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Military Intelligence: Covid Was Developed As A Vaccine For Bats

On Monday, Project Veritas released some of the most game-changing Covid-related documents yet to be seen by the public throughout the entire pandemic. The old axiom goes that life is stranger than fiction, and some of what was published certainly accomplished that. Indeed, a work from Bradbury or Vonnegut might not have conjured up such fantastical story elements.

There are so many questions still lingering about Covid. What are its true origins? How did it come to be released? Why was it developed? What relationship do the vaccines have to the virus? How can it be treated? If this latest publication by Project Veritas has merit, we can answer those questions and more.

The document I am referencing can be found HERE and then by scrolling down to the report from Major Joseph Murphy to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense. The report opens with this declaration:

SARS-CoV-2 is an American-created recombinant bat vaccine, or its precursor virus.” 

Wow. For the past two years, the story has been that a virus was engineered to be more infectious and powerful with the presumption it was targeting humans. This is a brand-new perspective that no one has ever raised, at least one that has made it through the filter of media and communication. So far as I can telI, no one is addressing it now either. A few outlets do, but merely to repeat what the report said. Shouldn’t we be more interested? Where is the commentary? The analysis? Why wasn’t it raised on Capitol Hill? The origins of Covid-19 were as a vaccine for bats. That’s, well, not what we thought or were told. At all. This document purports that we are dealing not with a virus, but a vaccine meant for animal hosts that acts and behaves like a virus. It’s an extreme pivot from what we have been told and even fathomed. Like I say, this sounds like a big deal. There’s more:

SARS-CoV-2’s form as it emerged is likely as a precursor, deliberately virulent, humanized recombinant SARSr-CoV that was to be reverse engineered into a live attenuated SARSr-CoV bat vaccine.”


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The purpose of…[the research program] was to inoculate bats in the Yunnan, China caves where confirmed SARS-CoVs were found. Ostensibly, doing this would prevent another SARS-CoV pandemic; the bats’ immune systems would be reinforced to prevent a deadly SARS-CoV from emerging.”

If this isn’t ironic then the word has no meaning. We have endured two years of a deadly pandemic after creating a virus with the hopes of preventing them. How’s the saying go – you can’t make this up? I mean, you could make this up. You can definitely make an escaped bat vaccine story up. Or, you’d absolutely want to lie about how this thing started because everyone could appreciate this level of fatal irony and deflect from the fact that illegal gain-of-function research went terribly wrong and killed millions of people. So there’s that.

Besides knowing some people might say this is too wild to be true, I want to know why we aren’t exploring this with more curiosity. I mean, it all adds up. Essentially, scientists were using known pathogens that affected humans and were attempting to reverse-engineer an immunization for the bats that would preclude them from later spreading it back to us. As we are watching Covid dissipate, it is weakening. True, this is how viruses behave, but this is also how the scientists allegedly meant to make it transmissible and effective on bats. The only problem is it escaped before they could create new attenuated generations to then be sprayed into their caves. 

As far as the vaccines themselves, this entire theory supports how and why scientists were able to develop a vaccine so quickly for it. It also explains why the vaccine is largely ineffective. The paper notes:

The gene-coded, or ‘mRNA,’ vaccines work poorly because they are synthetic replications of the already-synthetic SARSr-CoV-WIV spike proteins and possess no other epitopes. The MRNA instructs the cells to produce synthetic copies of the SARSr-CoV-WIV synthetic spike protein directly into the bloodstream, wherein they spread and produce the same ACE2 immune storm that the recombinant [bat] vaccine does. Many doctors in the country have identified that the symptoms of vaccine reactions mirror the symptoms of the disease, which corroborates with the similar synthetic nature and function of the respective spike proteins.”

And finally, one more huge revelation from this document explains why the mass vaccination program has been so persistent. It could very well be to accelerate the attenuation of the SARSr-CoV-WIV outbreak. As Murphy writes:

SARSr-CoV-WIV is not meant to kill the bats, but to immunize them. This nature may explain its general harmlessness to most people, and its harmfulness to the old and comorbid, who in general are more susceptible to vaccine reactions. The asymptomatic nature is also explained by the bat vaccine-intention of its creators (a good vaccine does not generate symptoms).

So there it is. 

The original document is much longer and goes into much greater detail, but these were the highlights. It also recognizes ivermectin, chloroquine, and other pharmaceutical products with known anti-viral replication properties as being effective at slowing the spread of spike proteins around the body. Therefore, in addition to there cover up, if this document has a shred of truth it reinforces the concept that our elitist experts ostenisbly murdered hundreds of thousands of people, all in the name of covering their own derrieres. They would have known from the beginning how to protect people around the world. 

Until now, nothing has made sense in terms of the public health response to Covid. We knew masks, lockdowns, and, among other things, vaccines for respiratory viruses had never been considered as feasible solutions. Then suddenly they were ushered in, sold to us as practical and for our own good, and were then enforced and mandated with unrecognizable certitude. If nothing else,  the report released by Project Veritas fills in a lot of gaps and provides some clarity into some confounding decision making since March 2020. I am ready to read a book with the least amount of plot holes. Bradbury? Vonnegut? Major Murphy? 

