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Woke School District Encourages Kindergarten Students To “Disrupt Whiteness”

Want your 6-year-old to learn basic reading, writing, and math skills in kindergarten rather than the insane ramblings of delusional critical race theorists? Well, if you send your kids to a kindergarten Hayward Unified School District, a school district in the Bay Area, you’re out of luck; they’ll be learning ridiculous CRT concepts whether you like it or not.

News on that comes from an excellent article in The Federalist, which reports that HUSD “dedicated $123,000 for a variety of critical race theory training programs for staff and students that expressed extreme sentiments. This expenditure included an organization called “Woke Kindergarten” that received $57,000 to teach public school teachers and staff how to “disrupt whiteness.”‘ How nice.

The Federalist then provides a link to a contract in which the Board of Education hired a company called “Race-Work” to provide training and sessions for “Student Leadership Anti-racism Movement (SLAM) Program and staff professional development sessions for equity and AB/AR.”

The contract, worth $50k, provided that students and teachers were to “learn how to use Woke Kindergarten’s resources and pedagogical approaches in practice as a way to disrupt whiteness” and “white dominant/settler colonial narratives.” SLAM is a program meant to “empower and mobilize them as catalysts for change through an anti-racist leadership youth movement.”

Remember, this is for an elementary school. While it would be bad enough if college students were being taught this trash, it’s young elementary school students that are having this toxic nonsense being pushed on them relentlessly by the CRT-possessed wokies.

But that’s just the beginning. The Federalist also reports that “A separate contract with Woke Kindergarten revealed that the district paid an additional $7,000 for them to implement learning practices through an ‘abolitionist lens.”’

They did so through pushing videos on the kindergarten pupils that fawned over Stacey Abrams, presented pictures of the Jan. 6th trespassers alongside the few images of BLM “protests” that didn’t turn into riots, and pushed the “defund the police” slogan. Sounds difference from my kindergarten.

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And what is “Woke Kindergarten?” Well, as the name implies, it’s a far-left organization full of insane people that want to push leftie propaganda on young children. As the Federalist reports:

The organization’s Instagram account boasts the same extremism, with one post encouraging children to support the “eradication” of America’s borders, which are allegedly “invisible man-made ideas that colonizers created.” In another post, the organization’s founder complains that critical media coverage amounts to far-right violence.

As the name implies, the organization was made to indoctrinate young children into left-wing politics. One post explains that Woke Kindergarten began when its founder led a protest in what appears to be a kindergarten classroom where children made protest signs and chanted “no Donald Trump.”

Yikes. I remember learning about reading and writing in kindergarten, along with messing around on the playground. Not participating in anti-GOP protests.

Still, that’s not all. The insanely woke school district also hired an organization called Quetzal Education Services which, The Federalist reports, “specializes in injecting CRT into math courses with its anti-racist math workshop series.” Now even math must be woke.

What all that shows is that schools, especially in blue states, are pushing ever crazier propaganda on their students. Without men like DeSantis to watch over them and crack down on the nonsense, the leftie teachers will get crazier and crazier. They must be stopped before the youth are indoctrinated beyond the point of no return.

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By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

1 thought on “Woke School District Encourages Kindergarten Students To “Disrupt Whiteness””

  1. I am so tired of these loser groups of non-whites and white guilt clowns tearing down successful white culture because they can’t compete on a level playing field. There are myriad non-whites that are highly successful which belies this nonsense. For goodness sakes! we elected and re-elected a black man to the Presidency of the US!! We’ve currently got a woman of color as VP!

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