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Dear Medical Professionals: Quit Embarrassing Yourselves With Pleas For Me To Get Vaccinated

I keep thinking the medical community cannot lose anymore credibility with me, and then yet another doctor posts a melancholic plea to the “unvaccinated” community on their social media page about how overworked they are and how they have to spend the holidays in the hospital instead of with their own family.

Sometimes, the hackneyed virtue signaling might include a note about how vaccines save lives, but usually it stops just after explaining how overworked the person is. I am confused: Are you concerned about saving lives or just making sure your life isn’t too inconvenienced? Are we talking about the Hippocratic Oath or your travel plans? In moments like this, these people simply reveal themselves as narcissists and don’t deserve our attention or pity.

I’ll still go down this path for a moment. I used to feel bad about people missing holidays, but then I became an adult. It dawned on me that my father worked in the aviation industry my entire childhood and regardless of what day it was, planes were criss-crossing the country bringing every other loved one to a preferred destination except him. The complaint against Black Friday rituals always focused on the down-trodden hourly employees forced to leave family gatherings and work behind a cashier, but this ignores countless others fated to work on non-desirable days.

Where was the same concern for my father, who missed every holiday every year? Also, where is the free market push to simply find a more amenable job? My dad chose his career, the cashiers chose theirs, and at the end of the day go find another job or don’t – but this isn’t society’s fault. It is yours. If you don’t like it, do something about it. Or have dinner tomorrow night with everyone. Ironically, the same group of people once advocating for togetherness are now also the same people advocating for canceling all gatherings for the rest of human existence because of a case of the sniffles and also these same people say our traditional holidays reek of white supremacy and have to be canceled. Which one is it?

Like all jobs, the medical profession comes with its own perks and downsides. Pay and social status often motivate individuals to pursue advanced medical degrees, as does service to the community and depending on the precise field, regular office hours as seen, for example, with dentists and optometrists. None of this a bad thing. We should all have the luxury to choose the perks we wish to have manifested. At the same time, no job in the history of mankind is without its drawbacks. Why should the medical community be any different? 

More to the point, since when have hospitals and emergency rooms ever been closed in recognition of a holiday? Sorry, ma’am, but we cannot deliver your baby. It is Christmas Eve. What’s that? Christ was born on Christmas Eve? Too bad, my family is eating ham and we cannot staff doctors.

The bigger fraud of these social media posts is that the medical community has outed itself as an unthinking, collective lackey for Big Pharma. We probably all intuitively knew it, but now it’s as clear as the winter days are short. Where have the pleas for preventative health measures and good living been? What medical professional would deny that proper diet and regular exercise are keys to good living? It’s been proven that a ketogenic diet can help all sorts of maladies, from Type 2 diabetes to any sort of inflammatory ailment, disappear without medication or pharmaceuticals. 

As more and more damning data to the Fauci-driven narrative that we can only vaccinate ourselves out of the pandemic is revealed, it is by now wholly obvious that encouraging vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc supplementation, enjoined with incessant exhortations to eat right, drink less, eat better, and engage in exercise, could have effectively quelled the so-called surge in cases. What’s more, less vaccination would do less damage to natural immune responses and put less pressure on Covid to mutate. Let’s insert the tragically obvious observation that denying off-patent and off-label treatments to symptomatic patients, with unprecedented zeal, has amounted to medical murder. 

Nevertheless, despite relentless unethical, and often mendacious, efforts to vaccinate everyone, the reality is that a sizable portion of society is indeed vaxxed. Shouldn’t an intelligent human being, such as a doctor, ask why there are more cases and deaths in 2021 than 2020 despite the availability of vaccines? Shouldn’t they be aware of the numerous breakthrough cases and ostensible vaccine failures in countries like Gibraltar or states like Vermont? And, of course, shouldn’t they be aware of the tomes of literature and peer-reviewed studies that overwhelmingly portray the most affected by Covid as being overweight and metabolically unhealthy? This, to say nothing of the alarming side effects of the vaccine in young people. 

If doctors, nurses, and the entire medical establishment were truly concerned with saving lives, they would be posting messages about getting and staying healthy. They could certainly take a brave stand against the establishment and encourage the use of all available treatments. They won’t, though, because Big Pharma cannot profit off a clean diet of organic vegetables and ethically-raised meat products. It is for the same reason Big Pharma blocked the prescription of generic treatments. 

I am friends with, and related to, many people in the medical community. Sadly, most would write off my assessment as the ramblings of an anti-vax Trumper. I am neither, but the truth does not matter to them, just as the truth about how to effectively deal with Covid does not matter to them either.

In the meantime, if you’re a doctor and trying to guilt or shame me into a vaccine, heed me advice. Quit embarrassing yourself. You’re a sellout, a fraud, and an ignoramus.

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