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The FBI Is Not What It Used To Be

There was a time when every kid, and a lot of cops, fantasized about becoming FBI agents.  TV programs like The Untouchables and the FBI painted a public image of incorruptible agents taking on the forces of evil.  The FBI was protecting Americans from criminal elements with bravery and ingenuity.


It was an easy persona for TV productions to create because it reflected reality.  The FBI was a highly professional law enforcement agency built on the principles of its motto:


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Their standards were high, and they stayed that way because of their culture of excellence.


That culture was reflected in the accomplishments of their work.  They were feared by organized crime, having achieved what no other enforcement agency could – the arrest of mob leaders.  Al Capone, “Machine Gun” Kelly, “Pretty Boy” Floyd, John Dillinger, and John Gotti all fell victim to the relentless pursuit of the FBI.


They brought justice to those who would terrorize the United States – both foreign and domestic.  They solved the cases of the Unabomber, the Oklahoma City Bombing, and the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing.  Some of the cases were solved quickly. Others took years.  But all received justice.


The FBI promoted integrity throughout government by ferreting out corruption.  Paid spies like Richard Miller, Robert Hansen, and Aldrich Ames were caught.  Bought off politicians like those caught up in ABSCAM were nabbed as well.  The FBI ensured that public corruption came with real risks.


The bureau had a well-deserved reputation as the world’s premier law enforcement agency.  To be associated with it, was a thing of pride.


That was then.  Being a part of the FBI is no longer a thing of pride.  Many retired agents admit to being embarrassed and ashamed of what the bureau has become.

When it comes to preventing crime, the FBI has dropped the ball far too many times.  

The FBI had credible warnings about the attack on 9/11, the Pulse Nightclub slaughter, the San Bernadino shooting, the Parkland school shooting, and even the Boston Marathon bombing.  Yet somehow failed to take preventive action.


They’re no longer our guardians against public corruption either.  They gave Hillary Clinton a pass for her email transgressions.  They did an investigation in name only, that lasted months.  Oddly, the FBI never served any subpoenas.  The bureau even destroyed the evidence at the conclusion of the investigation.  It’s almost as if they didn’t really want to find anything – no?


Hillary Clinton, in collusion with the DNC, orchestrated the dirtiest trick in US political history – the fabricated Trump/Russian collusion tale.  The FBI learned within 2 months that the whole thing was a setup.  Yet they played along with the plan for 3 years – even to the point of affecting the 2018 midterm election.  Their investigation became the famous “insurance policy” against the Trump Presidency.  Rather than ferreting out corruption, the FBI became enthusiastic participants.


Evidence of Biden family corruption is laying around everywhere – in plain sight.  Hunter Biden is selling kindergarten-level art to Chinese officials for half a million bucks a pop.  His sales started right after his dad was inaugurated.  Where’s the investigation?  For that matter, what’s happening with Hunter’s laptop?  It’s full of incriminating evidence.  We’ve all seen it, and we know the “Big Guy” was getting 10%.  But the FBI has been sitting on it for years.


Eric Swalwell was having an extra-marital affair with a known Chinese spy.  From an espionage perspective, it doesn’t get much riskier than that, especially with him sitting on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.  Has he been investigated?  Nope.  Has his security clearance been revoked?  No again.


Now we’re learning that the FBI is not only turning a blind eye to corruption, it’s playing the game for petty personal gain too.  In 2015 the FBI was contacted by a member of the US Females Gymnastic Team with allegations of sexual assault.  Special Agent in Charge Jay Abbot was placed in charge of the investigation.  As a result of an Inspector General’s report, we have learned that SAC Abbott made no arrests, asked for no indictments, but did seek employment with the pedophile’s employer – the US Olympic committee.  Who cares about little girls when there’s a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity?


The bureau has developed some impressive expertise at putting on a show for the news agencies too.  They’ve dragged old men (Paul Manafort and Roger Stone), with no violent history, out of their homes at night at gunpoint, by an FBI SWAT team normally used for hostage situations and the arrest of heavily armed and dangerous fugitives.  But CNN did have the cameras running, so they had to make a good show of it.


They raided the homes of Project Veritas reporters and tipped off the press that it had happened.  And again, the raids were done at night – with overwhelming firepower – against reporters.  That’s a violation of the 1st Amendment, numerous Supreme Court rulings, and FBI policy against leaking details of ongoing investigations.  Of course, it was all done for a good cause, to find a – wait for it – missing diary.  What was the federal crime?  Does it matter anymore?


