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Start The New Year Right – Stop Lying To People About Their COVID-19 Vaccine Being Approved

The media, your governors, mayors, employers, neighbors, and Karens of every shape and size are all lying to you. The only COVID vaccines available in the US are emergency use authorized only—experimental drugs. There is no FDA-approved product available anywhere in the US. None.

Just ask the CDC. From the Vaccine Codes page.

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CDC Comirnaty not available

Here’s a closer look at the notes.

CDC Comirnaty not available close up

Not only did you not get the “approved” pharmaceutical product, but it also can’t even be ordered not until all the experimental product inventory has been used up or will be.

You can’t get it, your medical professionals can’t get it, your children can’t get it, no one in the US can get it, has, or did.

How many times have you heard from the legacy media, a complicit politician, or otherwise ignorant toady of the COVID Cult that “the vaccines are approved?”

Dozens, thousands, more?

Why the bait and switch?

An EUA fully protects the drugmaker and grants zero legal recourse to the patient. This surefire protection measure was bolstered by the PREP act and other measures implemented to shield COVID companies from liability.

If you consent to receive an experimental drug or to have it given to your child, no matter what happens, you can’t sue them or anyone in the chain of custody. If the drug is legally approved and a legally distinct product is available, everyone in the delivery chain could be susceptible to litigation if that product results in harm.

A few thoughts.

We know that this product has harmed more people than any vaccine, of which I’m aware. It has killed more people than any vaccine in modern history. That’s not a conspiracy theory, and it’s a fact, given what we know. With the data skewed and incomplete, the odds are excellent that there were many more harmed, of which we do not know.

When you bring this up, people fall back on the, well compared to the number of doses, it’s not a huge percentage. Seriously? The COVID Jabs have over 21,000 confirmed kills, so how many is too many when over 99% of the population would survive a case of COVID?

If it’s safe, as all the advocates claim, despite the reported harms, then why is the EUA version not approved? Why isn’t Comirnaty – the “approved” version, widely available? Why have they not relabeled or rebranded their EUA doses with the updated codes and insert?

If Comirnaty is the same as the EUA, why not add the FDA-approved packet insert for all existing doses instead of the EUA labeling and packet information?

Big Pharma pumped out billions of EUA doses in the blink of an eye. The notice of FDA approval for Comirnaty and the resulting media whirlwind air propaganda war was nearly five months ago. Why is Pfizer still not planning to produce these new codes and labels?

No one can legally declare under any circumstance that they are injecting you with the FDA-approved product, and the ability to do so is limited entirely by Pfizer, not the FDA, not your doctor, nurse, practitioner, governor, mayor, or anyone else.

I predict that you will never see Comirnaty in the US. Never.

The FDA approved a legal smokescreen back in August to convince people to get the EUA jab under the pretense that it was safe.

In reality, they were lining you up to give you something that might harm you with no legal recourse for those harms, and it doesn’t even protect you from infection or – more importantly – transmission.

The potential for spread continues to be the ball and chain of the political response. Even the threat of transmission among vaccinated people who test positive with no symptoms will get them quarantined.

What needs to spread is the truth, but everyone who tries gets mocked as a crank or a conspiracy theorist when the CDC and Pfizer have admitted there is no approved version, and we should not expect one. Just the EUA with all the risks, over which no one could sue if they willingly accepted the inoculation.

So (and this is for the lawyers out there), given the layers of deception, who if anyone can sue and whom can they sue, if anyone?

by Steve MacDonald

Steve is a long-time New Hampshire resident, blogger, taxpayer advocate, and a member of the Board of directors of The 603 Alliance. He is the Editor at Large and a co-owner of; a former board member of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire; and a past contributor to the Franklin Center for Public Policy.

Photo by DJ Paine on Unsplash

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