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In Order To Make America Great Again, Donald Trump Shouldn’t Run In 2024

Despite being the only Republican candidate who could have won in 2016, he is currently (in my mind, at least) the only one who could lose in 2024.

I am a big picture guy. For my money, Donald Trump’s presidency was greatest not in the many policies he enacted, but because of what he represented. I have the words to back it up; in the aftermath of the 2020 election I wrote that “Win Or Lose, Trump Saved America.” I still stand by every word. The movement Trump inspired – arguably one of the greatest conservative revivals in American history – was born of his justified hostility to the corporate media, unabashed love of country, and general fearlessness.

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Indeed, the movement kickstarted by Trump is far larger than his fleeting presidency or of the man himself. It needs to stay that way.

Setting aside the ego-driven interview with Candace Owens the other week and the garbled messaging around his vaccine program, I am struggling more and more with the prospect of a Donald Trump presidential campaign in 2024. Let me count the ways.

First of all, I think conservatives pride themselves on being, among other things, practical. Is it practical if Trump attempts a return to the White House? What is gained exactly by Trump being president, and not, say, Ron DeSantis, Rand Paul, or another liberty-oriented executive? 

Like it or not, Trump’s style of politics turns people off. The same traits that catapulted him to his nomination and ultimate electoral victory in 2016 are, for better or worse, the same traits that likewise prevent otherwise sensible people from voting for him. In my immediate orbit, I can think of twelve people that cast a vote in 2016 that didn’t return the favor in 2020. And that’s only a really immediate orbit. Concerns of voter fraud are entirely legitimate, but so too is the fact that registered Republicans and center-right independents sat out the presidential contest. How much of his persona has been generated by the media and how much is a veritable inherent characteristic is moot; people have their minds made up one way or the other.

The other big problem with Donald Trump as a politician, as opposed to a kingmaker, is that his ability to provide clear, concise, and meaningful rhetoric is a glaring weak spot. Yes, the hubris and the attack-first mentality play well in soundbites and make me proud to have a rare patriot in the White House, but played longer and those soundbites start to sound like a glorified book report without having read the book. Donald Trump is a very savvy individual, but explaining complex and nuanced ideas is not one of his fortes. That’s not a dig, either. That’s just a reality. As the left continues its relentless encroachment on American values and ways of life, we need a leader who can identify, name, and provide a pinpointed solution to the problem. If the conservative movement wishes to attract new voters, it will have to appeal to their rationality and intellect. Can Trump do that?

There are then other practical concerns. Is Trump immortal? Doubtful. Should he run and win in 2024, his single term would conclude with him being 82 years old. He’s obviously more vibrant than Brandon at a similar age, but anyone with parents or grandparents knows that sudden declines are, unfortunately, not rare. What then? Rather than have established a youthful two-term prospect like DeSantis, the Republican Party would suddenly be running its 2028 hopeful on a (more than likely) less-than-desirable vice president. Not only would Trump be gone, but his movement could similarly evaporate. Conversely, by playing the role of kingmaker Trump would both be passing the torch and cheerleading. His movement could gain its own momentum during his lifetime.

There is finally the practical concern that a Trump rerun would be as much for his personal ego as it is his beloved country. That’s not a fatal flaw, but it would sully the attempt. If Donald Trump did love America, and it seems obvious he does, then shouldn’t that love manifest in his removal from consideration? Any Trump campaign would signal, among other things, that he is as much interested in himself and his legacy and he is this country. 

Like all historical figures, Trump is no doubt concerned with his legacy. His presidency was great in many ways, and certainly hampered by a lying fake news media and the resultant mass formation psychosis (phrased contemporarily as Trump Derangement Syndrome). At the same time, he had his shot. He made bad cabinet appointments and likely underestimated the extent of the Deep State, but did he overhaul anything drastically? As far as I can tell, the Department of Education still exists. That needs to go. There isn’t a wall or tough immigration policy. That needs to happen. There is rampant abuse of our federal money printer. That’s on him as much as Biden. Can Trump deliver the critical changes we all need? His previous presidency simply doesn’t suggest so. He loves America on principle; now we need a president who understands how to act on that love.

Asked again, what is gained by a Trump presidency that could not be gained by a non-Trump presidency? As far as I can tell, not a whole lot. If he runs he knows he has my vote, so there’s that. Right now, though, I’d like to consider voting for someone else. Maybe, just maybe, he’d be willing to cast a ballot for someone else, too.

