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The Story No One Knows: A White Florida Kid Was Stabbed Repeatedly In The Head By An Angry Black Man

I admit, I am fired up about this story. It strikes a nerve on so many levels – paternal, cultural, political – that a review of the intentional, race-motivated, and horrific murder could do no less. 

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Though one need not be a parent to emotionally connect to the murder of 14-year-old Ryan Rogers, as a father I can’t help but have the idea reinforced that there are much better and stronger individuals than myself. I am not sure how any parent could restrain themselves against the monster that repeatedly stabbed my child in the face and head with a knife until their life was mutilated out of them. 

For the many readers likely ignorant of the story, the Post Millennial ran a recap the other day. In short, the young Ryan Rogers, who is white, was riding on his bicycle when the accused, an older black man by the name of Semmie Lee Williams, attacked him for no reason with a knife, and in the words of the Post Millennial, “allegedly stabbed Ryan Rogers multiple times in the face and head near an I-95 overpass.” It is beyond sickening to mentally replay the experience.

My heart aches for the survivors of this young person. There will never be closure, and the family will doubtless relive their son’s agonizing final moments in their heads forever. How could you not? I am at once beyond heavyhearted and livid. Imagine how they feel.

I sat on this story for several days before writing about it. Again, regardless of politics, a family lost their son in a senseless act of inhumanity. Sometimes nothing else needs or should be said. Let the family grieve. Not everything needs to be made into a response to culture and politics. 

That being said, I am fired up. I needed to respond. The wholly tragic, preventable, and buried story of the Ryan Rogers’ anti-white murder strikes a different nerve because very few people will ever know about it. That’s an entirely different tragedy. I can’t help but draw parallels to the case of Ahmaud Abery. 

From the onset of the story, it was widely publicized and sensationalized, the smiling Arbery in his tuxedo framed against the mugshots of the utterly hillbilly-looking Daniels family. You would never have known that Arbery spent his adult life thugging or that both the elder and younger Daniels have a legacy of service to their country. Though he didn’t deserve to die, it isn’t like Arbery was an innocent victim. He lived a gangster life and died in a grotesque and predictable way. In so doing, he took down three white men because, well, we live in a post-George Floyd world. 

As bad as the Arbery case was, it does not hold the proverbial candle to the case of Ryan Rogers. 

As I stated earlier, Arbery was a young black man (who was captured smiling on camera once) and killed by three buffoonish-looking white hillbillies. That was the portrayal, at least, and as far as the media was concerned it doesn’t get better than that. To give an idea of the media’ orgiastic glee, Jeffrey Toobin was called back early from his spank-induced suspension. I had countless friends run 2.23 miles and post to their social media accounts that they were running for Ahmaud. After all, he was just out for a jog!

Rogers, on the other hand, is a white kid who was killed by a repeat-offending, worthless vagrant black man. Not a criminal, not even an adult, just a sweet, innocent kid. What boxes of the media narrative does this story check? Despite black-white violent crime generally occurring at a stratospheric 80-90% percent clip against whites (an astounding one-sided factoid), God forbid the media present the truth. They could never have us believe or know that white Americans are at much greater risk to violent and deadly assault at the hands of the minority population of black Americans. 

The corrupt and immoral media personalities that choose not to cover this story even more a second are guilty of heinous brainwashing and reality creation. Can you imagine the coverage if Ryan Rogers were black and Semmie Lee Williams were white? My same idiot friends would ride for Ryan or something stupid like that.

Between Ryan Rogers and the victims in Waukesha, it leaves me wondering how much longer we can hold out until there is a vicious backlash or race war. There is no coming together at this point, so at best we learn to live with one another. But can the other side? Do we even want to? How many more dancing grannies or child victims must America endure at the hands of race-baiting elites who sic their mind-numbed pawns on decent people? 

I fear the answers to all of those questions.