But recently, an even bigger question has arisen.  Is the FBI investigating, or creating crimes?  Over 500 US citizens are being held without bond for the January 6 protest.  

We even know that a man named Ray Epps was one of the instigators of the Capital building break-in.  Even though he is clearly seen on security video egging on the attack, he was taken off the FBI’s wanted list when internet sleuths located him.  Is there any chance he was working for the FBI?  Interesting – no?  Isn’t it alarming that we have to ask?


The FBI heroically prevented a conspiracy to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer – the Governor of Michigan.  Just like that, the embattled Whitmer (a Democrat) is no longer on the hot seat for being a COVID tyrant.  Now she’s a victim.  But as details have emerged, things have gotten interesting.  A large number of conspirators were in fact FBI agents or informants.  We’re assured by Special Agent Richard Trask that his people had no hand in instigating or planning the plot.  That would be the same Richard Trask that was fired for beating his wife to a bloody pulp after a swinger’s party.  

Color me skeptical, but I’m going to need more than Trask’s word on the matter. 


Won’t it be disturbing if we eventually discover that the FBI had a hand in instigating either January 6 or the Whitmer kidnapping?  If so, it will be the dawn of a new method of law enforcement.  Talk some poor morons into committing a crime.  Wait for them to do it, and then arrest them.  It’s an efficient system, but not exactly what the American people had in mind when the FBI was founded.


As if corruption and incompetence aren’t bad enough.  Now they’re even becoming an embarrassment.  15 agents were dispatched to investigate a rope that someone thought looked like a noose.  Apparently, inanimate objects have the potential to be symbolic hate crimes warranting federal attention.  It only took them a week or so to figure out that the rope with a knot in it, attached to a garage door, was a garage door pull.  That’s some impressive police work.  But I want to know: What if it was a noose?  Does the FBI really not have anything better to do than investigate knotted pieces of rope?  What is the federal statute against putting a knot in a rope with malice by the way?


We can’t talk about the new FBI without also talking about their integrity – or lack thereof.  They have treated us to some blatantly dishonest behavior lately.


  • Special Agent Peter Strzok lost or altered official interview notes in the General Michael Flynn case.
  • Lawyer Kevin Clinesmith falsified evidence to obtain a FISA warrant against Carter Page.
  • Assistant Director Andrew McCabe lied to investigators to coverup his role in leaking confidential information to reporters.
  • Director James Comey leaked classified notes about a meeting with the President to a friend and the press – a felony.  When asked about it, he had sudden and complete memory failure under oath.


The FBI’s credibility is so compromised at this point that the judge in the Rittenhouse trial barred an FBI agent from testifying.  It seems the agent couldn’t explain how he “lost” key evidence.  So much for the integrity thing.  Even the judge wasn’t buying that he was getting an honest answer.


How does an agent, remain an agent, when their testimony is no longer presumed trustworthy?  The FBI has squandered its reputation through incompetence, bias, and dishonesty.  The next time agents take the stand to testify, jurors may not afford them any more credibility than the criminal that cut a deal in exchange for his testimony.  Is that what the FBI wants?  It’s certainly not what America needs.  We live in a dangerous world.  We need them to be what they once were.  But that will be a long road back.


By John Green and Quentin L. Smith


Author Bio: Quentin Smith is a military veteran and retired FBI Special Agent who served in the bureau for nearly 29 years and now lives in Idaho.


Author Bio: John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He currently writes at the American Free News Network (  He can be followed on Facebook or reached at


[This essay is the first of a three-part series brought to you by The Blue State Conservative. Part two will be published on Friday]

21 thoughts on “The FBI Is Not What It Used To Be”

  1. the fbi was led by a cross-dressing phony. big gap between dillinger and gotti. maybe because j. edgar dragqueen insisted there was no such thing as organized crime. gee, i wonder why. and if joe valachi hadn’t ruined it for him with the truth…

  2. Given every FACT listed in this post, we all know that the current F.B.I. apparatchik is directly opposed to patriotic Constitutional beliefs. This is why anytime, anywhere you are confronted by these jackboots, look upon them as enemy agents. These very thugs are the ones who threw all 400+ American Citizens into brutal indeterminate confinement with no bail, under conditions that NO communist has EVER been subjected to in the once proud and noble United States of America. Damn them all to hell for their defecation upon our ancestors.

