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Charges Quietly Dropped Against Prison Guards Who ‘Fell Asleep’ for Three Hours, Falsified Records, at Time of Epstein’s Suicide

On Wednesday, British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of sex trafficking of a minor, four other charges. 


The next morning, federal prosecutors asked a judge to dismiss charges against Tova Noel and Michael Thomas, the prison guards on duty at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City at the time of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s death.


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The pair failed to perform mandatory inmate checks on the night of Epstein’s “suicide” and then falsified records. They later told authorities they’d been napping and surfing the internet in the hours before they discovered Epstein “unresponsive” in his cell at 6:30 a.m. on August 10, 2019.


Reuters reported that Noel and Thomas had agreed to “deferred prosecution agreements” in May “which required that they each perform 100 hours of community service and cooperate with a federal probe arising from Epstein’s death.”


The New York Medical Examiner ruled Epstein’s death a suicide. 


Dr. Michael Baden, himself a former Chief Medical Examiner of New York City, disagrees and told Fox News’ Will Cain last week that “Epstein’s autopsy points to homicide.”


Baden, a Fox Business Network Contributor, was present at the autopsy. Below is a transcript of their discussion:



BADEN: “There were crush injuries to the neck — three fractures in the neck, which is extremely unusual in a suicidal hanging.

Usually, there aren’t any fractures in a suicidal hanging, and this is more typical of a homicidal strangulation type injury. The ligature on the floor, made from the sheet didn’t match the ligature burrow in the neck.”

The guards that slept, and didn’t look at his cell for eight hours, they are supposed to look at least every 30 minutes and refused to say when they finally went there what his body was positioned in, were his feet on the ground? Was he on his knees? Was he on his abdomen? None of that came out from their statements. They refused to say anything.”


Read the rest HERE.


Article by Elizabeth Vaughn. Originally published at American Free News Network.

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