18 thoughts on “The Story No One Knows: A White Florida Kid Was Stabbed Repeatedly In The Head By An Angry Black Man”

  1. We are effectively in a Democrat-supported anti-white race war now. As a white man I now see helping any black as a form of treason. Having a casual conversation with a black person I now see as fraternizing with the enemy. No more! Hopefully the blacks will turn on the Democrat politicians they vote for. I’m now also in favor of executing all blacks who murder whites or who murder a cop of any race. This seems harsh and it is but this is war, not a normal situation. We need to restore common sense before the USA goes under completely.

    1. Well considering that we place victimhood above responsibility, our biggest problem is that our legal system has been hacked by the political establishment and have all lowered the bar of acceptable behavior while constantly extolling the value of deviancy in order to divide society in order to maintain the political power.

  2. I’ll shoot the fucker, screw your goddamn outrage. But you do-gooder sunzabitches will want to throw me in prison. So fuck it, you get the meal you cook, deal with it.

  3. Three times I was victim of a violent crime since arriving in this country as a “woke” individual. Well, all 3 times the perpetrators looked like the proverbial sons of Obama. I am awake now. Unless the black community brings their crime rate down to the level of the rest of society, there is no room for them.

  4. We can only hope that gang banging monkeys will destroy themselves first, since there are less of them. This is the reason for white flight to the burbs and even farther to rural America where sanity prevails.

  5. This happens every day in our Nation. Sometimes multiple times. Black on White Violence because of the race of the individuals involved. The very rare time that the reverse is true, local, state, national and even international media descend upon the scene to examine every possible motive that might possibly have caused the White Citizen to upset the affirmative action recipient.
    From the elderly, mentally disabled, innocent children and the average hard working taxpayer going about his business, NO White American is immune from attack by black thugs. Sorry if this sounds racist. Statistical FACTS prove this is not. Whether you accept the FACTS or not, you ignore them at your own peril.

  6. This worthless piece of trash brutally destroyed a young life and a family for no reason other than hatred and rotteness! May he burn in hell for the life he took and the sorrow he has caused.

  7. Poor kid!! My heart is so broken for this senseless death!! This world is completely unsafe to let any child running free or even riding his bike without supervision! Don’t ever take the chance! Protect your children at all moments!

  8. You are spot on with your assessment. The media has completely turned a blind eye on black violence. It is racist against whites (and other people) who blacks dislike. The media stokes the coals to keep the fire burning regarding this racism thing. Blacks are fast to react, but slow to think. They are useful idiots to the left.

    We accommodate the left by following what they say as truth. Kyle Rittenhouse said on Tucker Carlson that he supported BLM. Was he aware that BLM caused the destruction in Kenosha? Why would he support such a group? Because he is equating them with anything black. The mantra is we must always take the side of the negro, and in that case, Kyle equated BLM with the negro. BLM is a communist group that uses blacks as pawns to gain power.

    We need to turn “support the negro” to support yourself!

    You said, “From the onset of the story, it was widely publicized and sensationalized, the smiling Arbery in his tuxedo framed against the mugshots of the utterly hillbilly-looking Daniels family.”

    Yes…that tactic works, you did the same thing with the smiling white boy and the ugly negro picture. Here is the problem, weak minded people watch only the leftist programs that show blacks as smiling, and whites as stupid hillbillies. Whites are portrayed as bad in their own nation by the media, in academia, and government. Half of the war is reaching weak minded people who only watch PBS. We need to show whites as smiling, and blacks as the ugly evil predators they are! Say what you will, but Arbery was a bad seed. The jury wasn’t exposed to his background. His life was not all smiles. The white man who shot Arbery is alive today because he shot Arbery, and from the video I saw, Arbery attacked the man and tried to take away his gun (to shoot him).

    What did whites learn? For god’s sake don’t chase a negro down even if you are in the right! The government, as it is now, is completely on the side of blacks.

    For you and your readership, I recommend reading Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance. It gives a truthful statement regarding race relations. The story of the young white lad killed by a maniac negro is widely known by readers of that blog. This stuff happens all the time. There could be a negro doing the same to a white right now!

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