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If It Saves Just One Life

If it saves just one life…” This statement comes up a lot when the media focuses on an instance of firearms misuse and implies that a legal loophole was exploited. Usually, it’s quickly followed by the exhortation to Congress, “Do something!” implying that additional firearms restrictions should, yet again, be foisted upon the nation.


Both phrases incorporate a large measure of emotion which, in the wake of a tragic event, is understandable. The trouble is, “If it saves just one life…” as applied, doesn’t stand the test of logic. By definition, laws affect the law-abiding. They mean little to the lawless. Additional laws seeking restricted access to firearms serve only to punish the tens of millions of firearms owners who have never gone astray with any of their hundreds of millions of firearms.


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“If it saves just one life…” is a two-way street. What of the individual who, due to an emotional reaction by Congress now has limited access to a firearm, is robbed, injured, raped, murdered, or otherwise violated? What if, without that additional knee-jerk restriction, that individual would have had the means to defend themselves? “If it saves just one life…” 


For decades the NRA has published a column called “The Armed Citizen” which details the use of firearms by citizens in self-defense. You’ll have to look for it, it’s not mentioned in the media because it doesn’t fit their anti-gun agenda, but it’s available online and at the link above. Every year there are myriad examples of citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights in defense of themselves, their families, and others. 


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Article by American Citizen. Originally published at American Free News Network.

2 thoughts on “If It Saves Just One Life”

  1. The picture is even bigger. Citizens have an inaliable right to stand up to their own government. Now more than ever, the Second Amendment defends against tyranny, which was the point.

  2. US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA — good self-defense insurance) publishes even more of these stories. There are vastly more instances of firearm self-defense each year than there are illegal shootings (mass or otherwise). Funny how that never gets reported. Gee, maybe the CDC’s “gun violence” efforts will blow the lid off the big secret. Ya think?

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