It stands to reason that the best way to overcome the Covid pandemic is to understand it better. This document provides for that understanding. With effective treatment and specified mitigation such as protecting the most vulnerable (and not sending them into nursing homes and long-term care facility tinderboxes when testing positive), we can go a long way to preserving human life. Eventually, as the virus further weakens – an action suspected in the literature and also in real time with subsequent variants – we will adapt to the presence of an alleged bat vaccine run amok.

Now, does anyone else care? Will we do anything in response? Stay tuned.

25 thoughts on “Military Intelligence: Covid Was Developed As A Vaccine For Bats”

  1. This is like margarine ( butter). It was made for turkeys but killed them so they marketed for humans. Thus worse thing for causing heart attacks. And they are still selling it and people but it because it is cheap.

    1. I remember before the Virus came out, there were videos of People eating Bats in China, I bet it was purposely done to pre proof where the Virus came from instead of the Lab they are still online and still gross looking. Fauci was there long before the outbreak told to stop by Obama and continued on his own. He is just like Bill Gates and Soros. Sinister minds!

    2. In 2013 I was in D.C. trying to get research money for Fluoroquinolone Toxicity. I met with numerous people who worked for a Senator or Congress person. I recall one stating the billions that the government pays for researching bats they should be able to find money for the people who have been harmed by this drug. One study was …. Does Hydrogen Peroxide harm a bat!
      This virus has probably been in the works for a very long time!

  2. The original story that came out of China in dec.2019 was that Venglishi had successfully
    transferred bat DNA into human transmission.The bat involved was a horseshoe bat.Now this may be frue or not BUT she was definitely working on bats,she has earned a lot of money giving speeches about it and I saw a vid. of her celebrating.The chinese premier would not let Daszac or Fauci physically run the lab which is why they employed her.As you say it might all be a red herring but the story as I saw it at the time is very complicated and long winded and the story hangs together if the bat virus part is true.

  3. That sounds like a load of BS to me. If it was intended to stop future bat coronaviruses, why would it be so contagious to humans? Wouldn’t you create a “vaccine” that only affected bats? This sounds like an attempt to explain away a virus bioweapon being created and intentionally released on the world.

  4. That sounds like a load of BS to me. If it was intended to stop future bat coronaviruses, why would it have so contagious to humans? Wouldn’t you create a “vaccine” that affected bats? This sounds like an attempt to explain away a virus bioweapon being created and intentionally released on the world.

    1. The coincidence that Project Veritas so easily obtained this document makes me suspicious of its validity and that possibly this is a concocted story to cover the real truth. I have lost confidence that we are ever told the truth by the Deep State.

      1. How do you know it was “so easliy obtained?” They have been investigating this for a long time. It takes time for whistleblowers to do their work and come forward.

  5. Viruses are a judeo-masonic hoax. There has never been any virus observed or isolated in any setting. The Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgericht) Stuttgart found that there was no proof of the measles virus in any scientific literature in 2016, and none has ever been brought forward since. Since all viruses rely on the same pseudoscience for proof as measles, they have all been proven to be fraudulent. The reason antiparasitics like ivermectin and HCQ cure the disease is that the disease is caused by parasites! That’s what is being spread!


        “Germ Theory” – which it is still called in January 2022 is just that germ “THEORY”.
        Show scientific PROOF, and I’ll eat that cheesy moon.
        This statement: “The Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgericht) Stuttgart found that there was no proof of the measles virus in any scientific literature in 2016, and none has ever been brought forward since”. is true.
        Dr. Stefen Lanka is who you want to look up now.

    1. Exactly my thoughts. why is ivermectin, an anti-parasitic med working? All my years of having animals, never have I had a vet give them that med for a bacterial or viral infection. It’s for parasites.

  6. Review of literature does reveal SAR-CoV-2 is able to interact with bat ACE2, although not that surprising at this point going into second year of the pandemic.
    News reports indicate the virus is widespread among White Tailed Deer in the US.
    I’m uncertain if bats in the US can be infected, but the infection in deer as well as domestic pets such as cats and infected animals in zoos indicates human to animal transmission and likely the virus will be circulating in wild populations indefinitely into the future.

  7. The old saying is the road to heck is paved with god intentions. Regardless of why it was developed it never should have been. Every low budget scifi movies has a man made flu escaping and ravaging the world. Labs are NOT secure and it is almost impossible to not have a release at some point. This is why anyone with brains does not play with germ warfare as virus and bacilli when release grow as they want, spread were they want and mutate as they want with no control by who released them.
    Luckily nature has protected us by having COVID mutate into a highly contagious and basically harmless version in Omega mutation which should squeeze out the other variants.

    1. Congress should pass legislation making it illegal to do such work in the USA and prohibit any transfer of funding abroad for any related research. It is inevitable that these things escape labs and contaminate the general population. We could literally kill ourselves as a species these days with little effort…

  8. What a load of CRAP. NO ONE has ever produced a bat-to-human transmission. Show me where that happened! They NEVER found the supposed “bat” that caused the Covid outbreak in Wuhan. This is an obvious plant to take the heat off the people who have POISONED the entire planet!?

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