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So Messed Up, Where To Begin

This commentary is the first post of season 8. I have published every day for the last 350 and never had to think twice about a subject. I usually have two or three pieces in the works. Not the case today. Today I find myself shaking my head, wondering how we got to this point of total confusion in the White House. No firm direction from Team Biden. Maybe it is a good thing that the Team is on vacation. How much damage can Joe and Kamala do when hitting the egg nog? If only we could get Anthony off of CNN and MSNBC to join them.


Seriously, this mess of an administration is reaching critical mass. We cannot tell Joe’s blunders from actual policy statements. His admission during the conference call with some Governors about the lack of a Federal plan to attack COVID is the latest example. He caught the Governors off guard, and I am sure he shocked his staff. But there has been little effort to walk back his statement. If it is allowed to stand to save him some face, what are we to make of the vaccine and mask mandates? Do they carry any weight since he disavowed them? Is there a need for the seemingly daily restrictions from Dr. Anthony Fauci? It appears the good doctor may have only one fan left, and nobody can listen to Nicole Wallace at MSNBC as she gushes with praise for her Boy, Tony.

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Nicole Wallace is such a liberal hack with a hatred of Republicans that is off the charts. It makes you wonder how she ever worked for President George Bush. Wallace is supposed to be a News anchor, not an opinion analyst, but she has drifted so far to the left she will need a compass to get back to neutral territory. But let’s get back to the White House.


In addition to Joe Biden’s COVID blunder, Kamala Harris is apparently the victim of a doctored YouTube video where she is seen claiming the people clogging the hospitals and those dying of COVID have been vaccinated. The video has been visited 56K times, the same number of views as the original video on the White House website. Harris points out that these people have NOT been vaccinated in the original. Why the White House is not going to war against the bogus video. They should be screaming from the highest rafters that they have been duped, and here is the real story.


In addition to a credibility issue, this White House has a messaging problem. They have difficulty getting their story out first and often resort to a clean-up in aisle 7. 

Nobody remembers the clean-up. Once the damage is done, which happens far too often, it is done. This Team has many obstacles facing them as we enter 2022. Their poll numbers continue to plummet, and nothing in the funnel can reverse that slide quickly.


If Biden is going to build any momentum heading into the mid-terms, he needs some small victories. He may try to break the Build Back Better Bill into individual pieces to get something passed. This method is dangerous as breaking it up will expose some of the tricks used to keep the cost down. This tactic will also not satisfy the Radical Left, waiting to pounce on their leadership group. They feel they are not listened to or taken seriously. They want to prove otherwise.


The first three months will set the tone. I do not see any indication that Biden will see any changes. He is convinced he is on the right track for America. America is convinced she wants no part of it.


By Ray Cardello


Ray Cardello is a conservative blogger at A Conservative View From New Hampshire who believes America is strong enough to keep us on track but making folks aware of the truth is essential to a successful and prosperous future for us all.


Featured photo is a screengrab from YouTube


This article was first published on The Liberty Loft 

2 thoughts on “So Messed Up, Where To Begin”

  1. Of all the debacles CREATED by this regime in it’s first year, the surrender of Afghanistan is by far the worst. If such a disaster occured under President Donald J Trump, investigations and hearings would have started within Day 1. By now, the puppet parrot media would be in constant ‘crisis’ reporting. If at all possible, the demoncrats in Congress would be holding MULTIPLE impeachment trials.
    But no, instead the bodies of our Dead U.S. Military were QUICKLY swept under the deepest rug. To compound the
    tragedy, the idiots in the Pentagon blew away a dozen Afghan civilians, including children. No one held responsible. Quickly erased from media mentions.
    Insipid ol’ pedo joe continues his play days as emperor. We all have to pray that something even worse is not in store for our Nation. One thing is probably true is that pedo joe won’t see it coming either.

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