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Document: FDA Colluding With The US Postal Service To Block Delivery Of Ivermectin 

If you missed the Ivermectin story we shared last week, go check it out. It is by all definitions a wonder drug. So, it makes sense for us to wonder why the CDC, NIH, FDA, and WHO were down on it for so long.

The obvious response is that it does something they don’t want done, and what is that?

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Treating people early who test positive for COVID19 with symptoms. Reducing the need for hospitalization, saving ICU beds for people who need them. Saving lives.

Ivermectin has done all those things.

And the NIH gave its official blessing, so why is this happening?

Here is a locally cached copy of the entire letter.

When the COVID Cult rants about people dead from COVID remind them that those lives and many more were lost because of the ongoing political response.

Why inhibit use or access to something that is safe and will help? Why act like it’s not for people or that it’s dangerous when neither of those things was true?

Again, the obvious response is that it does something they do not want to be done and what is that? It keeps people alive and negates the need for any additional pharmaceutical intervention.

If Ivermectin saves you, some of you, most of you, there’s no reason to risk the side effects of mRNA injections.

By Steve MacDonald at Granite Grok

Steve is a long-time New Hampshire resident, blogger, taxpayer advocate, and a member of the Board of directors of The 603 Alliance. He is the Editor at Large and a co-owner of; a former board member of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire; and a past contributor to the Franklin Center for Public Policy.

Featured photo is a screengrab from Fox News Channel. 

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