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Tell Us Again Democrats, Who’s The Racist?

You can’t do anything anymore without some leftist wingnut calling you a racist.  In fact, everything is racist now; statues, sports mascots, all Republicans, and even a rock.  The term has been abused so much that it’s losing its meaning.  So, as a refresher on what is, and is not, racism, let’s play a little game of racist trivia.

Who started the Civil War in an attempt to retain slavery – under the moniker of “state’s rights”?  The Confederacy started the war when it bombarded Fort Sumpter, under the orders of its President — Jefferson Davis.  Prior to secession, Davis was a senator from Mississippi – a Democrat.

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking support for slavery is something in the distant past of the Democrat party.  Senator Ron Wyden recently prevented the passage of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act. The Uyghurs are a mostly Muslim ethnic group in China, and are being held as slaves by their own government.  The act would have represented the United States taking a stand against the use of slaves by the Chinese government to manufacture products.  That would be slave labor which allegedly benefits the Nike corporation – a large donor to Senator Wyden.  And Senator Wyden is of course a Democrat.  I’m sure Ilhan Omar will be demanding Senator Wyden’s removal from all committee assignments – that’s her thing now.

While we’re talking about slavery, who led the fight to end the practice in America?  Abraham Lincoln was the President of the Union that fought against the Confederacy to end slavery.  President Lincoln also issued the Emancipation Proclamation, declaring all slaves to be free men.  He was the first President who belonged to the Republican party.  Shortly after the end of the war, Lincoln was murdered by John Wilkes Booth – a Democrat.  Ulysses S. Grant was the general that commanded Union forces in the war against slavery.  He later became President and championed equal rights for freed slaves in the south.  Grant was also a Republican.

Which political party supported poll taxes in the United States?  Poll taxes have taken a variety of forms throughout history, but in the deep south, they were a scheme to prevent newly freed slaves from voting.  To be eligible to vote in some states, citizens were required to pay a tax, which was unaffordable for many of the poor.  Being recently freed, former slaves tended to be poor.  However, poor whites were “grandfathered in” and were exempt from the poll tax.  Poll taxes were implemented just after the 15th Amendment was ratified in 1870 — giving blacks the right to vote.  

Various versions of the tax remained in effect until the 25th Amendment rendered them unconstitutional in 1964.  The party that supported poll taxes was also the party that fought to keep slavery – the Democrat party

Which party advocated racial segregation?  That would again be the Democrats.  In fact, segregationist southern Democrats even had their own club which they called the Dixiecrats – harkening back to the antebellum glory days of the south.  The Dixiecrats were racist – and proud of it.  George Wallace famously said, “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”  He was the Governor of Alabama – also a Democrat.

Which party does the Ku Klux Klan identify with?  Surprise, that would be the Democrats as well.  The KKK emerged after the Civil War to keep the freed slaves in their place.  Members of the KKK were the jack-booted morons doing the dirty work of the Democrat party long before BLM or Antifa came along.  The Klan even had members in Congress – and they were all Democrats.  In fact, Joe Biden was even pals with a few of them.  Biden actually delivered the eulogy for Senator Robert Byrd – who at one time had been an Exalted Cyclops (yes, that’s a real title) of the KKK.  

Joey Softserve said Senator Exalted Cyclops was one of his mentors – imagine that.  

The membership of the KKK has been waning for years.  Not to fear, the Democrat party still has a militant wing – only now they wear black hoodies rather than white robes.  I’m still trying to find out if Antifa has an Exalted Cyclops.

Who Interred citizens of Japanese descent during World War II?  Japanese-Americans were held as prisoners by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt – a Democrat.  The United States was also at war with Germany and Italy, but only Americans with Japanese ancestry were arrested.  Was there any reason those of Asian heritage were singled out – other than the fact that they weren’t white?

