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What Tearing Down Statues Will Never Accomplish

On June 10th of 2020, a bunch of degenerate riff-raff pulled down the statue of Christopher Columbus that had been standing in front of the Minnesota State Capitol since 1931. It had been commissioned by an Italian immigrant out of respect for that great man. I speak of this incident because the pictures of my 6th-grade class in front of him, are all that’s left of that statue.

St. Paul’s Mayor, Mr. Melvin Carter (D) did nothing to address this illegal act, which is a felony. Our governor, Mr. Tim Waltz (D), also did nothing to hold the perpetrators accountable.

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So, what did this illegal act – which was cheered on by passersby, who stayed and partied after Christopher Columbus was down – accomplish? It bought five minutes.

Here is a complete list of all statues that have been torn down by the woke mob, a total of 113 persons of greatness, all ripped down out of temper tantrums by overgrown children. I suggest you NOT go to the above link because since you’re at the Blue State Conservative, you will be as angry, if not more than I am seeing it.

So, a reminder: when the left gets its way, and a statue is torn down, it will accomplish absolutely nothing, except give five minutes of peace, until another statue is in their sights, and also must be torn down. Racism isn’t eradicated by this act, tempers still flair, and no one is happy about anything.

If someone had asked me, “Why don’t you want to tear down Christopher Columbus’s statue? Don’t you want to eradicate racism?” I would have said, “I will only tear down this statue, if you can guarantee all claims of racism, all complaining about slavery and all hatred of America’s past will be over with. If that’s not the case, then I don’t see the point.”

Tearing down our statues simply makes those who want them to stay look weak. And it makes those who tear them down look stupid. And America is paying the price for it.

By Ben Revermann

Ben Revermann is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and has quite possibly written the only book by a Republican that can compete with Hollywood, it is named Dachshund Immortal and you can find it here.

Featured image is a screengrab from YouTube.

7 thoughts on “What Tearing Down Statues Will Never Accomplish”

  1. With a heavy heart that’s broken over stupid acts such as these tear downs these men were not bad people yet they are being treated as such what’s happening to our world????

  2. I couldn’t bear to look. These people have the Received Wisdom of the Taliban, and they’re too dim to notice that history already happened.

  3. Well, this sort of thing goes on during almost all government takeovers. There are stellae left by the ancient Mayas with graffiti just as we see today. To me, it looks planned from much higher than temper tantrums. The Bolshevik overthrow of the Tsar was a pretty good bluepring as I see it.

  4. There has only been one perfect man in all of history…the rest of us manage to achieve some good despite our shortcomings…so it was with men like Columbus, Jefferson, Lee, and Churchill. We should raise up more statues to those who accomplish great things rather than allowing people who are of no worth to our society, to tear down our memorials and destroy our history. There will be a recorded history despite these efforts and the pathetic leaders of the left will be remembered as complete fools.

  5. They are desperately trying to erase their own culpability as slavers. The Republican Party was founded on the principle that slavery was the ultimate evil in our country and must be eradicated by all means necessary. Unfortunately, over a half million white people had to die to achieve freedom for African Americans. This is the price white people had to pay to achieve a noble end. We owe black people absolutely nothing. WE paid for their freedom with our blood. NOTHING ELSE is owed to blacks.

  6. The current trend among the ‘woke’ crowd is simply based upon anti-Western ideologies. The goal is first, elimination of any and ALL historical record of our achievements. This goes along with emphatic emphasis of any derogatory actions our ancestors may have committed. All of this is to cause self-loathing of our youth. Meanwhile, the media/entertainment complex lauds and promotes the most degrading and crude ideas, that sadly many youth latch onto. The leftists have nothing redeeming or positive to offer, only as your excellent post points out, to destroy and subjugate.

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