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Dear Medical Professionals: Quit Embarrassing Yourselves With Pleas For Me To Get Vaccinated

I keep thinking the medical community cannot lose anymore credibility with me, and then yet another doctor posts a melancholic plea to the “unvaccinated” community on their social media page about how overworked they are and how they have to spend the holidays in the hospital instead of with their own family.

Sometimes, the hackneyed virtue signaling might include a note about how vaccines save lives, but usually it stops just after explaining how overworked the person is. I am confused: Are you concerned about saving lives or just making sure your life isn’t too inconvenienced? Are we talking about the Hippocratic Oath or your travel plans? In moments like this, these people simply reveal themselves as narcissists and don’t deserve our attention or pity.

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I’ll still go down this path for a moment. I used to feel bad about people missing holidays, but then I became an adult. It dawned on me that my father worked in the aviation industry my entire childhood and regardless of what day it was, planes were criss-crossing the country bringing every other loved one to a preferred destination except him. The complaint against Black Friday rituals always focused on the down-trodden hourly employees forced to leave family gatherings and work behind a cashier, but this ignores countless others fated to work on non-desirable days.

Where was the same concern for my father, who missed every holiday every year? Also, where is the free market push to simply find a more amenable job? My dad chose his career, the cashiers chose theirs, and at the end of the day go find another job or don’t – but this isn’t society’s fault. It is yours. If you don’t like it, do something about it. Or have dinner tomorrow night with everyone. Ironically, the same group of people once advocating for togetherness are now also the same people advocating for canceling all gatherings for the rest of human existence because of a case of the sniffles and also these same people say our traditional holidays reek of white supremacy and have to be canceled. Which one is it?

Like all jobs, the medical profession comes with its own perks and downsides. Pay and social status often motivate individuals to pursue advanced medical degrees, as does service to the community and depending on the precise field, regular office hours as seen, for example, with dentists and optometrists. None of this a bad thing. We should all have the luxury to choose the perks we wish to have manifested. At the same time, no job in the history of mankind is without its drawbacks. Why should the medical community be any different? 

More to the point, since when have hospitals and emergency rooms ever been closed in recognition of a holiday? Sorry, ma’am, but we cannot deliver your baby. It is Christmas Eve. What’s that? Christ was born on Christmas Eve? Too bad, my family is eating ham and we cannot staff doctors.

The bigger fraud of these social media posts is that the medical community has outed itself as an unthinking, collective lackey for Big Pharma. We probably all intuitively knew it, but now it’s as clear as the winter days are short. Where have the pleas for preventative health measures and good living been? What medical professional would deny that proper diet and regular exercise are keys to good living? It’s been proven that a ketogenic diet can help all sorts of maladies, from Type 2 diabetes to any sort of inflammatory ailment, disappear without medication or pharmaceuticals. 

As more and more damning data to the Fauci-driven narrative that we can only vaccinate ourselves out of the pandemic is revealed, it is by now wholly obvious that encouraging vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc supplementation, enjoined with incessant exhortations to eat right, drink less, eat better, and engage in exercise, could have effectively quelled the so-called surge in cases. What’s more, less vaccination would do less damage to natural immune responses and put less pressure on Covid to mutate. Let’s insert the tragically obvious observation that denying off-patent and off-label treatments to symptomatic patients, with unprecedented zeal, has amounted to medical murder. 

Nevertheless, despite relentless unethical, and often mendacious, efforts to vaccinate everyone, the reality is that a sizable portion of society is indeed vaxxed. Shouldn’t an intelligent human being, such as a doctor, ask why there are more cases and deaths in 2021 than 2020 despite the availability of vaccines? Shouldn’t they be aware of the numerous breakthrough cases and ostensible vaccine failures in countries like Gibraltar or states like Vermont? And, of course, shouldn’t they be aware of the tomes of literature and peer-reviewed studies that overwhelmingly portray the most affected by Covid as being overweight and metabolically unhealthy? This, to say nothing of the alarming side effects of the vaccine in young people. 

If doctors, nurses, and the entire medical establishment were truly concerned with saving lives, they would be posting messages about getting and staying healthy. They could certainly take a brave stand against the establishment and encourage the use of all available treatments. They won’t, though, because Big Pharma cannot profit off a clean diet of organic vegetables and ethically-raised meat products. It is for the same reason Big Pharma blocked the prescription of generic treatments. 

I am friends with, and related to, many people in the medical community. Sadly, most would write off my assessment as the ramblings of an anti-vax Trumper. I am neither, but the truth does not matter to them, just as the truth about how to effectively deal with Covid does not matter to them either.