Which party was instrumental to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?  It was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson – a Democrat.  But it would have never passed without the help of Republicans.  A number of Democrats, led by the aforementioned Robert Byrd, had vowed to prevent its passage.  They objected to the anti-segregation components of the act, and used the filibuster for 60 days to block the bill.  The bill only passed when a hand full of Democrat leaders received overwhelming help from Republicans to push the bill through.  When the bill eventually passed, most Democrats voted against it, and most Republicans voted for it.  Don’t mistakenly think that President Johnson was some kind of pioneer leading his party out of racism.  He was a well-known racist himself.  He signed the bill for political rather than ideological reasons.  As Ronald Kessler reported in his book, Inside the White House: The Hidden Lives of the Modern Presidents and the Secrets of the World’s Most Powerful Institution, President Johnson said, “I’ll have those n*****s voting Democrat for two hundred years.”  That was offensive, even in his day, but those were his words.  Judging by voting patterns of the past 60 years, he may have been right.

Which party has fought to limit the educational options for poor and minority children?  That has been done by the preferred party of the teacher’s unions – the Democrats.  The Dems have consistently worked to block programs for school vouchers – which would allow children from underprivileged families to seek alternatives to public education.  Unfortunately for the poor, thou shalt not divert dollars away from public school systems.  You don’t suppose the unions being big-time donors to the Democrats has anything to do with it, do you?

Who advocated for the reduction of reproduction among American minorities?  That would be Margaret Sanger – the founder of Planned Parenthood.  She was a staunch supporter of eugenics – the practice of improving the purity of the human race by limiting the reproduction of “inferior races.”  Margaret herself wrote, “The mass of ignorant Negroes still breeds carelessly and disastrously, so that the increase among Negroes, even more than the increase among whites, is from that part of the population least intelligent and fit.”  Given its founding, is it any coincidence that most Planned Parenthood clinics are in poor or minority neighborhoods?  But sure, it’s all being done for women’s health – wink, wink.  This really begs the question: if all symbols of past racism must be destroyed, why are Planned Parenthood clinics still standing?  Oh, and what party did Sanger belong to?  Nope, not the Democrats.  She was a member of the Socialist party.  The party of AOC and Bernie Sanders.  The party the Democrats aspire to become.

Finally, which well-known political leader said the following things:

  • Forced busing to desegregate schools would force his children to “grow up in a racial jungle.”
  • Barack Obama is “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean.”
  • “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”
  • “They’re used to being experimented on – the Tuskegee Airmen and others.”
  • “Unlike the African-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about things.”

Those statements all speak for themselves, and they were all uttered by Joseph Robinette Biden – the nominal empty-head of the Democrat party.

The next time someone calls you a racist for saying something offensive – like all lives matter – consider the source.  They are probably a product of the Democrat party.  The party of slavery, segregation, and white supremacy.  So don’t fret, you’ve just been called a racist by a useful idiot doing the bidding of actual racists.

By John Green

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He currently writes at the American Free News Network (  He can be followed on Facebook or reached at

Featured photo by WikiImages at Pixabay.

9 thoughts on “Tell Us Again Democrats, Who’s The Racist?”

  1. Love how Democrats also come here to chastise you on your understanding of history. Yet despite all the citations and receipts you provide with your excellent exposition, the best rebuttal they can provide is, “Naw aw!”

    Yes, Democrats have historically been the racist bigots who have used skin color and hate to decide policy and legislation for the last 250 years. And today is no different. The KKK are now rich white kids in black bloc, the cotton fields are now the urban plantation, poll taxes are now ballot harvesting, and the hatred is now against all white people and those black people who dare to question the tyrannical nature of wokism.

    Facts are stubborn things, however. They can try to 1619 Project their role in the most inhumane acts in human history all they like, but the TRUTH will never be far off their heels. I say it’s time to rise up and destroy the Democrat Party and all traces of it in our culture. It’s a cancer that has been trying to kill American Liberty for centuries, and if we don’t remove it soon, it will destroy the host.

  2. I reject your statements on the Civil War. There is a reason Freemont lost and Lincoln won. Check the differences between the 1856 Republican Party platform and the one of 1860. Tariffs is in the 1860 platform and resurrected the Southern angst of the Nullification Crisis.

    1. Travis, could you please enlighten us with what you say is true?

      I have heard throughout my life at what some of what you say is true, but do not find where it is proven? Again please state the book on the history you are saying, and a brief lesson!

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