13 thoughts on “In Order To Make America Great Again, Donald Trump Shouldn’t Run In 2024”

  1. I’m going to say this a few times in the replies here, not because I like the sound of my own voice, but because no one seems to be pointing out the obvious, and it really does need to be pointed out. This idea is extremely foolish and exactly what the Democrats would like us to do. The idea that we should drop our best player (the only man we have actually SEEN make any meaningful conservative advances since Reagan I might add) because it might upset our opponents is a losing strategy.

    So, we’re supposed to believe that if we somehow choose a less objectionable candidate that the press will love them, they will get a fair deal, and the election is assured. People will love our choice and flock to vote for them. Yeah, right. How did that work out with George W. Bush? How did that go with John McCain? How effective was that strategy with Mitt Romney? You know how that went. It will always be the same result when we try this strategy. We need to understand that every Republican candidate will be vilified. It makes no difference. DeSantis will get slaughtered by the press just as much as Trump. Take that one to the bank!

    Every time the Democrats and establishment Republicans try to sucker us into the same dead end. They tell us not to vote for the person who actually would do the best job. Choose the guy who will appeal to everyone. Well, in 2016 we finally ignored that advice, and because of that we got the president we wanted and needed. We didn’t lose the election (as all the “experts” told us we would).

    Now we’re looking toward 2024 and they’re trying the same trick again. They’re telling us DeSantis is a better choice. He seems okay, I guess, from what he’s done so far, but he has not been through the fires like Trump. I know how Trump will govern as president. DeSantis may be good. He may not. Think how many Republicans have promised to do so much, but they never did. Republican voters rarely get what we vote for. We did finally get that with Trump. I’m sticking with him. If in six years’ time DeSantis still looks good, we can talk about it. For now, it needs to be Trump. With a fair election, the courage and conviction of 2016 could reap the same rewards in 2024.

  2. You know 12 people in your orbit that voted for him first but not second time! Those people have less sense than the people who voted for Obama – twice. One thing this swampy Rhino article left out was all the things that were going so well for Trump and all the extra folks that he got from various minoriti groups. Compromising on conservative values hasn’t worked before and turning away from the person who fought the swamp and the Democrats and the media and got the things done that he did and then got more votes despite all the cheating that was funneling them away from him suggests that you may be neglecting an opportunity.

  3. Agreed. This is complete horse shit. Trump is a moron. Bought and paid for.

    And you can make it 13 that you know of know.

  4. Prior Trump supporters that have evaluated his actions as opposed to his rhetoric and realize he’s a deep state stooge meant to distract while they back door their Satanic agenda? Patriots that have escaped the Trump Cult and want a real American candidate, rather than a vaccine pushing tool of the deep state? You forgot the most likely voters turned off by Trump the Vaccine Pushing, Deep State Chump.

  5. I noticed the same. The author implied that many Republicans and centrists sat out and didn’t vote, but both candidates got more votes than any previous candidate. The election was stolen, and by writing crap like this, all future elections will be as well.

    Also, Trump the Vaccine Chump was a coward and a traitor. He let traitors take over the country knowing they stole the election when it was his duty to act, he abandoned the Jan 6 patriots being tortured by the traitors to which he handed the country (and still is), he allowed the ineffective, toxic vaccine to be developed and still brags about it and pushes it, he put Barrett on the court to protect the vaccine mandates (because she was otherwise the worst choice for a patriot)… it’s endless. He’s a deep state stooge.

  6. I agree totally with this article! I’m an old lady with conservative values; I would roll my eyes and vote for Trump, but we have many great choices now who are not RINOS.

  7. only one thing wrong with this stupid analysis … Trump won by a landslide in 2020. The election was stolen. You are a RINO liar.

  8. While this article makes some decent points, the main point he was trying to make “Trump’s style turns off some voters” is the very trait that GAINS him millions of voters. Who are these “voters” that are turned off by trump? Liberal Communist Democrats? No ability to critically think Independents? RINOS? Never dumber and able to lie as good as a democrat Never Trumpers? I am just asking, and it is not rhetorical. Real vote totals in 2020: Trump 80 million plus Biden: 59 million Add 11-12 more states to Trumps totals. It was a landslide…for Trump before all of the voter fraud (Dominion machines, mail in voting, manufactured ballots, etc.) Tell me again how he would lose in 2024 if the election were fair? We haven’t corrected anything yet, so you may be right. He could lose (I mean, have the election stolen) from him again.

  9. That would be foolish for Trump not to run in 2024.
    Trump was sabotaged by his own party for the first two years of his presidency. The establishment Republican fought against Trump harder than they ever did against the Democrats

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