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How Democrats Could Kill Tourism In The Long-Run

Pre-Covid America was the 3rd most visited country in the world. It had almost 80 million international arrivals a year, lagging behind France and Spain in 2019.

Tourists come for a multitude of reasons: to see famous sites, relax on beaches, see wildlife, and in today’s context, to take selfies in front of famous sites like the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty. The top 5 cities for international tourists are New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco & Orlando.

Even though the US is the third biggest destination, tourists spend more money in America.  New York, California, and Florida are therefore the most visited states by foreigners -The first two are Democrat-run now. Florida has a Republican governor currently.

Under Democrats, many cities see crime increase via defunded police, rats, homelessness and they keep blaming climate change, Trump, or whatever else they can think of. Democrats are constantly saying how every aspect of American culture is entrenched in white supremacy and some nonexistent bogeyman. Often exaggerated and ludicrous. They’ve also developed a habit recently of tearing down statues in the aftermath of the George Floyd incident – statues are appealing to tourists.

As for safety, nobody wants to visit a city where they could be mugged; clearly. This is why most wildlife tourists prefer Kenya or South Africa to the Congo – the Democratic Republic of the Congo is Tarzan’s Africa and has more wildlife if you look at it.  Likewise, most tourists who like to visit historic sites would prefer Paris or Machu Pichu to Iraq or Syria despite their similar wealth of historic sites.

The beach in Maldives or Hawaii is more attractive for your summer holiday than a beach in say Somalia.

Getting a tourist visa is hard for many nationals and the USA is one of the most restrictive in terms of how many people can come visa-free. If the media portrays America negatively, it’s going to discourage them from even trying.

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By creating sanctuary cities and giving asylum to visa overstayers, Democrats are by extension making it harder to get tourist visas since they are prone to abuse.


New York

The Empire State has a Democrat governor and under recently-departed New York City mayor Bill De Blasio, a Democrat, crime has soared. Covid was mismanaged; look around and you will see rats everywhere and dumpsters that have not been cleared out in days.

From 1996  to 2012 under Republicans Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg (who was a Republican at the time) you could not urinate on the sidewalk or smoke weed in the open. They were arresting fare evaders and petty crimes.

Step into the subway now and it reeks of urine and marijuana.

The unparalleled discipline and safety created by Republicans allowed the genesis a complacent crowd of Democrats and social justice warriors, who endlessly whine, to establish the current hell hole. Police are handing out less tickets and making less arrests than they did ten years ago.

After the plainclothes unit was recently disbanded, public safety numbers are down, and it’s less appealing to stroll the city. And the cost of taking a taxi in New York is extreme. How do tourists get around to see the monuments, sites, and museums?

Additionally, JFK is the busiest airport in terms of international arrivals.

Any traveler stepping in JFK will first wonder – isn’t Dubai or Singapore airport better managed and more pleasant to spend a long stopover in.

That’ll be their first impression obviously. Also, most American airlines have substandard service and quality compared to their foreign counterparts, making domestic travel a lot more inconvenient for locals and tourists alike.


The Golden State is probably worse. A Democrat one-state society, from the governor to most mayors, minus a few counties. The streets are plagued by potholes and homeless folks injecting heroin in public – try explaining that to the kids when you bring them to Disneyland, Hollywood, or the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

The warmer weather was once its strength, but it’s now become a weakness with more homeless people migrating, more rats, forest fires due to ecological mismanagement, and now gang crimes.

Criticizing gang crime is deemed racist by the liberal media, but if tourists go to Latin America, they’d prefer Costa Rica or Ecuador to Venezuela, with less crime. Criticize Trump for climate change denial but forest fires and earthquakes did not stop California from becoming so great in the past.

For European, Japanese, Korean tourists etc., the visa issue is not a huge concern. But for others who need a visa it’s a significant obstacle. Imagine people from say China or India struggling to get a tourist visa showing months of finances, and going through an interview, then coming all the way to see a country with more potholes and violent crime, with homeless people taking a poop on the sidewalk. Mexico, Brazil, China, and India send the most tourists from the countries which require a visa.


Under a Republican governor, the Sunshine State is faring better. Everglades National Park near Miami (which has a Republican mayor) may not be as spectacular as Yellowstone, but Miami’s party scene could still be a big crowd puller.

Orlando is Democrat-run and home to Disney World, Universal Studios, and other theme parks. There again, the public transport in Florida isn’t as efficient as New York or California, and visitors will likely need to rent a car. Many European tourists are used to efficient public transport – the UK and France, for example, are a notch above. And when tourists come to the US to visit multiple cities on a trip, a chain reaction could cause Florida, Hawaii, etc to lose tourists because New York and California are thoroughly mismanaged.

Orlando currently has a Democrat mayor, Miami is Republican.  Think of the greater economic aspect as many are leaving these cities. Taxes on businesses, which Democrats love, could reduce incentives for small business owners in these places – including people working in the tourist sector.

So, under Democrats, they are giving tourists less incentive to come in by destroying the top cities and states which have tourist attractions and pre-existing infrastructure in place.

But after they kill an entire industry that drives the economy, they will probably look back and retort, “At least we don’t have to worry about mean tweets.”

By Avi Kumar

Avi Kumar is a historian who grew up in Sri Lanka as a member of the Tamil minority. He has lived in six different countries and speaks 10 languages. His work has been published by multiple outlets include the Jerusalem Post.

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Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels