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Understanding Election Shenanigans And The Legislative Mess We Are In

The Ultimate power: “And he that overcometh, and keepth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:” King James Bible: Revelation 2:26


The people’s power: “All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for their equal benefit, security and protection.” The Michigan Constitution of 1963: Article I Section I

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Illegitimate power: “How do you like the Queen?” said the Cat in a low voice. ‘Not at all,” said Alice: “she’s so extremely-” Just then she noticed that the Queen was close behind her, listening: so she went on “-likely to win, that it’s hardly worthwhile finishing the game.” Alice in Wonderland – 09


In Understanding Voting Machine Vulnerabilities, much attention was given to University of Michigan professor J. Alex Halderman’s August 2, 2021, sworn expert rebuttal, where he discusses “the serious vulnerabilities” and the steps that he describes “for exploiting those vulnerabilities to alter individual votes and election outcomes in Georgia.”


Professor Halderman also wrote a 54-page report entitled Analysis of the Antrim County, Michigan, November 2020 Election Incident published on March 26, 2021. Michigan’s senate government oversight committee cited professor Halderman’s report on page 17 of their 2020 election results report, but only to support their conclusion that it was not possible that Antrim county machines had “ranked-choice” balloting turned on, as the Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG) of independent, highly credentialed cyber security experts had alleged.


Both documents are linked here and here:


Following is a list of some of the other conclusions that professor J. Alex Halderman mentioned in his 54-page report on the Antrim County elections that the senate oversight committee seem to have overlooked in their research:


  • … several layers of protections that are supposed to ensure accuracy broke down due to human errors on multiple levels, including mistakes by county and township staff while operating the election technology, procedural missteps while processing ballots in some localities, and the failure of the county canvassers to detect lingering discrepancies (pg 3).
  • When memory cards that used the old identifiers were interpreted by the election management system using the new identifiers, votes were assigned to the wrong candidates, causing large errors in the initial reported results for most contests in all but a few precincts (pg 5).
  • The (ASOG) report is correct that the EMS (election management system) is missing important Windows security updates, potentially leaving it vulnerable to various methods of attack (pg 45).
  • The system is running Windows 10 version 1607, which was released in 2016, and it appears not to have had any updates installed for at least two years (pg 45).
  • The (ASOG) report is correct that the Windows security event log in the EMS image only contains entries extending back to November 4, 2020, the day after the election (pg 45).
  • The (ASOG) report is correct that the authentication and access control mechanisms on the EMS have serious weaknesses. (pg 45).
  • Antrim workers almost exclusively used a single Windows user account that had full administrative privileges over the computer. This account has the necessary privileges to alter log files and bypass other security controls (pg 45-46).
  • County staff failed to ensure that all ballot scanners used the revised election definition (pg 47).
  • Townships failed to notice poll tape errors during pre-election testing (pg 47).
  • Poll workers erased memory cards, making the reporting errors harder to spot (pg 47).
  • Several of the election procedures that broke down due to human error are important security protections (pg 48).
  • the EMS lacks important security updates, has weak authentication and access control mechanisms, and is vulnerable to compromise (pg 48).


(All bolding mine.)


And yet with all that evidence, professor Halderman is reported to have said that “he doesn’t believe Ramsland (co-founder of ASOG) had ‘performed any credible statistical analysis of the Antrim County results, let alone one that supports the conclusion that there was fraud.”





And why didn’t it matter to the senate oversight committee that on Page 3 of Halderman’s report he informed us that “The Michigan secretary of state and the department of attorney general asked (him) to perform a forensic investigation of the incident in order to answer … questions.”


So, let me get this straight. professor Halderman was “asked” to perform a “forensic” investigation of the “incident” in Antrim County by one of the Defendants (Jocelyn Benson, in her official capacity as Michigan secretary of state) in a civil action filed on November 25, 2020, by Attorney Sidney Powell that brought to light “massive election fraud …”


You cannot make this stuff up … here we have senators whom we elected to protect us from injustice, relying upon some of the conclusions, but not all of the conclusions of a professor hired to examine election fraud by one of the people being sued in an election fraud lawsuit.


What else can we find out about professor J. Alex Halderman? Well, on August 18, 2019 he was interviewed by John McArdle on C-Span’s Washington Journal in a segment called Election Systems and Vulnerabilities in which he said that “unfortunately its all too true that election infrastructure across the United States remains weakly protected and vulnerable against sophisticated foreign hackers.”


Professor Halderman also informed us that he was “currently co-chairing for the Michigan secretary of state a commission to advise the state on how to become a national leader in election security.”


So not only was he “asked” by the Michigan secretary of state to investigate the Antrim County election fraud “incident” he was actually working as an advisor to the Michigan secretary of state when he was “asked” to investigate alleged fraud potentially committed by the Michigan secretary of state.


At approximately 15:35 to 15:38 in this C-Span interview, professor Halderman can be seen seemingly nodding his head in agreement when a caller from Canada (of all places) said that President Trump’s “myth for voter fraud is just an effort to restrict the franchise of non-whites.”


Lucky for him, Halderman was able to skate away from addressing that “myth” about a “myth” because the caller then pivoted to blaming Mitch McConnell for blocking any voter integrity efforts in the senate, to which professor Halderman focused his answer, in agreement.


Interestingly enough Halderman then says that states need to regularly audit the paper ballots to make sure they match the statewide results — “you need an audit in order to get a strong assurance,” he claims.


The interview ends with a question regarding what would happen if we find out that election results are wrong to which professor Halderman says that “this is all about making sure elections are more resilient. We need layers of protections including physical backups, like the paper trail, including other cyber security defenses to just make them as difficult to alter and as easy to go back and recheck as we can.”


So why did professor Halderman make it more difficult to “go back and recheck” the November 2020 election results in Michigan by concluding that the cyber security experts in Antrim “didn’t support the conclusion that there was fraud” even though he had warned us that “it’s all too true that election infrastructure across the United States remains weakly protected and vulnerable against sophisticated foreign hackers” and he cited multiple instances of “several layers of protections that are supposed to ensure accuracy broke down” in Antrim alone?


In senator McBroom’s cover letter to the 2020 Election Report he stated that, “This committee exhausted every resource available to it to thoroughly and faithfully examine our elections process in Michigan and drill down on claims and testimony specific to the 2020 election.” Later in that same paragraph he said, “However, this investigation should not be considered exhaustive.” So what is it?


I wonder if, in all of their “exhausted but not exhaustive” research, our senate oversight committee members happened to find and watch the video of a federal house judiciary committee hearing in the year 2000 that shows Maxine Waters and Jerry Nadler asking questions of a software programmer named Clint Eugene Curtis who is testifying under Oath that he was asked to design algorithms that would not only flip elections, but that it was possible for someone to write code designed to “eat itself” and thereby destroy any ability to later discover election rigging?


When asked whether this potential fraud could be discovered after an election, Mr. Curtis says that you “might” be able to discover the fraud after the fact, but only “if you had access to the source code and/or if you had the receipts and then count the hard paper against the actual vote total”


See video here at 1:20.


Imagine the fact that Maxine Waters and Jerry Nadler might have been able to nip the problem in the bud in the year 2000 when it was a republican legislator that requested “the steal algorithm.”


Funny thing, back in the year 2000, Maxine Waters even questioned the “Diebold” machines.


Diebold machines? Isn’t Diebold now owned by Dominion? Yes, that purchase/transfer/merger was discussed on the Huffington Post website in a well-referenced blog post published originally on June 22, 2010, and updated in 2017, written by a blogger named Brad Freidman.


Back in 2010, Brad was detailing his concerns about the Dominion Voting System’s march to almost total control of US election systems and their ties to communist venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. This year he can’t seem to shake the Trump/Russian collusion delusion – poor fellow. Could someone please take Brad’s temperature? He must have some sort of virus; probably the fifth iteration called el stupido cron.


The important inference reached here is that with decades of warnings of potential election fraud, our modern-day public functionaries should have been compelled to immediately seize those Dominion Voting machines in November of 2020, when there was a rapid, resounding and relentless outcry of foul play, to have those machines scrutinized for source code malfeasance, prior to the erasure of potential evidence of criminality. But no, they rather continued to look for ways and means to dispute even the hint that there might have been election fraud.




In a cover letter to the Michigan state senate report on the 2020 election that I mentioned earlier, senator McBroom stated that “all compelling theories that sprang forth from the rumors surrounding Antrim County are diminished so significantly as for it to be a complete waste of time to consider them further.” Theories? Rumors? Waste of Time?


The report itself used about six pages to tear apart not only the forensic audit conducted in Antrim County, calling it a “purported” audit, but to defame the credentialed cyber experts who performed the audit.


One of the early observations made in the Senate report was that “the common claim (of fraud) surrounding this mistake … is inaccurate and was explained by the Antrim County Clerk, Sheryl Guy” (parenthesis and emphasis mine). Claim? Mistake?


