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Caption Contest #1

Brandon writes his own memes, but you can write them too!

Leave a comment below with your best meme idea for this week’s blank photo. We will announce the winner next week and put up a new picture.

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20 thoughts on “Caption Contest #1”

  1. When I was a kid growing up in Scranton, I had chickenpox, see there’s a chickenpox scar right there, I also had blonde hair on my legs!

  2. HHhhMmmmmm … How can I stick it up America’s ass next? What’s next Nancy? Chuck? Alexandria? Seems Americans really don’t like this communism after all And damned if I haven’t just filled my diaper again.

  3. I’m recommending we all get a chip placed just under the skin in this area which contains all personal data on us but also the ability to alert authorities to whether one is wearing a mask or not.

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