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Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster Is Far From Over

In August, we watched in horror, disgust, and embarrassment as the Biden plan to end the twenty-year American involvement in Afghanistan unfolded. From the premature withdrawal of our troops, allowing the Taliban to assume control, the abandonment of billions of dollars of military equipment, closing the only American-controlled airstrip, and leaving countless Americans behind, the plan was a failure on every page. Amazingly, the Biden team tied every failure back to Trump while spinning the debacle into the greatest airlift of Americans and allies of all time.

The ghastly scene of Afghans clinging to an American plane as it was taxiing to take off was emblematic of the disaster created by Biden and his staff. The airlift was a two-headed monster. On the one hand, we had planes full of unvetted and undocumented Afghans escaping the now Taliban-controlled country. 

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On the other hand, we had Americans prevented from leaving and an administration that refused to assess the remaining Americans accurately. We are now four months out from the events of Kabul, and the results are still vague. The topic is rarely mentioned during press briefings, and the Defense and State Department are silent on updates. You have to dig deep to find news reports, but the ones you can uncover are disturbing.

Let’s stipulate that any facts we find need to be treated with cynicism. The administration manipulates the numbers to favor their narrative, as is the make-up of the refugees. We were told the Afghans were vetted before boarding, but we now know that to be false. We were told that these were people who had worked closely with Americans, but we now find that most have no English-speaking skills. Upwards of 80,000 refugees are relocated into every state except the District of Columbia. That exception is a classic NIMBY. The politicians making the decisions on relocation would never want a foreign group bogging down the resources they use.

The onus for finding homes for these people falls on religious and charitable groups. The government disperses then wipes their hands of them. These refugees have no say in their eventual home state and think of those lucky folks who go from the desert of Afghanistan to the tundra of Alaska. They have no money, job, home, cannot speak the language, and their children need to assimilate to new schools in unfamiliar locations. Welcome to America. Cities and towns also have little say in this process but need to accept the new burdens on already stretched resources.

We do not have any credible information about the remaining Americans in Afghanistan. This information void is frustrating and should madden every American. The numbers range from dozens to thousands. We took in 80,000 strangers before we assured every American was returned home safely. The priorities of the Biden administration are as disjointed as their poorly planned evacuation of Afghanistan. 

Fortunately for Joe Biden, he has a complicit mainstream media that will allow him to skate on this debacle. There is no adjective strong enough to characterize the operation, but we are getting used to this level of performance with Biden. He has found every way possible to lower the bar, yet they still find a way to go lower.

By Ray Cardello


Ray Cardello is a conservative blogger at A Conservative View From New Hampshire who believes America is strong enough to keep us on track but making folks aware of the truth is essential to a successful and prosperous future for us all.

Featured photo by ArmyAmber at Pixabay

This article was first published on The Liberty Loft.

4 thoughts on “Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster Is Far From Over”

  1. That is why i no longer give to Catholic charities or any other do gooders. So they can bring in these people who will cost us billions, our kids will suffer in schools because these kids will hold them back. plus add the illegals to this we are paying for them forever now and we will have to do without so they can eventually live better than me.

  2. I live in Alaska and I guarantee you they will not be on the “tundra.” They will be in LosAnchorage. I have seen many families in the local walmart, some accompanied by Catholic Social Services assistant. The women are wearing their trashbags over their entire bodies with tiny slits for eye holes. the women are not allowed to go anywhere without a male relative with them at all times. Yes, let’s import this oppression. I hope the freedoms they enjoy will send a message to them and they can break free from their chains.

  3. As you say, this subject goes unreported, or under reported? Well who’s fault is this? It is every conservative website, every conservative GOP member of Congress.
    This issue should have never left the front page of every website we.control? Then we should be doing videos on rumble, and also every Twitter account our people have, along with any other messaging board.
    This one subject, should help defeat every rino that are being challenged in a primary race!!!!!
    All this can help our president if we do all the talking, so the left can not.lie and focus these lies on the real president, when he runs again in 2024!!!!!!!!!!!

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