In the meantime, if you’re a doctor and trying to guilt or shame me into a vaccine, heed me advice. Quit embarrassing yourself. You’re a sellout, a fraud, and an ignoramus.

18 thoughts on “Dear Medical Professionals: Quit Embarrassing Yourselves With Pleas For Me To Get Vaccinated”

  1. Neither do they deserve any respect, nor any money. It has become glaringly clear that medicine is no longer a “practicing” profession, but a mere technical job where practitioners (technicians, really) simply execute flow charts, treating every individual as if they were a clone, and expecting the exact same result despite huge variables from person to person.

  2. Unbelievable transcripts of conversations between researchers on this subject documented in Kennedy’s book about Fauci. Unreal. People are responsible for millions of deaths by suppressing early therapeutics.

  3. Kudos Parker, for pointing out what a rational person would only see as rational; These so-called experts have consistently been wrong about this ‘pandemic’. Every claim about the concoction being reliable and a panacea, given time, is proven to be false. My spin to these doomsayers is this- If you are sooooo scared of the China flu and it’s variants, YOU stay home! YOU bundle up in multiple layers of face diapers. YOU completely isolate yourself from the rest of society and let us get on with our lives!!!!

  4. One (of many) things that bugs me is the official “shaming” of “stuff you read on the internet.” We are told to consult our local health care professionals, as though a GP who has hastily read the CDC guidelines that the injections are “safe and effective” and “Ivermectin doesn’t work” has superior knowledge compared to internationally recognized immunologists and Nobel prize-winning scientists that express their concerns on-line. Know-nothing politicians keep repeating “safe and effective” as VAERS numbers keep climbing, athletes drop on the playing fields, and friends and family succumb before our very eyes. (I personally know four people seriously harmed by the injection, one is dead, one is incapacitated permanently, one has permanent heart damage, and one recovered from her heart attack… for now. I personally know of no one that has died or been permanently harmed by the China Virus.) The politicians cannot tell us why (especially) young people should be injected when WE KNOW the “vax” is far more dangerous to them than is the virus. They claim their goal is to prevent the collapse of the health care system, but they refuse to allow harmless therapeutics like Ivermectin, that could cut hospitalizations significantly, to play any role. I will not be injected until my questions receive REAL answers.

  5. Your rant is right on! We should five people info to help them live their lives and preserve or improve their health. I saw a young adult patient recently who told me she was reluctant to see a doctor as she expected to be hassled about getting vaccinated. If you are a man who believes in prayer, please keep healthcare workers in your prayers.

    1. Yours is a important point- The medical establishment has prostituted itself for the almighty dollar. In loosing it’s integrity, the ramifications of millions of people refusing to go for routine exams, checkups, etc. is going to lead to more misery and deaths than the China flu itself. I for one, for the first time in 30+ years, will not get a regular flu shot because I simply do not trust them.

  6. Excellent letter! We have a ton of medical negligence, capitulation, and criminality going on with these
    not-vaccines and the incredible pushing them on people. They have proved to be quite toxic and even deadly in many thousands of cases. This is completely ignored in the media, but anyone who wants to be informed can easily find credible information by going beyond Fauci and liberal sites.
    It is very telling how the protocols of Vitamin D, zinc, plus have been utterly ignored, and most doctors are not in any way educating the populace about caring for themselves in this way, Plus, withholding
    Ivermectin and HCQ from us tells you all you need to know about how nefarious all of this is. Yet it still amazes me how many people are willfully ignorant and unwilling to help themselves.

  7. This is amazing. One of the best assessments on this subject that I’ve seen in the past two years of covid immersion. I agree with everything you wrote here, and have been saying all these things to my poor husband every day, and to anyone else who will listen. The majority of the medical community, our media, our government, and our institutions are following the money, not the science. Thousands of people have been killed as a result. History will not look kindly. PS Try to stay out of the healthcare system as if your life depends upon it.

  8. The lack of critical thinking by our younger generations has become an epidemic. Yesterday I was talking to a friend who was telling me to pray for the parent of a girl we have known since she was in pigtails. Said girl is now a newly minted ER doctor. Her mother is fully vaccinated and is dying in the hospital as I write. She is on Remdesivir and on a ventilator – common Covid Protocol. I made the comment htat perhaps her daughter could get her some Ivermectin. My friend said that she doubts the girl will believe Ivermectin will help her mother since she has been on Facebook telling anyone who will listen that they ALL need to be vaccinated and blaming the unvaccinated for her mother’s plight. I could only shake my head in disappointment. You can’t help people who don’t want to face the truth because they have fully bought into the lie.

