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Biden Landscaping Services? Strange Concrete Wall Being Erected Around White House

Several videos have surfaced on Twitter that show white concrete barriers being placed around the White House’s front lawn.  The video shows a digger lifting up white concrete barriers known as K-Rails. Construction workers would then place long pieces of white plywood on top of the K-Rails.

In times past, K-Rails would be resurrected when foreign officials are in town, but according to Biden’s schedule, there aren’t any planned meetings with any foreign officials. Andrew Leyden, a YouTuber who has become quite notable for filming the DC area, also filmed the ongoing construction.

Leyden uploaded a video called “New White House construction underway as diggers arrive and Marine One takes Biden out of town” to his YouTube channel. In the video, Leyden explained how someone who was involved with the construction process told him the K-Rails (Jersey barriers) were being used to shield an ongoing water fountain project.

Check out the video yourself:

Leyden gave a brief description of the project and was quoted saying:

The last year has seen a lot of construction making its way around the White House, and after the fountain on the South Lawn was renovated a month or two ago we had a bit of a break. That ended today though as the construction crews moved into the North Lawn and surrounded the fountain with barriers and hoarding in preparation for some new construction at the White House. Construction like this has been ongoing for over a year at the White House, but they generally move in small bits (a little on one side, then the next, then the next, etc).

After I saw the excavators and barriers being set up, I headed down to the South Lawn for the arrival of Marine One.

The White House has yet to comment on the ongoing construction, and big news networks like Fox, CNN, MSNBC have all stayed away from the story, even though they have reporters on the ground in the DC area. What makes the story even more mysterious was during the ongoing construction, all live streams of the White House that were being broadcast were suddenly cut off.

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As many remember the days after the January 6th riot took place, DC looked like a military war zone. Fences were erected in front of the Supreme Court, the Capitol Building, and the White House. Those same fences remained standing until Biden was inaugurated in front of only a small crowd of people due to COVID-19 measures.

The Biden administration is building walls and fences in DC when they should be building a wall on the southern border. It makes sense Biden would like to put fences and walls up all over DC because he knows that he’s the most unlikable President in United States history. You would think a president with over “81 million votes” would feel pretty safe, but the opposite is true.

Ever since Biden took office, the military and Capitol police presence has increased exponentially. D.C. is slowly becoming a military state, and the Biden admin is using January 6th to justify it.

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This story syndicated with permission from My Patriot Post

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  1. There are two rallies in January, The March for Life on the 20th and another one to protest vaxx mandates on the 23rd. Maybe it is prep for that although those are not violent groups.

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