  3. Kudos to everyone who has already pointed out that the FBI has been one of the most putrid parts of the swamp since its inception, and Hoover was the ultimate swamp creature. But no one remembered Seth Rich, the Wikileaks informant who was NOT killed in a DC street shooting. He survived, was patched up at the hospital and was expected to make a full recovery. That was when Comey sent agents to the ICU and ordered it cleared. Minutes later, Rich was dead — most likely at the behest of the Hillary campaign.

  4. The FBI is exactly what it used to be and what it started out as; a bunch of murderous and incompetent fools. Example; 1934 the FBI messed up an ambush for John Dillinger in which they murdered 2 innocent men leaving a bar and did not catch Dillinger. The whole predicate for arming the FBI was a J. Edgar Hoover lie called the Kansas City Massacre.

  5. We need to rethink why in a Republic consisting of sovereign governments, we “need” a FEDERAL police force, and DOJ (i.e. department of Marxist-Democrat lawyers). There is a Federal role to play in law enforcement, but it should be as a research and support arm for state and local law enforcement. The FBI should be reduced in size by 90%, with powers of arrest removed. Similarly, the DOJ should be reduced by 75%, with four regional USAO’s, supervising again, a research arm without powers to call a grand jury, subpoena, indict, and certainly not indefinitely imprison citizens without bail. The corruption of national policing agencies towards corruption is inevitable. They are political entities at birth. This republic was FOUNDED based on the supremacy of local government, as only local government is responsive to the citizens who give those governments their authority. Centralized,FEDERAL government is the antipathy of a democratic republic.

    Seriously, what USE if a DOJ/FBI if it they are nothing but lawless partisan thugs, who VIOLATE citizen’s rights, rather than upholding them. The salt has long ago lost it’s savor, and all that is left is a noxious odor.

  6. The FeeBs need to be permanently dismantled. Along with the DOJ. It is literally impossible for them to ever regain credibility among the American people.

  7. At the beginning of your article you make some historical mistakes. The ‘Untouchables’ were not FBI – they were members of the Treasury Dept. ‘Alcohol Tax Division (Illegal)’ now a unit under the ATF. And a bunch of the criminals listed were not arresting by the FBI, but by other government agencies, including the IRS. But overall the point it well taken. Hoover had FBI files on all the major players in D.C.; they spied on the Goldwater campaign; they recorded MLK having sex with women (not his wife) for LBJ to listen to, and they infiltrated all sorts of groups — some potentially violent, others not. So the authors point is certainly valid.

  8. Um, didn’t the FBI get its start busting unions and chasing people that dared challenge prohibition’s unlawful diktats?

    Pretty sure they’ve NEVER been lawful.
    Pretty sure we’ve just been FOOLED for a long time into thinking that it’s a lawful organization.

  9. The FBI has been corrupt since it’s inception. Hover had been blackmailing politicians, celebrities and other public officials until his death. The public incompetence began to show in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. DB Cooper, Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Richard Jewell were all major investigative screw-ups. The granddaddy was 9/11. No one in state and local law enforcement has ANY respect for the FBI. The present FBI is good at ordering their annual allotment of FBI windbreakers.

  10. I can’t even watch any shows or movies in which the protagonist is a “heroic” agent. That’s a bit too fictitious for me these days. My first thought is always, “Yeah, right. Heroic.”

    1. Same here. Any show that features a hero of the Federal government, even popular movies going back 30 years, simply make me upchuck. I can’t watch anything that reeks of lies. We now know what all these “alphabet” agencies have been about for over a dozen years (actually going back to Hillary Clinton holding 500 FBI background investigation files on political opponents only weeks after Bill Clinton was inaugurated, the Clinton’s, G.W. Bush, and Obama corrupted everything they touched in Federal government for 30 years.)

  11. The fbi has been corrupt for a long time. They have simply gotten to the point of not caring whether we know about it. When we as a people started to believe anything they said it was all over. All those poor mentally challenged terrorist’s that haven been arrested since 9-11.
    The evidence is everywhere. Epstein did not commit suicide. Oswald did not kill Kennedy. Planes did not take down the twin towers or building 7.
    Take the red pill.

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