  9. Elliot,

    Thank you for the reply. I could not be in more agreement with you about the unmentioned doctors, physician assistants, nurses, and other medical professionals that have worked nonstop since the Covid outbreak. There are countless examples of courage of conviction – whether that is displayed by prominent names attached to a few of the organizations you mentioned and, equally important, by the unknown names who stood up to the machine and have endured layoffs and firings for not getting complying with mandated and unscientific mass vaccinations, to say nothing of their tireless work on the front lines since March of 2020. This article could simply not cover the entire scope of practice within the field, so I focused instead on a segment of the population that feels inclined to post their bleating to social media accounts in an attempt to guilt, shame, coerce, compel, and otherwise distort what I consider are the obvious benefits of extant preventative and therapeutic options in the battle against Covid. As your post indicates, there is plenty of evidence from rigorous medical studies and journals as to the efficacy of nutraceuticals and off-label use of other pharmaceutical products. To ignore all of this, as the medical establishment has, has not only resulted in unnecessary deaths numbering in the hundreds of thousands, but more to the point of these social media sheep, has resulted in unnecessary hospitalizations and the very work they complain about.

    I sincerely appreciate your reply and your readership. Thanks for your time to both read and post. Welcome to our community and I look forward to future conversations!


    1. Parker,

      While I am very glad we find common ground here, I still stand by my original criticisms, as I could not possibly have known of these complete views, from your article.
      I do understand editorial restrictions, but I think that even one paragraph that spoke to your excellent grasp of both sides of this coin, would have cast your article in an entirely different light….at least for me!
      Thank you for welcoming me to this “community”, & for taking the time to correct my misconceptions (& hopefully others?) regarding this matter. I am looking forward to your future articles.



  10. Thank you for this article! I too am sick of the PA taxpayer-funded pleas telling us all how safe the vaccines are. No, they don’t want to talk about the break-through cases and canceled sporting events because the 100% vaccinated team players are ill. They also have failed to acknowledge or recommend treatments outside of vaccines.

    The cure-all is failing! Will people need 4, 5, 6 vaccines to grocery shop in the next year? Or will we find that the unvaccinated are now the healthiest in the nation, while children and babies are dying because of the misinformation they naively accepted as truth?

    I am proud of those who stood their ground against the fake science and money-grubbing big pharma! If there’s nothing to hide, why do they want records sealed for 75 years??? They are hoping everyone who was vaccinated will be dead and unable to sue them!

    Shared your article to my FB page for the fake fact-checkers to attach a covid notice to. Have a blessed day!!

  11. Mr. Beauregard,

    While I agree with much in your article, along the self reliance/self responsibility lines, & that many in the Medical Professions have much to answer for, I also note your complete lack of recognition of all the brave Medical Professionals who have put their careers on the line, by speaking out against this insane tyranny.
    Many have lost their jobs for just speaking out, or for desperately trying to save the lives of their patients with treatments that work, or for simply choosing their G-d given right of dominion over what they choose to put into their own bodies. Many more ?are in limbo right now, with only a Court’s temporary injunction, keeping them employed.
    Why did you also not give credit to the tens of thousands who signed The Great Barrington Declaration, or to the life saving treatment protocols, information, & legal battles being fought by organizations of Medical Professionals that have flung themselves into the breach? Organizations, to name but a few, such as:

    The Association of American Physicians & Surgeons ,

    Front Line C-19 Critical Care Alliance ,

    America’s Frontline Doctors

    Leaving any of the heroes, from all walks of life, who have stood tall against this tyranny out of your article, relegates your article to only the 1st rung of the ladder, one step up from the leftist noise we see & hear all around us….you recognized a serious problem, but just complained & berated those who are weak, without recognizing & lauding any of those who are strong.
    I hope to read better, in your future articles.

    1. I just love it when I go to see my doctors that the medical profession as a whole believes that people with Gender Dysphoria must be recognized as normal. They are not, and every one of them should be receiving psychiatric help in overcoming what is a mental and emotional sickness. Normal people with normal medical problems should not have to exposed to this type of insanity that is promoted by the medical community and the AMA. We will not be forced to go down the rabbit hole with these degenerates. What happened to the Hippocratic Oath? There are doctors and hospitals that refuse to treat unvaxed people, that is CRIMINAL.

      1. Doctors are not required to take the Hippocratic Oath anymore. As far as Doctors refusing to treat the unvaxinated, I couldn’t agree with you more. It is criminal. But then so much of what it happening around Covid is criminal. Hospitals refusing to allow dying patients to try Ivermectin is criminal. The CDC refusing to test Ivermectin as a prophylactic drug to fight Covid is criminal.

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