According to an article posted on the 100 Percent Fed Up website, Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy admitted to having ordered her clerks to delete important system files and adjudication records in the Antrim County election management system (EMS) the day after the November 3rd election.


Question: Do you think that a “material witness” in the Antrim County election fraud case (namely government employee Sheryl Guy) should have been the go-to person to which our government oversight committee based their government findings?


Shouldn’t they rather have relied upon the possibility that the independent work completed by Russell Ramsland and the Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG) in Antrim County that identified multiple concerns, including “an algorithm used that will weight one candidate greater than another (page 18 – number 3 of the ASOG report linked below) might well have accurately identified the same kind of algorithm that Mr. Curtis spoke of designing 21 years ago? They could have at least asked the questions, but apparently they didn’t.


Why not?


Just for fun, let’s consider the posted information at Michigan Campaign Finance Networks website regarding the campaign donations provided to senator Ed McBroom, where you can find that over a half a million dollars has been provided to Mr. McBroom from the Michigan senate republican campaign committee since 2011.


(Senator Ed McBroom’s Donor List)


Okay, so the senate republican committee funds a reliable former state house representative running for a seat on the state senate, who is then appointed to lead a powerful senate government oversight committee (It makes sense; after all, keep your friends close, they say).


But who funds the Michigan senate republican campaign committee (MSRCC)? Let’s take a look.


(Michigan Senate Republican Campaign Committee Donor List)


Well, the DeVos family has certainly been generous, donating around $1.1 million dollars to the MSRCC from 2011 to present. I suppose their generosity is what led to the appointment of the lovely but lackluster Mrs. Betsy DeVos as the secretary of the department of education (which, by the way, is a de facto department; which makes anyone appointed as the “secretary” a de facto officer; which then of course makes her resignation citing the false flag January 6, 2021, “incident” a de facto resignation).


For a clearer understanding of what “de facto” means, it could be said to mean “in name only” in contrast to “de jour” (which means by the law). So, de jure offices and officers are legitimate; de facto offices and officers are illegitimate… simple as that.


Next big donor, former senate majority leader Arlan Meekhof has donated around $351,100 to the Michigan senate republican campaign committee (MSRCC) through a political action committee called Moving Michigan Forward. You might remember that senator Meekhof was the sponsor of PA 252 in 2013, which is a 10 page gobbly-de-gook bill regulating political activity and … you guessed it … campaign contributions.


Then there’s Blue Cross/Blue Shield’s support of the MSRCC to the tune of approximately $285,000 from 2011 to 2020. This is interesting because you do know, of course, that Gretchen Whitmer is the privileged daughter of Richard Whitmer, the former President and CEO of BC/BS from 1988 through 2006.


The revolving doors of illegitimate power – democrats in; republicans out; remocrats in; depublicans out; take your pick; make your donation; support suspect allegiances working together … to do what? Protect the people from injustice? Or to run cover for each other and build an invisible political machine where no one who is IN really cares about whose party is in the majority versus in the minority as long as they are all just IN?


Then just to add a little icing to this “let them eat cake” moment, guess who else is a big donor to senator Ed McBroom’s campaign and the MSRCC? Another political action committee called Compete Michigan organized by current senate majority leader Mike Shirkey. And who funds his Compete Michigan PAC? Of course, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, among others.


So, what our government has devolved into is big insurance tied to big democrat-led executive department funding big republican-led senate majority leader’s big uni-party PAC which is funding big government’s big oversight committee’s big chairman.


And we are supposed to believe that the big chairman of big government’s big oversight committee is looking out for … the little people? Guess again.

Senator Ed McBroom and committee concluded their report on the November 2020 election by stating: “We also conclude citizens should demand reasonable updates and reforms to close real vulnerabilities and unlawful activities that caused much of the doubt and questionability to flourish and could, if unchecked, be responsible for serious and disastrous fraud or confusion in the future” (bolding and italics mine).


I would like to suggest to senator McBroom that “real vulnerabilities and unlawful activities” ARE responsible for “serious and disastrous fraud” in the election of 2020 which needs to be decertified in its entirety so that the American people can have an opportunity to reclaim their constitutional Republic.


Would you like to join us, Senator McBroom?


By Guest Author Janice Daniels

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  1. “Understanding Election Shenanigans And The Legislative Mess We Are In.”
    1. The Democrats cheated in a number of ways and stole the election.
    2. The Democrats and Republicans lie and cover up the theft of the election.
    3. Republicans refuse to lift a finger to punish the Democrats.
    4. Republicans refuse to lift a finger to prevent Democrats cheating NEXT time.

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