for someone else,someone who wants to tear this country down, Obama?. Trump was unfortunate in the fact that he
    didn’t realize he had so many advisors that he couldn’t trust, but still got so many things done for the country. I would say if he were to get elected again, Rule no.1 is never appoint anyone or support anyone whom has had any dealings or support from George Soros.or any of his ilk.

  6. Is the GOP trying to lose in ’22? SHHH, You’re not supposed to say the quiet part out loud!!! All any stealth Democrat has to do is say the right words, sound like a Conservative, and the mental lightweights on the Right will vote for them, Conning a Conservative is way too easy.

  7. From my experience, it seems the GOP doesn’t like to win. Being in charge means they have to do something besides complain about what the “other guys” are doing. I have zero confidence or respect for any of these clowns, no matter which tiny letter follows their name.

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  9. I dont watch msm , I research. I havent seen republicans asking for a pre emptive nuclear strike. If you post this kind of thing you had better show a source. I have seen biden telling ukraine to just give Russia a little bit of land. Which imo is like a guy saying, cmon, just the tip. Fuck it. We meed to put America First. Stay out of other countries shit.

    1. “We meed to put America First. Stay out of other countries shit.” On the surface it may not sound like it but defending our allies or other democracies is putting America first. The authoritarian nations don’t deal with dissent as we do and that gives them an advantage. So we need to preserve the little bit of freedom we have left. I’m trying to figure out how they turned Biden into a ventriloquist dummy to have someone else do the talking to Putin. There’s no way Biden’s capable of wrestling with Putin, that’d be a lamb holding off a big Russian Brown Bear. Ain’t gonna happen. I don’t see a single person in the top four of the Democratic Party, Biden, Harris, Schumer, or Pelosi having the intelligence nor mental acuity to deal with the likes of Putin. We are effed until the adults are back in charge instead of these pretenders.

  10. When RINOs are interspersed in your midst, what else do you expect? Unity? Cohesion? Faithfulness to the principles of the Constitution and a Representative Republic? Ha!

  11. conservatives need to come out and denounce this guys words, the d-rats are probably paying this guy to say these stupid ass things that make republicans look like war mongrels when it is the d-rats who want to constantly be in war like atmosphere.

  12. if they win it will be in spite of themselves. I will never forgive them for not standing up for the folks sitting in jail from the DOJ/FBI led J6 hoax where good people are being denied due process.
    This is what happens when you don’t fight for your voters. Why should we support these folks? I appreciated Trump’s instincts and what he did for the country despite unprecedented opposition. However I have yet to see him push back and vigorously defend repeated attacks on his supporters. This has been going on from the day he announced his candidacy. His supporters were physically attacked throughout the first campaign and were faced brutal assaults even on the night of the inauguration for Christ’s sake! Same during the GOP convention in 2020. And not a peep from Trump!
    I find that disqualifying for 2024 even though I believe he was robbed.
    But GOP-e is impossible to support! I only vote for the repukes because the other side is pure evil! smh

    1. There’s not a peep because he is not allowed a peep! He’s shut off peeping by every peep there is!: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, GOOGLE, Tritter, TiK TOK, Instagram, Facebook, You tube, McConnell, McCarthy, RINOs everywhere. Wake up idiot! Quit blaming the only one blameless!

      1. Implicit in my comment is the fact that he did not voice his opinion on this subject loudly enough when he had the bully pulpit! he should have ben calling daily press conferences at least for a week at a time to speak to this and force the bastards especially the ones at Justice to look at it.

        But ofc you’re distracted with bullshit, nobody is talking about his post presidency ban!!

    2. The GOP establishment is its own team, and is distinctively separate from the nominal Republican base.
      Its interests are closer to the Democrats’ than the voters, and it will lose races to Democrats rather than let conservatives win.
      That’s because its interest is in keeping government large since that’s where its power comes from.

      The GOPe knows that Democrats will lose, so it is trying to engineer as small of a red wave as it can. If it has a giant majority, there will be no plausible excuse for not repealing the Democrats’ gains. For an example of this, see Obamacare.

      There will be no reform of government until RINOs are thrown out of office. They are every bit as much our enemies as the Democrats are.

      1. You ARE right!! I wish there were more people that know what you do. We are doomed as a country if something is not done in 2022. There is really only one party as it stands now. The ones in control are a uniparty. We have a chance if we remove all RINGS in 2022, if not then it’s good-bye USA!

      2. Tied very tightly to the need to throw out the RINO’s is the election integrity issue. Many of these RINO’s got IN to office(and/or kept being RE-elected) because of fraud in their election. They are NOT going to push for any kind of repair to that system. It is going to take a HUGE turn out to vote, with private parties overseeing the process, assuming they aren’t arrested or run off by party officials. As other posters have noted, we are running out of time to prevent the imposition of a dictatorship in this country.

    3. With the present leadership and actions of many Republican politicians there is no hope of a reform of the party. Perhaps the demise of the party is the only thing that will winnow out all the chaff and give those principled politicians a chance to make a new start.

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