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For the Left, Justice Is Not About The Facts

Is there a decision that could come out of any court in the land that the Left could say was just and fair? I am not sure that is possible. Either the verdict is wrong, or the penalty is not long enough or too much. The reaction to the recent high-profile cases is an example of the disconnect. The testimony aside, some people refuse to believe their eyes when there are video recordings of the event.


The Kyle Rittenhouse trial should never have seen the inside of a courtroom. There was already adequate evidence from the videos that Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense as he was attacked while attempting to protect a small town in Wisconsin from civil unrest. The pressure came from as high as President Joe Biden that Rittenhouse found his future in the hands of a jury of his peers. The young man that Biden labeled as a White Supremacist survived his trial because the fact and truth were on his side. We have gotten to know him better through post-trial interviews, we have learned what a quality individual he is. The trial and decision of the jury are insufficient for the Left, and his life is in peril from the radicals who still want revenge from this man they see as a racist and murderer.

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In the case of Jussie Smollett, the saga that has evolved this last year has been more of a comedy than the drama Smollett had written and acted out. Every facet of this case proved the hoax that Smollett attempted to perpetrate on the American public. 


In an almost smug disregard for the truth and the common sense of everyone familiar with the case, he insisted on defending his innocence. As we looked upon the two behemoth black men that Smollett hired to help him with his plan, he continued to refer to them as the two white assailants. We looked upon his pristine face as he talked about the scars and permanent black eye he would have to live with due to the beating he took that cold night in Chicago. Jussie’s family defended his story throughout the trial, probably out of blind loyalty. It was as if Jussie and his supporters lived in a parallel universe.



Another group that could not see the truth was Black Lives Matter. The group needs Smollett to be innocent and his story true. His account supports the systemic racism the BLM preaches. BLM needed Smollett to have been beaten by two white men and refuse to admit the truth. To do so would waste the opportunity this whole charade has given them. They believe Kyle Rittenhouse to be a racist and white supremacist for the same reason. This belief even though none of the people in the Rittenhouse event were of color.


Facts do not matter to people or groups that are so in need of a narrative. If there is an opportunity to perpetuate the chasm that divides this great country, they will seize it at all costs. It may harm their credibility with some, but their disciples will overlook the truth. This may be the key to closing this divisive chasm is for both sides to rely more on the truth than their version of the story. This healing may only happen when there is a yearning for what is best for the country than for the betterment of their cause. I fear this is a wish that will remain unanswered.


By Ray Cardello


Ray Cardello is a conservative blogger at A Conservative View From New Hampshire who believes America is strong enough to keep us on track but making folks aware of the truth is essential to a successful and prosperous future for us all.


Featured photo is a screengrab from ABC News.


This article was first published on The Liberty Loft

3 thoughts on “For the Left, Justice Is Not About The Facts”

  1. Wishful thinking Ray, the Gubmint throughout time has always had specific agendas and this is their message, humanity is a disease and their the cure

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